Top 5 Best Razors for Women

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How do you tell the difference between a razor that is going to give you perfectly preened pins and one that’s going to shred your skin to pieces? If you’re anything like me, shaving is probably one of your least favorite activities. I try to avoid it as much as possible, but grizzly bear isn’t such a great look for me.

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In effort to minimize the hassle and time I spend shaving, following this ultimate best electric razors and hair trimmers review I’ve compiled a list of the best razors for women on the market:

Read on to find out which one is the best women’s razor for you!

Why Choose a Razor?

There’s a whole pile of hair removal options for ladies these days: from waxing and sugaring, IPL and laser, to epilation. While these options can give a very long lasting and super smooth effect, they can be pricey, and painful! Plus a lot of these options require trips to the beauticians or specialists, since they are a bit more involved to do yourself. Shaving answers a lot of these problems: it’s cheap, effective, painless, gives a silky smooth finish, and can be done at home. This is when it all goes well! I’m a girl with thick, dark hair pretty much all over my body and let me tell you I’ve tried to shave all of it at some point in my life. Using an electric razor for women can be great too, but it will never give you that silky smooth finish of a manual razor. However, using an unsuitable manual razor can result in rashy skin, cuts, irritation, bumps, ingrown hairs and painful or itchy regrowth. I’ve learned my lesson the hard way, so take it from me – a good quality razor will be the difference between hairless perfection and some pretty nasty comeuppance.

Not All Razors are Created Equal

With so many womens razors on the market, it can be hard to know which one to choose. You often see female razor brands offering seemingly endless variations of the same product, with gimmicky changes like different scents, colors, or miniscule adjustments. How can you tell the difference between a product that has been manufactured just for the sake of marketing a new product, or one that has genuinely been designed in answer to our call for the perfect ladies razor? Let me tell you, it’s a jungle out there. So to prevent you from growing a little jungle of your own, I’ve got a couple of tips to share so you can improve your search for smooth. First thing to know is that not all razors are created equal!​ Apart from the obvious differences in quality and style, women’s razors are also designed differently depending on the purpose of use.

How do you Know Which Razor to Use?

This will depend on a few things: your skin, your hair type, and which body part you are shaving. For example: if you are planning to shave your bikini area there are ladies razors designed specifically for this- they usually have a small razor head and extra cushioning to stop your sensitive down there skin from getting irritated. However, these razors wouldn’t be the best choice necessarily if you want to shave your legs (a large surface area like your legs would take ages with a small bikini razor head). Razors for leg shaving have different attributes, for example: some people prefer a pivoting head to make shaving the bumpy areas around your knees a bit smoother; others prefer the control and stability of a fixed razor head. If you are someone who has sensitive skin, you’re probably going to look for a razor that has hypoallergenic strips, or a product infused with a moisturizing agent like aloe, coconut, or shea butter. Below I have compiled a list of best picks depending on your specific shaving requirements; so sit back, relax, and get ready to have your shaving world simplified.

5 Best Razors for Women Countdown

Comparison Chart

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Gillette Venus Sensitive Disposable Razors for Women with Sensitive Skin, Delivers Close Shave with Comfort, 6 Count (Pack of 1)
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Gillette Venus Extra Smooth Sensitive Women’s Razor – 1 Handle + 2 Blade Refills
Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Moisturizing Razor for Women with Bikini Trimmer,1 Count
41ehSGFNilL. SL500
Schick Hydro Silk Razor for Women With 2 Moisturizing Blade Refills
51Ifmk9CdgL. SL500
Bic Soleil Bella 4 Blade Disposable Razor for Women 3 Count

1. Best Disposable Razor: Gillette Venus Women’s Disposable Razor

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  • Aloe infused moisture strip 
  • Pivoting head
  • Comfortable grip

These guys come in a pack of three and are not the cheapest option but definitely not the most expensive either, and there are a bunch of added features to justify the cost. Each razor has 3 blades and a protective moisture strip infused with aloe, which is great for preventing irritation on sensitive skin. The handle has a ‘no-slip’ design, and fits comfortably in your hand thanks to the easy grip material.

The razor has a pivoting head, which means as you use it the head kind of lifts and falls with the natural shape of your body. Some people love this feature, claiming it makes shaving the ‘knobbly bits’ easier. Personally I prefer the control I get with a fixed head, but again that’s just down to individual preference.

The benefit of using a disposable razor like this one is that you don’t need to fiddle around with replaceable blades when it goes dull, you just toss it away and begin using a fresh one. Of course the downside of this is that you end up consuming a lot more material- maybe not the best choice for the environmentalist in you.


  • aloe infused moisture strip prevents irritation
  • pivoting head for shaving contours
  • comfortable grip
  • no need to replace head


  • more expensive than other disposables
  • possibly less control than with a fixed head razor
  • higher levels of waste

2. Best Razor for Sensitive Skin: Gillette Venus Embrace

41OF6af067L. SL500

  • 5 blades to prevent cuts 
  • Less waste than disposables
  • Moisture strip

Another member of the Gillette Venus family, the Embrace model differs in that it is a reusable razor with replaceable blades.

The benefit of this is clear, you only ever need to buy the one razor, and when the blades go dull you just need to pick up a little pack of the blade refills. This will eventually be cheaper in the long run, and much more environmentally friendly than using a disposable.

