The Ultimate Guide of 2024: The Best Way to Remove Pubic Hair for Males

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A wise man once said:

“A tree in a forest is just a tree, but a tree in the desert is something to look at.”

Welcome to the era of male pubic hair removal, gents; where ‘manscaping’ is the word of the day, and no intimate (pun alert) stone goes unturned.

Now, when it comes to the family jewels, there’s a lot at stake.

  • What if the depilatory cream burns your balls? 
  • What if you nick your dick?
  • What if you realize after you apply the wax strip that this entire idea was totally ridiculous and you don’t want to do this anymore??
  • What then, I ask you?!

Fear not.

By the end of this article you’ll know exactly what to expect from each male pubic grooming method, and will easily be able to decide which is the best choice for you.

What’s the Real Deal with Male Pubic Hair Removal?

Here’s the thing:

If your friends are anything like mine then pube grooming is probably not a casual conversation topic that gets brought up very often.

Sure, some people have no problem baring all when it comes to their grooming routines, but for the vast majority of men, we are still kind of cagey about discussing the hairy details.

Why is that?

I mean, when you consider the fact that up to 90% of modern men are taking care of their down-there-hair in some way/shape/or form, it’s surprising that the world of male genital hair removal is still somewhat enshrouded in mystery.

Let’s cut to the chase.

What are My Pubic Hair Removal Options?

Men’s pubic hair removal methods can be separated into two categories, for starters, temporary and permanent.

Temporary pubic hair removal methods are much more common, and can be carried out at home or in a professional salon, depending on your preferences. Temporary methods include:

topless man with smooth skin hairfree
  • shaving,
  • trimming,
  • depilatory cream,
  • waxing/sugaring, and
  • epilation.

You might be wondering about results:

Out of these methods, results can vary from a day to a month or so, depending which method you choose and the rate of your hair growth.

Shaving garners the shortest lived results, followed by depilatory creams, while waxing/sugaring and epilation have similarly long hair-free results periods (more on that later).

Permanent hair removal methods are a different kettle of fish. This article is going to cover two methods of ‘permanent’ hair removal, laser and electrolysis.

Let me start by saying that electrolysis is more “permanent” than laser hair removal.

With laser hair removal, results will generally be very long lasting, and in some cases permanent, but not always (find out why in the laser section below). Electrolysis is the only form of truly permanent hair removal.

But be warned:

Some of these methods are easy to carry out yourself at home, others are either a bit more tricky or a bit more risky.

In the case of the latter, it’s important to know what you are capable of doing effectively yourself, and when it’s time to see a professional.

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I Don’t Want to Show My Nads to a Stranger… What Can I do at Home?

Shaving, trimming, epilation, and depilatory creams are the easiest methods to remove your pubic hair at home.

Waxing, sugaring, and laser hair removal can also all be done at home but require a little more technical skill- not impossible, but be prepared for a sharp learning curve.

But some things really should be left to the pros.

Electrolysis, for example, is something I insist should only be done in a salon by a trained professional.

While there ARE home electrolysis kits on the market, the potential risks are not worth it if you ask me (read on to the electrolysis section to find out why).

In a nutshell: shaving, trimming, epilation, and depilatory creams are the easiest methods to remove your pubic hair at home.

How do I Know Which Method is Best?

When deciding the best way to remove pubic hair as a male, there’s a couple of factors you will need to consider:

  • Cost: the pricing of the 7 methods in this article varies massively.
  • Comfort: some methods come with a certain pain factor. Is it worth the results?
  • Convenience: at home methods vs. salon only methods- which is more convenient for you? Moreover, which are you more comfortable with?
  • Duration of results: put all the other factors into perspective, and weigh them up with how long the results will last (this is always the biggest factor for me)

Now we’ve laid a solid foundation, let’s get to the good stuff.

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7 Ultimate Methods for Removing Male Pubic Hair 

1. Shaving (and how to shave pubic hair for men)

Razor blades have been the go-to piece of kit for male hair removal for eons, and shaving certainly has its merits.

Razors are cheap, easy to control, and can be used in the privacy of your own home. 

Now, shaving men’s pubic hair is a different story to shaving your face or your head.

Guy’s pubic hair tends to be much more dense, coarse, and curly than the hair elsewhere on your body, so your risk of ingrown hairs, bumps, and razor rash is a lot higher.

