Bikini Waxing At Home: Tips, Tricks & 5 Awesome Products

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When it comes to bikini waxing, I’m a seasoned veteran.

If you read my beginner’s guide to waxing at home, you’ll already be familiar with the story of how one of my first failed waxing attempts caused my lady bits to end up looking like Bruce Willis circa his 1995 appearance as John McClane (he had more hair then… kinda).

That being said, if you’ve ever tried to wax your own vajangle before, you’ll already be quite familiar with the cold, hard truth of the matter:

Vag waxing is an art.

I think it was Picasso that said all children are born artists, the trouble is trying to remain an artist as you grow older. Now, that’s not to say you should be asking the next child you see brandishing a box of crayons to whip out their wax warmer and deforest your hoo-ha (you can go to jail for that kind of thing).

No, my point is that when it comes to brazilian waxing, everyone can be an artist.

At-Home Brazilian & Bikini Waxing is Totally Achievable

So many women are put off the idea of doing their own bikini wax at home before they’ve even tried.

Maybe it’s because they feel like they’ll never be able to achieve decent results on their own. Maybe it’s because they’re worried they won’t be able to psyche themselves up to rip off the strip and will have to walk around with globs of wax stuck to their minge for the rest of eternity. Who am I to guess what other people’s reasons are for doing what they do?

I am here to tell you that giving yourself a bikini or brazilian wax at home is completely within the realms of possibility- as long as you stick to the pro tips I’m about to go through, and- do yourself a favor- invest in the right equipment.

The Ins and Outs of it: Bikini Wax VS Brazilian Wax

Let’s clear up this one matter before we go any further:

There are a couple of bikini wax styles that you should know about.

A standard bikini wax entails removing the hair from the most outer sides of your pubic region (i.e. the bits that might stick out the edge of your bikini, should they be left to run wild and free).

You’ve also got an extended bikini wax (or full bikini wax, as it’s sometimes called) which removes that hair plus a bit more from along the top as well, giving you a nice little ‘v’ shape.

A brazilian, however, is a whole other tin of tuna.

There are different levels of brazilian wax. Some, such as the ‘bermuda triangle’ or ‘desert island’ leave you with a small triangular shape of pubic hair on the front, but remove everything from the sides, labia, and back- yes, I mean around your bum.

Full brazilians (the official name is actually a “Hollywood”, although they’re commonly referred to as brazilians) leave you bald as a baby- or as Dave Chappelle put it: “smooth as eggs” (granted, he was talking about waxing his own bojangles but same goes). In other words: totally hairless.

If you were to compare a bikini versus brazilian wax- the former are a shade easier to achieve on your own. However, with a bit of practice and perseverance, both are totally achievable.

I Know What you’re Thinking… Does Bikini Waxing Hurt?

I honestly don’t think it’ll do you any favors to avoid the truth here:

Waxing your hoo-ha hurts like FACK. But it probably doesn’t hurt as much as your fearing it will.

(FYI: in my experience, bikini waxes hurt considerably less than brazilian waxes. The area in question just isn’t as sensitive- the most sensitive bits are always the ones that hurt the most. Does a brazilian wax hurt? In short: yes. But again, not as much as you might be thinking.)

The moment you rip off the wax strip you’ll experience a sharp stinging sensation on the surface of your skin (you did just rip out all your hairs en masse after all). The feeling will quickly fade.

After that, your skin will feel very sensitive, so it’s important not to wax the same area again- even if there’s stray hairs leftover.

There is truth to the old wives tale that repeated waxing over time will become less painful (and thin your hair growth too). I’ve been waxing for the best part of a decade now and my hair growth is much much more sparse than when I first started- and each rip of a strip is less painful than the last.

How Long does a Bikini/Brazilian Wax Last?

Typically, it takes between 3-6 weeks for hair to grow back after a wax. Some people report as much as 8 weeks hair-free, others as little as two.

If your wax lasts less than 2 weeks it could mean one of two things:

Either you a) have insanely fast regrowth, which there’s very little you can do about (unless you invest in a method of permanent hair removal).

Or b) the more likely reason: your waxing technique isn’t perfect yet, and you actually broke the hairs somewhere down the shaft instead of ripping them out from the root. This causes faster and rougher regrowth.

My regrowth is average/fast, and I find I have about 2.5 weeks of totally perfect smoothness, at which point a few wispy soft hairs start to show up, followed by the inevitable black stubble.

In total I get about 3 and a half weeks out of it. I end up waxing once a month.

How to Prepare for Bikini & Brazilian Waxing

In my complete beginner’s guide to waxing at home I detail every step you should take when preparing for a wax. 

It’s super simple, but insanely important.

The steps cover everything from pre-wax skin care to post-wax tricks to avoid redness and inflammation.