The razor head sports 5 blades, as opposed to its 3 blade disposable sister, which makes for a much more skin hugging shave and yet again reduces the likelihood of nicking or cutting yourself- this might be the best razor for women with sensitive skin.

There’s a moisture strip and protective guard on either side of the blades which is helpful if you find yourself getting cut easily when shaving. However the one drawback of the design here is that the blades are so well protected that they actually don’t hug the skin as closely as other models (i.e. not such a close shave unless you put a bit of pressure on it).

For the price you can get the razor (empty head) plus two sets of refills, which is a pretty good deal considering the longevity of the blades. Gillette get a big, big thumbs up from me for the packaging on the Venus Embrace because it is so easy to open- yes, even in the throes of a slippy, soapy, mid shower razor search.


  • 5 blades to prevent nicks and cuts
  • less waste than disposables
  • moisture strip and protective guard
  • easy to open packaging


  • not the closest shave
  • need to fiddle with refills when time comes to replace blades
  • more expensive than disposables

3. Best Razor and Trimmer Combo: Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle


  • 2in1 trimmer and razor 
  • Refillable razor blades
  • Shea butter moisture strip

What I love most about this model is that it is a razor and a bikini trimmer in one device, it tops my list for best electric shaver for women. I often come into difficulty because I try to make a product do two things when it is only designed for one. Trying to maintain a short, groomed downstairs can be hard with a razor designed to give a close shave, but the TrimStyle does both.

The trimmer end is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about using it in the shower (but you do need to be vigilant with cleaning it, wet hair clogs it up easily). It’s got 4 different trim settings so whether you are trying to keep a short, long, or in between length, maintaining your hairstyle won’t be a problem.

The (refillable) razor end is infused with shea-butter which gives an awesome moisturized finish and reduces irritation (the manufacturer says up to 2 hours of full on moisture after shaving). There are 5 razor blades, which again is great for preventing irritation and producing a close, cut free shave.

The Schick TrimStyle is one of the best women’s electric razor for those who have more than one hair removal requirement: keeping the lady parts trim and tame, and legs silky smooth.


  • 2in1 trimmer and razor for multipurpose hair removal
  • refillable razor blades
  • shea butter moisture strip
  • 5 blades good for preventing irritation


  • bulkier design because of the trimmer
  • requires more cleaning

4. Best Refillable Razor: Schick Hydro Silk

41ehSGFNilL. SL500

  • 5 blades for nick-free shave 
  • Super close shave
  • Moisturizing

Schick also make a standalone version of the TrimStyle, which is handy for those who don’t need the bikini trimmer functionality. Just like the razor on the TrimStyle, this Hydro Silk model has 5 blades to prevent nicks and cuts whilst still maintaining a close shave.

The moisturizing strip is water activated, and it does a great job of keeping your skin feeling extra soft and smooth all day after you shave. This in conjunction with the very flat angle of the razor blade combine to give a very close and long lasting shave- which is a huge bonus for me as my hair tends to grow faster than Usain Bolt runs.

I love the purple color of the razor handle, which is also very comfy to use thanks to its rubbery easy grip design. The blades are replaceable on this model too, so over time you’ll go through far less waste than with a disposable. The only problem I have with this product is the design of the blade refills: on a Venus Gillette there is a little plastic flared piece that you can handle to avoid getting cut when replacing the blades, but the Schick doesn’t have this part so you need to be extra careful when popping those refills on.


  • 5 blades for nick-free shave
  • moisturizing
  • super close shave
  • long lasting results
  • nice design


  • need to buy blade refills
  • must be extra careful when replacing blades to avoid cuts

5. Best Budget Pick Razor: Bic Soleil Bella

51Ifmk9CdgL. SL500

  • Super cheap 
  • Enriched with coconut milk
  • Pivoting head

It’s not very often you can find a 4 blade razor at this price, but the Bic Soleil Bella are one of the best women’s razor in terms of price: they are super cheap, good quality, 4 blade, disposable razors.

Price wise these guys can’t be beaten- great choice for a lady on a budget.

This model also has a pivoting head, which as I have mentioned before, I’m not a fan of because I feel I have less control than with a fixed head (but this is just personal preference).

Each razor has a moisturizing strip infused with coconut milk, which I have never seen in any other razor… I love this, anything coconut is a winner to me.

One other thing I really appreciate with these razors is the color palette- the blues and greens are delicious ocean-like colors.

Everything about these razors have been thoughtfully designed, including the blade cover which is a strong piece of plastic that slides on from the side, not one of the flimsy plastic types that clip on and fall off again.


  • very, very cheap
  • 4 blades for a close and cut-free shave
  • enriched with moisturizing coconut milk
  • pivoting head for shaving contours
  • nicely designed


  • disposable razors = more waste
  • possibly less control than with a fixed head

And the Winner is…

This is not the first time, and certainly not the last time Schick tops the list: it has got to be the Schick Hydro Silk razor that wins this time. It’s cheaper than the Gillette model, it’s got refillable blades which means less waste than disposables, it’s got moisturizing properties for sensitive skin, and the super flat blades give the closest shave of any razor I’ve tested.

Although the Schick Trimstyle tops my list for best electric razor for women, the Hydro Silk razor is so slim and small in comparison which I love. And even though it doesn’t exactly contribute to the quality – the purple color is the best. Schick Hydro Silk ticks all the boxes, so for sure it’s one of the best razors for women.

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