Here’s how to shave your pubic area for men:

  • Make sure you soften the hairs and open the pores in your skin with warm water first; a shower or a bath is best.
  • If your hairs are really long (more than 1 inch, say) it’s a good idea to give them a trim first so that your razor blade doesn’t get super clogged (shorter hairs will also be easier to shave, and will prevent ‘pulling’). You can use an electric trimmer like the Philips Norelco which is designed for use all over the body, including shaving pubic hair on men.
  • Use a high quality shaving cream so that the razor glides over your skin, cutting the hairs as opposed to pulling them (plus it’s the best way to shave balls without doubt). Sensitive formulas are the best for the genital area, and if you can find one that is fragrance free and uses natural ingredients, even better. If you want cheap and cheerful, Cremo Original Shave Cream is a crowd fave, and produces a good slick lather, but I am always on the look for lesser known brands producing really great quality natural products, like this Oatmeal, Aloe Vera, Shea & Cocoa Butter shave cream from Falls River Soap Company.
  • Use a sharp razor with a non-aggressive profile (this will minimize the risk of cutting yourself) and wash it regularly throughout the shave- as often as every stroke if necessary. The sharper the blade, the less irritation you’ll experience. I usually go for the Gillette Mach3.
  • Post-shave, use a soothing, anti-inflammatory product to soothe the area. I am a fan of this  Kerah Lane serum because it also prevents ingrown hairs and razor bumps.
  • If it’s your first time, shave in the direction of your hair growth– this will prevent irritation during the shave and soften regrowth after. Once you get used to this a couple of times, you can try shaving in the opposite direction for a closer shave.
hair removal with shaving blade


  • Cheap
  • Fast
  • Effective at removing all hairs
  • Can be done from home


  • Results will only last a couple of days at best
  • Risk of uncomfortable regrowth and irritation is higher

Best for

  • Total hair removal on smaller areas
1. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver

61JJ1+ygJfL. SL500

2. Cremo Original Shave Cream

51qtGP3 BJL. SL500

3. Foam-Free Oatmeal Shaving Cream

31hQbwVBNcL. SL500

4. Gillette Mach3 Disposable Razor

41j6Tq9XW4L. SL500

5. Serum for Razor Bumps/Burns

31AoXLUg0pL. SL500

2. Trimming (how to stay groomed but not bald)

Trimmers are a man’s best friends when it comes to pubic hair removal. It’s a great way to keep your nether region groomed, without the need to go totally bald.

It gets better though:

It’s also a brilliant option for sensitive skinned folk who don’t fancy shaving because it causes too much irritation; with trimmers, the blade never comes directly in contact with your skin, so you greatly reduce the risk of cuts, razor rash, or ingrown hairs.

The only thing you need to remember is that electric trimmers are never going to give you a super close shave because of the way they are designed. What I like to do is use trimmers as a complementary method of hair removal to normal shaving.

Here’s what I do:

I use a razor on the outer edges/upper thigh hair that I want to totally remove, then I use my Philips Norelco electric shaver on the rest of my pubic area, which I only want to trim. What I love most about this shaver is that it comes with a variety of attachments so you can alter the closeness of the shave depending on the look you’re going for. Best shaver for balls I’ve found!


  • Cost effective
  • Can be done at home
  • Requires little technical skill
  • Rechargeable, no need to buy batteries usually


  • Won’t produce a super close shave

Best for

  • Trimming pubic hair up, maintaining a ‘groomed’ look across whole pubic area
1. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver

61JJ1+ygJfL. SL500

3. Hair Removal Cream (and how to use it on your privates)

I’ve got a love hate relationship with hair removal cream, or depilatory cream as it’s technically called, and if you’ve ever so much as opened up a bottle of the stuff, I bet you know why.

It stinks. I mean, not just a little bit; it literally smells like the sort of acid murderers use when they want to dispose of a body. Yeah. Doesn’t make you want to put Nair on balls, does it.

But (and this is a big but):

It does offer a pain-free, super smooth, longer lasting alternative to shaving, and you can do it all in the privacy of your own bathroom with absolutely zero technical skill required.


When it comes to the question of can you put Nair on your balls… well, here’s the deal:

Genital hair removal cream for men is slightly different to the Veet that your girlfriend uses on her legs.

Like we already covered, hair on your pubic area is extra thick and coarse (and the skin even more sensitive), which means the normal hair removal cream would need to be left on for longer to get results. This is less than ideal, and can lead to a chemical burn that looks awful and feels even worse.

Using a specific genital hair removing cream for men is the best choice because the product has been specifically designed to work through your thick pubic hairs without burning your skin.

Pro tip: If your hairs are long, trim them before using the cream, this will help the cream work its magic in the allocated time frame.