The one thing I’ll say that’s even more important for bikini waxing though, is making sure your hair is the right length. Ideally, it should be ¼ inch and no longer. Others will advise it can be as long as ¾ inch, but in my experience longer hair is much harder to deal with (and often more painful to remove).

How to Give Yourself a Brazilian Wax

Let’s be real:

You’re going to try to wax an area half way down your body, between your legs, out of your direct line of vision. You’re gonna need to do some weird bending and propping of limbs to get the job done right!

Squatting over a mirror can be very helpful (and also very bizarre to see yourself from such an angle… It’s literally seeing “a whole new side of yourself”).

Most important of all is to make sure your skin is held taut before you rip off the wax. Pull it as tight as you can in every direction (splaying your fingers can achieve this), then pull it even tighter.

Do small sections at a time. Cut the wax strips to size if you’re using pre packaged strips. Start in the least sensitive areas and work your way around.

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Top 5 Most Awesome Products for a Flawless Bikini Wax

Comparison Chart

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GiGi Brazilian Body Hard Wax, Smooth and Soft Bikini, Non-Strip, Suitable for Sensitive Skin, 14 oz, 1-pc
31U7bjVlTmL. SL500
Cirepil – Blue – 400g / 14.11 oz Wax Tin – All-Purpose & Unscented – No Strips Needed, Solid Wax in Tin – Fluid Gel Texture, Easy Removal, Peel-Off Wax
HOT (Hard) Wax Strip-Free (120g), Parissa Salon Style Hair removal waxing Kit for bikini, brazilian, face, upper lip, Eyebrow With after care Azulene oil
41ULwgRid9L. SL500
Nad’s Body Wax Strips Hair Removal For Women At Home plus 4 Calming Oil Wipes, 24 Count
51iYjQuaQYL. SL500
Hard Wax Kit: Face, Underarms, Bikini Hair Remover – Brazilian & Bikini Wax Kit – Wax Hair Removal For Women – Specifically For Coarse Hair – At Home Waxing Kit With Hard Wax

1. Best Hard Wax for Brazilians: GiGi Brazilian Body Hard Wax

41kwH+D0clL. SL500

  • No need for strips  
  • Very versatile
  • Lasts ages  (>20 waxes) 

Another review, another GiGi product. What can I say?! I can’t get enough of the stuff- and it seems like I’m not the only one.

Time and time again we see GiGi’s waxes and warmers turning up at the top of the list when it comes to the “must haves” of the wax world.

This Brazilian Body Hard Wax is designed for (and I quote) “extreme waxing”.

Now, I’m going to go ahead and assume that doesn’t refer to giving yourself a brazilian while you scale an 800 meter cliff face with no harness. But it does produce absolutely flawless results- in fact, I reckon this baby right here produced the best brazilian wax results I’ve ever seen with my own two eyes.

It’s a hard wax, which means it’s designed for use on short, coarse hair (and doesn’t require any strips- yay for the environment!). You will, however, need to grab some wooden applicators (popsicle stick style) and a wax warmer.

Note: you can heat hard wax without a wax warmer, but it’s slower, slightly dangerous, and doesn’t always produce the best results. The key to success is in the warmer, if you ask me (GiGi also make the best wax warmer too, no surprise).

Upside: the money that you spend on the wax warmer is absolutely worth it when you consider how insanely cost effective it is to use this wax. I reckon one pot would work for almost 50 bikini waxes. You do the math.


  • No need for strips 
  • Designed specifically for short, coarse hair 
  • Versatile, can be used all over the body (armpits and other small areas work best)
  • The pot lasts ages  (>20 waxes) 


  • For best results you’ll need to purchase the extra wax warmer

2. Best for Ease of Use: Cirepil Blue Wax

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  • All over the body wax
  • Good at removing coarse hairs 
  • Suitable for sensitive areas

Cirepil is a brand that’s been around for a loooong time, and despite the fact that professional waxers report loving their products, not all that many people know about their wax.

Well, I’m here to change all that! I ended up with a pot of their day-glow blue wax after my boyfriend’s sister recommended it to me (she’s French and wonderful- and flawlessly beautiful, so whatever she recommends, I go buy 15).

I heated the tin up in the wax warmer, stirring it every now and then to make sure it was melted through. The first thing I noticed about this wax is the consistency- it’s much more viscous than other waxes, and when it dries on your skin it sort of has a rubbery feeling. Sounds weird, but it means it’s way easier to pull off your skin without it breaking or crumbling. Winning!

The manufacturers claim the wax is designed to be used all over the body, but is particularly good on short, shaved, or coarse hairs. Awesome news for those who also want to wax their underarms, legs, or face!


