November 25, 2022

Best Pubic Hair Removal Cream: Our Top 5

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How can you tell which pubic hair removal cream is really going to work, and which stuff is just going to make your skin look like it belongs to a lobster with a patchy beard and a bad case of dermatitis?

It’s a very serious question you should ask yourself before slathering the stuff all over your nether regions, and not an easy one to answer considering most of us (myself included) can barely even pronounce the words on the ingredients list- nevermind know what they are.

I’ve been through the depilatory wars and picked up a few battle scars along the way (more on that later), but not in vain! I’ve finally worked out the 5 best hair removal creams overall (hit the link above!) – and now the 5 best pubic hair removal cream products on the market, too:



Our Rating


Nair Hair Remover With Argan Oil 

Best Mess-Free

Veet Gel Hair Remover Cream with Essential Oils

Best Bulk-Buy

Gigi Hair Removal Lotion for Bikini, Arms & Legs

Best Stink Free

Bikini Zone Bikini Creme Hair Remover, Green Tea Fortified

Best Fast-Acting

Nad’s For Men Hair Removal Cream

Best For Boys


How to tell the good from the bad (before things get ugly)


I won’t kid you; I’ve done some pretty severe damage to myself with hair removal cream in the past- rocking up to the office Christmas party with a badly concealed chemical burn on my upper lip being not even the worst of my stories.

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Heed the warnings, people! The ingredients in pubic hair removing products invariably contain strong chemicals that have the power to do some damage if you aren’t careful with them. Everyone’s skin reacts differently to these ingredients too, so while it’s important to read the instructions and stick to the recommended time frame, it’s paramount that you do a mini patch test before… well, you heard the man in the video.


In a nutshell: pubic hair removal creams are a super effective way to get rid of unwanted fuzz, but it’s extremely important to do a patch test first to avoid bad reactions.

Even if you’ve got to the stage where you think the only thing that’ll deforest the southern muff-land is a pair of garden shears, don’t forget that the underlying skin still is still very sensitive; here’s what you need to know to get the best results.

How to get rid of pubic hair using genital hair removal cream

The best way to remove pubic hair with a depilatory cream is to first do a patch test; this means applying the cream to an inconspicuous part of the body, leaving on for the recommended period of time, then waiting at least a couple of hours to check for adverse reactions. If no rashes, redness, bumps, or alien space invaders appear on your skin you can proceed to step 2.

If your pubic hair is quite long, it’s a good idea to give it a little bit of a trim before you apply the cream. The longer your hair is, the longer the cream will take to work on it, and if you leave it on past the recommended period of time you’re running the risk of experiencing a nasty chemical burn.

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In my experience, it’s best if you don’t shower before you apply the cream because the natural oils that your skin produces will act as an extra protective barrier from the harsh chemicals in the pubic hair removal product. Apply the cream, wait, then shower it off.

How do Hair Removal Creams Work?

Basically, these products contain chemicals that, when applied to your hairs, react with the proteins in each strand and break them down to form a malleable, jelly-like substance that can easily be wiped away with a damp washcloth or a spatula.

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What’s different about hair removal cream for genital areas?

The nature of the down there hair is that it’s much thicker and coarser than hair on the rest of your body;

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at the same time, the skin on your pubic region tends to be much softer and more sensitive than skin elsewhere- not an easy combination. Pubic hair removal cream is specifically created to mitigate these differences by balancing the ingredients so that they’re strong enough to break down the hairs but gentle enough not to damage the underlying skin.

It’s important to take the right precautions, especially when it comes to the hair removing cream for bikini area. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never been too keen on putting chemicals strong enough to strip the paint off the walls next to my favorite body part- but the benefits of using hair removal cream are pretty undeniable.

The benefits of using hair removing cream for genital areas

I’m the sort of person with fast regrowth and dark hairs that most certainly do not grow in a perfect little V shape, and since I spend so much time at the beach it’s really important to me that I have a reliable way to tame the beast below.

I’ve always been a waxing gal, but I can understand that the pain factor is a big turn off for a lot of people.

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Not only that, but lots of people don’t feel comfortable going to a waxing salon and baring all in front of a total stranger (not me though- no shame! Or dignity…). Shaving was never an option for me- I break out if I bring a razor anywhere near never never land. The greatest thing about a hair removing cream for pubic area is that it promises effective, safe, pain-free pubic hair removal that can be done by yourself in your own bathroom.

Sold yet? Thought so. Let’s get down to the hairy details; here are the best bikini hair removal creams I’ve found:

5 Best Pubic Hair Removal Creams

1. Best Mess-Free Product: Nair Hair Remover Glides Away Nourish With Argan Oil

  • checkNo mess!
  • checkArgan oil infusion
  • checkConvenient size

One thing I’ve never been able to get good at is putting hair removal cream where it’s supposed to go…and ONLY where it’s supposed to go!

I’m sure more seasoned depilators will not have this problem, but my uncoordinated fumblings always result with cream somewhere it’s not supposed to be…which is why I am such a big fan of this “glides away” Nair for pubic hair removal.

It comes in a plastic tube with a spinning knob at the bottom which you can twist to push the product out at the top, similar to a roll on deodorant. Then you just need to ‘glide’ the tube over the area you want to remove hair from- no need to touch it with your fingers if you do this bit right!

This product wins big time brownie points with me for its argan oil infusion, which keeps skin from drying out during and after the hair removal process.

