November 22, 2022

Pure Indian Ingredients™ Helps Partners Improve Date Nights home by Delivering Traditional Foods Through The On Line Supermarket

The Quick variation: If you’re looking for a fantastic date night, cooking genuine Indian food with your spouse could help spice things up. helps people produce conventional meals home using its top-quality ingredients. Your website enables people to buy the specific items they need to create tasty recipes, such as kitchari, curry, and butter chicken. The family-owned business resources the components from local producers, so clients can stock their unique pantries with basics to enjoy new Indian food when.

People from India typically express their particular love through cooking. If they’re worried about you, they might turn you into a meal. Once they offer more meals in the table, they are showing you which they worry — in a most tasty way.

If they hail from Punjab, Bengal, Tamil Nadu, or Gujarat, Indians grab unique pleasure in making conventional dishes from scrape. The spices and styles in the country’s cuisine are among the tastiest around. That produces preparing Indian meals a fantastic and enjoyable carrying out for partners on stay-at-home big date nights.

Lots of home cooks think Indian meals is tough to prepare, but that does not must be the outcome. With high-quality materials and shown quality recipes, anyone can decide to try their hand at preparing old-fashioned dishes, such as kitchari, curry, and butter poultry.

“Indian meals is intimimixed dating site to American chefs, and we also’re actually planned about getting that intimidation out,” said David Emery, a Sales Team associate for Pure Indian Foods. “We want to provide simple quality recipes and fresh components so your first experience are good, and you will would you like to cook much more Indian meals.”

Pure Indian ingredients is a family-owned internet based grocery store full of mindfully curated components through the leading companies throughout India and also the globe. Business guarantees clients can make tasty dishes and fill their unique pantries together with the spices, ghee, a clarified butter item, also needed elements to make dishes easily.

A Fifth-Generation Family company that is always Innovating

Courtney Polivka, the natural Indian ingredients Director of Branding and advertising, said the business is actually operated by fifth generation of a family group that began making specialty ghee and offering cooking elements over 130 in years past.

Current proprietors, Sandeep Agarwal with his wife Nalini, started concentrating on offering ideal ghee when their daughter having chronic problems, including upper body congestion and symptoms of asthma. Sandeep examined ayurvedic practices and experienced the analysis on organics, for example raw milk products and ghee, as well as their significance on wellness. Your family began incorporating these food types to their diet plans, in addition they cut right out desserts, among other diet manipulations.

Sandeep made a decision to bring natural, grass-fed ghee to your marketplace. The guy went from becoming a pc scientist in NYC to a small business holder and herbalist doing Ayurveda. As a result, natural Indian meals became a pioneer.

“As for company tradition, it is actually like a household,” she mentioned. “We place wellness first. All of our goods are for helping health and lifestyle. Folks meet and link over meals, as well as their health is actually impacted by what they’re eating.”

Its a small company, but staff members can be encouraged to meditate, have a cup beverage, and, of course, consume good meals to enable them to feel refreshed. Every person which works on company regularly communicates with each other, so brand-new some ideas tend to be rapidly provided and urged.

Because the family-run company is thus tiny, you can listen to suggestions and include or change products for clients. Eg, a mother questioned them if their own tamarind paste ended up being gluten-free because the woman boy was intolerant.

The organization easily tested the item and verified that the organization provides the only natural, gluten-free tamarind insert available on the market in the usa.

Typical Indian Cooks and foods fans Can replenish On Products

Pure Indian ingredients provides a broad base of clients, additionally the vast majority enjoy cooking old-fashioned Indian cuisine due to their families. Others who turn-to the net grocery store simply love as well as are interested in different preferences that may squeeze into their own lifestyles. For example, many people that are into yoga also enjoy preparing Indian areas.

“Another big phase of your customers is mothers who are wanting to feed their particular children,” David said.

Even novices can prepare impressive meals once they use high-quality ingredients. Which is something Sandeep with his group refuse to compromise in the title of profit or development.

The organization maintains private interactions using the growers exactly who grow and offer the products it makes.

“Sandeep is indeed passionate about his ingredients. Your whole herbs are carefully chosen,” David said. “performing straight with neighborhood producers is a significant deal for him. The guy tries to enable local farmers. The guy thinks in interactions and working locally with folks.”

The business strives to market the freshest, cleanest, and the majority of tasty materials available on the market. If a character stops providing a particular component, eg, Pure Indian Foods will google search far and wide for an upgraded of the identical quality before they restock it within the online shop.