Also, I always find that not taking a shower first also helps to spare my skin from irritation because the skin’s natural oils acts as a protective barrier. All there is to it is to whip off your jocks, and slather on some cream (I have had great success with Nad’s for Men), leave for the recommended time, then hop in the shower and wipe it all away.

Easy. Right?

As long as you follow the instructions and do a patch test first, it should all go- well- smoothly.


  • Easy to use
  • Can be done at home
  • Results are smoother and last somewhat longer than shaving
  • No more razor burns or bumps


  • Smelly
  • Messy
  • Risk of chemical irritation if you aren’t careful

Best for

  • Those who prefer to avoid painful methods like waxing and epilating, but want better results than they can achieve with shaving
1. Nad’s For Men Hair Removal Cream

413aQRgzGqL. SL500

4. Waxing (and how to wax at home)

beach day hairfree manscape pubic hair remove

All I know after all these years of field research is this: when it comes to waxing, you’ll either love it or hate it.

Me? I love it.

Ok, so maybe I didn’t love it the first time I tried to use wax strips at home and ended up yanking it off the wrong way and giving myself a lovely purple bruise on my groin…(that’s worst case scenario, don’t be put off just yet), but I’ve learned a lot since then and now I hardly ever bother with any other methods of hair removal on my pubes.

Here’s why:

I’m a person with thick, dark hair and fast regrowth. When I used to shave down there, it’d look good for all of half a day, at which point it would start to get prickly, red, rashy; I’d have ingrown hairs, and most of it had grown back to resemble something the texture of coarse sandpaper within a day. It was awful, and for so long I accepted it as something I just had to live with.

Then, something changed.

After a friend’s recommendation, I tried waxing for the first time. I was nervous naturally, especially at the idea of getting the dreaded Brazilian boner in front of a total stranger (which, even if it does happen, is completely normal. As long as you stay professional, they will too).

And yes, while some guys want to have the male version of the ‘bikini line’ taken care of, or maybe even a sack-n-crack wax, some men have hair growing all the way up the penis- and yes, you can do full on penis waxing if that’s what you want.

But that’s not all:

Results typically last around a month. A month!

In a nutshell: A whole 3-4 weeks without needing to think about it once. That reason alone is why I love pubic waxing so much.


What I eventually found out is that you don’t have to go to a salon to achieve these results; everything can be done at home (and for a fraction of the cost).

Home waxing can be done in two ways: with wax strips or a hot wax kit.

Wax strips are pre prepared and much less messy. I usually find they work best around the edges of the pubic zone. Try out Nad’s for Men Wax Strips; they usually work well for me when I need something quick and convenient.

If you want to go slightly more pro, hot wax kits generally garner even better results, but they’re a little more tricky to use. Invest in an all-in-one kit like this one from Wokaar, and you’ll have the heater, the wax, the strips, and the mixing tools all together- perfect for beginners.

It can be a little tricky to get the right angles if you’re going for a full brazilian, but nothing that can’t be done with some light stretching and the help of a mirror.

Expert tip: Use a cooling lotion with no fragrance and as few chemicals as possible after your wax to soothe skin and reduce inflammation. My fave is a natural aloe vera gel (put it in the fridge first for extra cool point).


  • Long lasting results
  • Eliminates razor burns and bumps
  • Reduces the risk of ingrown hairs
  • Over time reduces hair growth entirely


  • Initially painful
  • If doing at home, can be tricky, and some people aren’t comfortable going to a salon

Best for

  • Those who want a long lasting solution to their hair woes (and aren’t keen to go full monty with laser or electrolysis)
1. Nad’s for Men Hair Removal Strips

41WcEv8BtOL. SL500

2. Rapid Melt Hair Removal Wax Kit

510fqNtT87L. SL500

3. 99% Organic Aloe Vera Gel

4117b+OU7IL. SL500

5. Epilation (if you aren’t keen on waxing…)

hair removal epilator

If only there was a hair removal method that gave the longlasting results of waxing but required less technical skill…

There is! And it’s called: epilation.

If you saw an epilator sitting on the bathroom counter, you’d be excused for first thinking it was an electric shaver. They look quite similar on the outside, but the difference is that instead of a blade, epilator heads have dozens of tiny tweezers that pull your hairs out right from the root.

The result?

I won’t kid you, using an epilator on your pubic area is going to hurt. A lot. But you’ll be rewarded with results that last just as long as waxing, and it takes a lot less work to get there.

Using an epilator like this one from Emjoi that has a high speed function will make a big difference to your experience and results.

Plus, there are countless ways you can reduce the pain from epilation: ice cubes, over the counter pain meds, and most effective of all- numbing creams.