I do have to admit though that I got a very minor amount of redness when I used it, but I think that’s because I pushed the time limit a little bit too long (see?! Follow instructions!). It’s one of the best bikini hair removal creams I’ve tried, but I’m not convinced of its suitability for sensitive skin.



  • checkReduced mess
  • checkMoisturizing infusion of argan oil
  • checkConvenient size for sticking in a wash bag



  • Not so suitable for sensitive skinned folk

2. Best Bulk Buy: Veet Gel Hair Remover Cream with Essential Oils

  • checkProtects skin from irritation
  • checkMoisturizes with essential oils
  • checkConvenient pump head

This product is not a bikini hair removal cream specifically, but thanks to the added elements with essential oils, I’ve found it’s gentle enough to use on the pubic area.

The added ingredients work as an extra protective layer to spare your skin from the harsh chemicals; they also have their own moisturizing properties too.

I’ve had great success with using this cream to remove pubic hair; it easily removed 90% of the hair from below the root (the remaining 10% were just some stubborn hairs that left behind a teeeeeeny bit of stubble, but nothing major, and still much better than shaving).

You can also get a Veet bikini hair removal cream but the thing I like most about this product is the bottle- it’s so big that you can use it a ton of times before it runs out. Plus the pump head on top is super convenient (and spares me a little bit of mess factor).



  • checkProtects skin from irritation
  • checkMoisturizes skin with essential oils
  • checkEffectively removes almost all hairs at first try
  • checkBig bottle with convenient pump head



  • Not specifically made for bikini area (but actually does the job well anyway)

3. Best Stink Free: Gigi Hair Removal Lotion

  • checkEnriched with Cocoa Butter
  • checkLeaves skin softer & smoother
  • checkSmells better than most

A good brazilian hair removal cream is hard to come by, but when I found out about this lotion from Gigi, I couldn’t wait to try it out.

When I tested this product for the first time, I used it ‘all over’ my pubic area and left it on for the maximum recommended 10 minutes. The first thing I noticed is that the smell really is a lot better than other products from Nair and Veet, which is a huge plus.

When the time was up, I wiped away the excess lotion with a damp washcloth, and was delighted to find that virtually all of the hairs slipped right off with the extra cream- and no redness or irritation at all. Not even a little bit! This is definitely going to be my personal best hair removal cream for private parts from now on.



  • checkWell known brand
  • checkBetter smell than most products
  • checkGentle lotion, unlikely to cause irritation



  • The package is rather small, best to buy 3-pack

4. Best Fast Acting: Bikini Zone Bikini Creme Hair Remover, Green Tea Fortified

  • checkWill do the deed in 4 minutes
  • checkAnti-inflammatory
  • checkSuitable for sensitive skin

Sometimes when it comes to removing pubic hair, time can be a big factor (flashback to the time I was frantically shaving my lady bits in the bathroom sink when I suddenly realized I was about to get lucky and had neglected to prepare in advance…), which is why a fast-acting pubic hair removal cream is a handy little one to have in the cupboard.

This product from bikini zone is a great choice for girls who often find themselves pressured for time when it comes to their beauty routine (or for those of you who just dislike the process of having to wait for these creams to work); the manufacturer claims the cream will do the deed in a maximum of 4 minutes. Fortified with green tea extract, this cream from Bikini Zone is naturally anti-inflammatory and gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin.



  • checkAnti-inflammatory
  • checkSuitable for sensitive skin
  • checkFast acting



  • The smell on this one is definitely not my favorite…

5. Best for Boys Bits: Nad’s For Men Hair Removal Cream

  • checkWorks on thick, coarse hair
  • checkAloe infusion
  • checkCan be used all over the body

Pubic hair removal goes way beyond making sure us ladies look good in a bikini; according to the latest stats up to 90% of all men are ‘manscaping’ now too. For all the guys out there looking for the best hair removal cream for men (and more specifically, their manhood), this one’s for you.

Nad’s is easily the best product on the market for men’s hair removal because it answers so many of the problems that guys commonly complain about when it comes to hair removal creams.

It’s probably the best hair removal cream for thick pubic hair: men’s hair is naturally a lot thicker than women’s, so men’s hair removal cream for private parts needs to be strong enough to break down the extra thick hairs (which is why a lot of guys say women specific hair removal cream doesn’t work for them) while still being gentle enough not to damage the skin.

Nad’s works in just 4 minutes, and though it’s marketed as a ‘body only’ hair removal cream, the overwhelming consensus shows that it is extremely good at removing pubic hair too. It’s also infused with aloe vera to sooth the skin and keep irritation at bay.



  • checkWorks well on thick, coarse male hair
  • checkAloe infusion to reduce irritation
  • checkSuitable for use all over body as well as genitals



  • The smell out of this bottle is definitely not one of the better ones…

The Best Pubic Hair Removal Cream of All

Time and time again I go back to the best hair removal cream for pubic area that does the job better than any others I’ve tried. No irritation and effective, easy hair removal is always the top priority here, and the one product that delivers each and every time is the Nair’s “Glides Away” with Argan oil.

This is a winning product in my opinion, not just because it works wonders on me but because I believe it will work wonders on most other people too. It can be used on sensitive skin, and it’s super gentle thanks to its added Argan oil infusion. The only downside is that the tube isn’t so big, so if you’re like me and plan to use this all the time it’s best to stock up on a few bottles so that you don’t get caught out when you need it most.

Happy hair removal!

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