Certainly its top products is Hing, and that is titled asafoetida. This dried resin from a plant during the fennel household can be used in several tasty Indian recipes, together with business offers what it phone calls the “best hing actually ever.”

But if you would like purchase it, you’ll have to be patient. Pure Indian Food items has actually a consistent provider, but, since it is such sought after, it goes rented out already typically.

Pure Indian meals: Curry in a rush and Special Spice Blends Simplify preparing for All

Pure Indian meals does not want one to end up being intimidated from the means of preparing tasty, real Indian food. This is why the business has also produced some services and products to make it simpler and much more fun for beginners.

It includes Indian Spice Starter Kits so folks can complete their particular pantries most abundant in common elements for Indian dishes. The packages come with six various herbs, such as two popular mixes, together with a recipe booklet with tasty dinner ideas.

“you simply need a container of ghee and fresh vegetables, and you will generate 2-3 dinners regarding one system,” Courtney stated. “therefore we’re going to add more meals and then make more films for it.”

Another common product is named “Curry on the go.” The concentrated curry insert can help generate impressive meals in the home without the need to take care to make curry from scrape.

“you simply take the Curry in a rush, a spoonful or two, depending on just how spicy, and include it with vegetables and it is accomplished. It is very easy,” David said. “that’s our very own key gun if we choose meetings or events. We become a hot plate and include veggies and Curry in a Hurry. Folks head to the dining table given that it smells so great.”

Ingredients make all the difference about preparing Indian meals, and people meals can show how much you care for your lover or family members.

“my pals and family members believe i am a fantastic cook, but really of it is utilizing high quality ingredients,” Courtney said. “While I use good components, it creates a massive huge difference.”

November 22, 2022

Group Photo or Solo: The Cheerleader Effect

New research from the University of California, north park executed by Drew Walker and Edward Vul proposes online daters should use an organization image with pals since their major online dating sites photograph.

Walker and Vul feel individuals seem more appealing in friends than in isolation.

They name this “The Cheerleader Effect.”

The research states the subsequent three requirements for suggesting group photographs:

Using all three into account, the scientists suggest individual faces will look more attractive when offered in a bunch simply because they will be more similar to the normal group face, and is more attractive than class members’ specific confronts.

“It’s my opinion you should create your

online dating profile exactly about you.”

Does this seem confusing for you?

Sure, I think a happy party try might be much better in a secondary image than a selfie consumed in the mirror or making use of family pet, but also for a major internet dating profile image, i must differ.

Whenever males look at thumbnails of females, they appear for a happy cheerful face, not a team of faces. It really is perplexing to guys when they see multiple women in a photo. Often they’re going to question which woman they must be creating to and thus, wont create after all.

While class dating has become popular as well as the dating internet site Grouper promotes singles to be on group dates, at the conclusion of a single day, a guy is looking for one woman to call his girlfriend.

By uploading a photograph of girl network, you are giving the content which he’s registering for the entire bundle: both you and your BFFs.

After the digital time, I think you really need to help make your online dating profile all about YOU, perhaps not the extensive system.

Keep your kids, animals and swimsuit shots on your own camera or mobile and article the greatest images you’ll find of yourself while looking for really love using the internet.

Supply: Pic supply:

November 22, 2022

Internet dating a Busy Man: How-to Set Borders

Online dating an active guy may be hard — especially for a person that delights in the psychological area of a commitment. 

Every person’s timetable is different. If your spouse has little wiggle-room for your needs in the journal, it really is organic to often feel vulnerable about his priorities. Or maybe more notably, the place you position inside them.

Efforts are crucial. However your relationship must have value too. For this to reach your goals, you should discover an equilibrium between personal freedom and mental hookup. And achieving which means working-out borders. 

Listed Here Is our suggestions about how-to set boundaries in an union…

What exactly do you want from union?

In case you are an individual who really loves investing a majority of their time with regards to companion, this isn’t always the match for your family. And that is completely acceptable. 

We all have different goals. If your own website never align, this may be’s simpler to find out this at some point. 

You should be sincere with who you are and what you want. Because matchmaking a busy guy could be complicated, nevertheless can be even more challenging if you are vulnerable to feeling lonely. 

So just take one step back and assess your expectations yourself very first, when you talk with him. Tend to be your objectives healthy? Precisely what do you’ll need from your own companion? Just what could you two do in order to transform these patterns?