  • Long lasting result
  • Easy to use
  • Can be done at home


  • More painful than other methods

Best for

  • Those who want the benefits of long lasting results but aren’t keen on waxing
1. Emjoi Emagine Epilator for Men

2. LMX 4 Topical Anesthetic Cream

61etJWVSycL. SL500

6. Laser Hair Removal (semi-permanent solution)

best way to remove pubic hair for male

Temporary hair removal methods are all well and good, but sometimes what we really need is a long term solution.

Laser hair removal is growing in popularity in a big way for just that reason. It provides semi-permanent to permanent results, and can be done either in salon by a professional or from your own home with the help of a home laser hair removal kit.

Maybe you already know a little bit about how it works, but still a lot of people get this wrong, so I’ll just go through the most essential parts of what you need to know:

Using a very targeted laser, the machine will ‘zap’ the base of each individual hair follicle, disabling it from growing back. Laser hair removal works best on people with fair skin and dark hair. It is not suitable for people with fair or ginger hair, or dark skin. Dark skinned people can use the specialized ND YAG laser.

It takes a bit of work:

You won’t see permanent results after just one session; it usually takes upwards of 4 or 5. Each session can cost anywhere upwards of $150 in a salon, so it’s not a really cheap option.

But that’s not the only option when it comes to laser hair removal:

You can also carry out the entire process on your own at home. Once you make the initial investment to buy the product, you won’t incur any further costs like you would by going to a salon.

You’ll need to purchase a high quality, reliable home laser hair removal device, such as the Remington iLight which is a really great choice for beginners as it’s easy to use and extremely effective.

The device comes with detailed instructions which you’ll need to follow religiously.

Compared with the cost of salon laser hair removal, the home kit is far cheaper. It’s also very effective (once you fit the suitability bracket) when used correctly over time, but do be aware that it can take quite some time to achieve the desired results, especially if you are targeting your entire genital area.

It is, however, a fantastic choice for men who want a semi-permanent to permanent solution and find that the above methods of temporary hair removal just aren’t cutting it.


  • Extremely long lasting results
  • Eliminates issues like ingrown hairs, rashes, razor bumps, etc.
  • If desired, can reduce hair growth as opposed to removing everything completely
  • Can be done in salon or in privacy of your own home


  • Pricey
  • Only suitable for certain hair/skin types
  • Results may not be entirely permanent/may not work effectively on everyone

Best for

  • Semi-permanent to permanent removal of pubic hair for fair skinned men with dark hair
1. Remington iLIGHT (Face & Body)

41OoSrA7HXL. SL500

7. Electrolysis for men

swimming pool remove pubic hair for men

When all you want is to get rid of your unwanted hair once and for all at any cost- electrolysis is the way to go.


It’s the only verified form of permanent hair removal. Electrolysis works similarly to laser hair removal, in that each hair is targeted individually one-by-one, but instead of a laser, electrolysis devices use tiny hair-sized needles, which are inserted at the base of the hair and sends an electrical current down to the root.

Which basically means:

Unlike laser hair removal which targets the follicle, electrolysis targets the hair root, and ensures no hairs will ever be able to grow there again.

It takes committment to see results:

You’ll need to do several sessions before you see lasting results, but once your entire course is complete you will be hair free where it matters, for good.

When it comes to home electrolysis, you need to be extremely wary.

There are a number of home electrolysis kits on the market, and people are often drawn to them because they seem to offer an alternative to the costly professional sessions. However, there is a significant associated risk with these kits, from burns, to skin damage, to the possibility of it not working at all.

If you ask me, the risks of a DIY kit are way too high. If you are genuinely interested in taking the plunge with electrolysis, consult a trained professional.


  • Truly permanent method of pubic hair removal
  • Can be used to thin hair growth (as opposed to total removal) if desired


  • Really costly
  • Can’t be done at home safely

Best for

  • Beating the bush once and for all

What’s The Bottom Line?

In a nutshell, these 7 male pubic hair removal methods offer varying degrees of efficacy, depending on which factors you prioritise most:

  • Cost
  • Comfort
  • Convenience
  • Duration of results

Everyone is different, and when it comes to pubic hair removal everyone has nuanced needs and wants. Each of the 7 methods offer their own unique benefits; whichever one you choose will depend on you, and you alone.

Hope this guide on the best ways to remove pubic hair for men was as fun for you to read as it was for me to write.

And, go on and manscape.

Your lady friend will appreciate it! 

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The Full Guide to Pubic Hair Removal for Men

Happy hair removal!

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