  • Rubbery texture makes it easy to use 
  • Designed for use all over the body
  • Particularly good at removing coarse hairs 
  • Suitable for use on sensitive areas 


  • For best results, you’ll need to make an extra purchase (wax warmer) 
  • Pricier than other brands 

3. Best Complete Wax Kit: Parissa Hot Wax, Bikini & Brazilian Waxing Kit

  • All-in-one kit  
  • No wax warmer/strips needed 
  • After care oil included

This Parissa wax kit is a best seller, and I can totally see why. 

Not only does your money get you an awesome wax (that really performs) but it also gets you a mini stove top wax warmer, wooden applicators, and a pre epilation wax oil. This kit is all you’ll need for the entire waxing process from start to finish.

The post epilation oil is really a life saver. Whack a thin sheen of it on your pubic area after you remove the wax- it does wonders to reduce pain and irritation.

The wax doesn’t need to be heated in a wax warmer, which is an awesome money saver initially. You just heat up the mini pan on the stove or hot plate.

Now, I will say the downside of not having a wax warmer is that you don’t have a thermostat, so you need to be extra careful about what temperature the wax is before you apply it to your skin. Always test it on your wrist first- if it’s comfortable there, it’ll be fine in fanny-town.

Also FYI: there’s a light fragrance, sort of like a eucalyptus essential oil if I had to guess. I’d imagine this isn’t ideal for extra sensitive skin- if that’s you, better do a patch test somewhere inconspicuous before you go slathering it all over your netheryahyah.


  • All-in-one kit 
  • Excellent at grabbing short, coarse hairs 
  • No wax warmer or strips needed 
  • After care oil leaves skin feeling super soft and lovely 


  • Need to be extra careful with temperature control 
  • May not be ideal for very sensitive skin 

4. Best Ready-Made Strips: Nad’s Body Wax Strips

41ULwgRid9L. SL500

  • Convenient  
  • Easy to use 
  • Versatile

If I’m totally honest, strips are never going to give you the same results as hot wax. Hot wax is much better at grabbing hairs, especially short hairs that may have been shaved in the past. 

Wax strips do have their place in any gals repertoire though, mostly because they are just so goddamn convenient. And clean. Don’t forget clean.

Nads are a staple brand in the world of hair removal, and their ready made wax strips are a crowd favorite. You’ll need to cut them to size with a pair of scissors before you use them, which is no biggie. Then, piece by piece, warm the wax between your hands and apply it to the area.

Start small! I can’t stress this enough. Your down-there region isn’t a smooth plain, and waxing around corners doesn’t work. Trust me. I know. I’ve tried.

This bumper pack of 24 strips will do for a couple of full brazilians, and even more normal bikini waxes. Or, if you prefer, you can also use them on your legs, arms, and underarms. Their versatility is a big plus.


  • Convenient 
  • Easy to use 
  • Versatile, can be used all over the body 


  • Arguably less effective than hot wax 

5. Best All-Rounder: BodyHonee All Natural Hard Wax

51iYjQuaQYL. SL500

  • No wax warmer or strips needed
  • Suitable for sensitive skin 
  • Anti-inflammatory ingredients 

I’m in love with BodyHonee these days. It can be so hard to find hair removal brands that make all-natural products (and when you do, you often sacrifice performance for the sake of the ingredients list).

Not with these guys though, they consistently bring out waxes that are 100% natural, and they all work amazingly. The wax is made from beeswax and plant-based chlorophyll which acts as an anti-inflammatory.

You don’t need a wax warmer for this baby, just bang it in the microwave and off you trot. No strips needed either since it’s hard wax. Two thumbs up for the environment and your pocket!

Their hard wax is designed specifically for use on short, coarse hairs so it’s perfect for bikini and brazilian waxing. But best of all, you can also use it on your underarms and face as well! The natural formula means it’s gentle enough to use even on super sensitive areas (I use it to wax my upper lip and I’ve never had a bad reaction).

All in all, it’s an awesome at home bikini wax.


  • Natural ingredients 
  • Suitable for sensitive skin 
  • Soothing anti-inflammatory ingredients 
  • No wax warmer or strips needed


  • Only comes with 2 stirrer sticks, so you’ll need to buy extra 

What’s the Bottom Line?

Bikini and brazilian waxing at home is definitely not as scary as it sounds. There’s a learning curve, that’s for sure. But think of it as upskilling: once you learn how to do it, you’ll never have to umm and ahh about going to a salon, spending tons of money on professional treatments, or *gasp* shaving- ever again.

Learning the technique is one thing. Getting the right gear is another. Do yourself a favor and make sure you buy high quality wax like those listed above. After all, you’re gonna be slathering it all over your baby maker.

All of the waxes listed above are safe, high quality, and perform really well.

If you’re still unsure about which one is for you, I’d suggest going with the Parissa Wax Kit- especially if you don’t own a wax warmer yet. The fact that it’s an all-in-one set is so convenient; you won’t need to purchase anything extra.

If your experience is anything like mine, you’ll be silky smooth and ready to rock an itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini in no time.

Happy hair removal!

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