Considering this through alone 1st provides you with advisable of what you need to say to your lover. It will additionally provide you with the time to come with the easiest way to say it. 

If you should be stressed about chatting this through with him, doing it ought to instill you with an additional boost of self-confidence.

Be truthful and plan the romance ahead

Matchmaking a busy man means he is probably functioning a great deal. And every so often, which is completely great. 

Having a powerful work principles tends to be vital, appealing actually! As soon as you are ambitious, balancing work and life is generally challenging. But if he is matchmaking you, then it’s merely fair he sets in work.

Eliminate honestly criticizing his work principles. If his specialist achievements is a proper priority to him, it’s most likely he don’t react well to being placed under pressure to readjust. 

Flexibility is very important for everybody. And perhaps this is just exactly how the guy exercises his!

Instead, calmly explain the manner in which you’re experiencing to him. Which you’d desire produce area for your needs two to reconnect much more. Go over your own weeks together beforehand and make certain to pencil in a few time together. In this way, you’re fully guaranteed some high quality private time. No matter if it’s just a midweek date night or watching Netflix. 

By chatting with him on this subject, you’re arriving at this choice with each other. You’re both producing time for your relationship. Therefore’ve proactively communicated rather than debated. This can give you realizing that you stood your ground in the place of feeling needy or disheartened. And that is far more renewable, proper?

Make Certain You never ever feel like you have to contend 

There was a thing called overworking. Sometimes, individuals don’t get they can be in the course of an unhealthy pattern. 

If you’ve currently presented your preferences and objectives in which he’s ignored you? Next that isn’t good indication which he’ll change his workaholic methods.

Remain your own soil. Make sure he understands you will want much more from him. Recall, aim to end up being understanding but firm. If he’s apologizing to you for lacking telephone calls above he is phoning, it could be for you personally to reassess if this is best man for you personally.

Or are you currently simply getting to know he? In that case, next his busy schedule can be some sort of reason. Before actually establishing borders, be sure you’re both on a single web page. 

Sit down with him and have now an honest conversation about where the hookup goes. We become it, becoming vulnerable in the beginning are challenging. But generating good interaction methods is key to starting a relationship off regarding the proper base.

Determine a long-term gameplan 

Matchmaking an active guy is easier as soon as you know what they’re working in direction of. 

Will they be investing in extra hours in hopes to getting a life-changing marketing fleetingly? Or possibly they may be staying additional late because their particular office is actually understaffed? 

When wanting to set boundaries with a busy man, keep in touch with him about their end goal. This work might merely short-term until he’s ready where he is able to much better give you support and begin a future to you. 

Recognizing his unavailability and comprehending that it’s a group function could soothe the issues. 

Prove to yourself that you are a priority 

If you’re not used to connections, chances are you’ll believe that this particular conduct is typical. But bear in mind, your emotions constantly issue. Regardless of who you’re online dating.

If he is pressing you away and saying that “all men tend to be this hectic” next possibly you have to get a hold of somebody who has more time to blow to you. Someone who views you as a genuine priority. 

How you feel are legitimate. While this connection really should not be the source of self-worth, expecting to feel appreciated in a relationship doesn’t mean your criteria are way too high. This means you appreciate your self. 

If you’re not satisfied for some time, and there’s no change in view, then it could possibly be time and energy to focus on some other contacts that bring you pleasure. 

It really is difficult when you’re dating an individual who constantly provides a loaded timetable. You wish to assert your house in the commitment without coming across as crucial or managing. 

However, advising him your feelings doesn’t cause you to desperate, it makes you powerful. Without this, experiencing like equals inside cooperation can be progressively difficult.  

So take a breath and chat it. With a little little bit of interaction and dedication, the both of you can certainly still have a fulfilling relationship.

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November 11, 2022

Top 10 Hair Removal Creams for Women

When I do things, I don’t do half measures (if taking things too far were an Olympic sport, I’d bring home the gold. Every. Time.) which is why this hair removal cream quest ended up being pretty expansive. Not only did I try and test all the hair removing products for women I could get my mitts on, I also did a full on search for products for men, sensitive skin, bikini area, and facial areas which you can read all about in my 5 best hair removal creams article.

In the meantime, let’s get to grips with the sticky subject of depilatory creams; why use them, how to use them, and what is the best hair removing cream for women?

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Hair removal cream is tricky (and often sticky) business; I’ve learned that the hard way. After I gave myself what I can only describe as a spectacular crimson chemical burn on my upper lip, I turned to the “hair removal horror stories” Reddit thread in the hopes of either lamenting further or laughing at people who’ve done even dumber things than I have. In the end, I did both (to the woman who used hair removal cream on her forehead and ended up with a permanent reverse widow’s peak… I have no words, but thanks for the laughs!).

Read this Article: Top 5 Best apps

All these stories got me thinking; do the perfect hair removal creams for women really exist? Or are we fated to choose between itchy red scaly burns and chimpanzee-dom? Neither of those options being my cup of tea, I set out to get a definitive answer and find the best hair removal creams for women- keep reading to find out which product tops the list!

The Benefits of Using Hair Removal Cream

Hair removal techniques generally involve a pluck, a pull, or a blade of some description; the single best thing about hair removal cream is that you won’t need any of the above to achieve silky smooth-dom.

These products contain chemicals that break down the proteins in your hairs so that they become weak enough to come right off when scraped with either the plastic spatula that comes with the cream or with a wet washcloth. The benefit of this process is that the cream works on the hair below the surface of the skin, which means you’ll achieve a smoother and longer lasting effect than with shaving and still avoid the pain of epilating or waxing (usually at quite a reasonable cost).

The Downside (and How to Avoid It)

The acrid smell is one of the biggest turn-offs for me, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be all that avoidable. Hair removal creams’ bad smell comes from two sources: the chemicals themselves, and the reactions they cause while breaking down the hairs. In this article I’ve included as many products as I can that have improved smells, but to be honest- it’s really a case of putting perfume on a pig.

The other potential downside of depilatory cream is the adverse skin reaction you may suffer if you a) don’t use the product appropriately or b) use a product that is not suitable for your skin type; there’s a fine balance one must achieve between leaving the cream on long enough to do its job, but not so long that it starts to literally burn your skin off.

Best advice I can give to avoid bad experiences is to always do a spot test and check for reactions before applying the whole lot of it, never exceed the specified time frame, and pick a product that is appropriate for your skin type and purpose of use. If you want to be extra safe, keep some 1% hydrocortisone cream handy to apply to skin suffering a bad reaction.

Different Ways to Apply Hair Removal Cream

When I first started to use hair removal cream, there was one type of product and that was it (this was back when Veet was still called Immac and if you got any cream on your bathroom tiles it would literally strip the finish right off them). Nowadays, the world of depilatory cream has come on leaps and bounds; we now have a huge amount of choice in products, ingredients, scents, and yes- even application methods.

The standard cream application is the most common; the product usually comes in a squeezy tube or a bottle with a pump top (my favourite), which then needs to be smoothed out on your skin using either your fingers, a sponge, or a spatula.

Newer products offer different means of application, in a spray can or in a ‘gliding’ stick, for example. The great thing about these types of products is that the mess is reduced and there’s less need to touch the product with your hands.

How to Use Hair Removal Cream on Different Body Parts

While there are countless different body parts you may wish to use hair removal cream on, there are three main categories of product to meet the mishmash of needs you might have: hair removal cream for the body, the face, and bikini area.

Each of these areas has its own nuanced needs that are dependent on hair thickness and skin sensitivity, so it’s wise to pick your product according to whatever region you’re trying to deforest if you want to experience the best hair removal for women (e.g. using a cream designed for legs on your face is much more likely to result in a chemical burn or at least an uncomfortable experience).

Here are my top 10 in-depth hair removing cream reviews to help you on your way!

Top 10 Best Hair Removal Cream for Women Countdown:

1. Best Hair Removal Spray: Nair Hair Remover Sprays Away Clay

  • checkEasy to use 
  • checkConvenient spray bottle
  • checkCan be ordered in a multi-pack

I love the idea of a spray on hair removal cream; it’s super convenient and makes the application process so much easier (and cleaner). All you need to do is pop the cap off and spray it on the area that you want to remove hair from; the trick is to spray it evenly so that all areas receive the same amount of product (I find if there’s too much cream on a certain area it’s more likely to bring out a rash).

I used the spray all over my legs (including thighs), arms, and underarms with great success- I would confidently say over 90% of the hairs were removed easily. I reckon the bottle would last for about 2.5 full body sprays (not including face or bikini area, I only use specific products for those sensitive regions). Overall, it’s extremely easy to use and will effectively remove almost all hairs in 4-6 minutes; then just hop in the shower and rinse it all off.



  • Easy to use
  • Convenient spray bottle
  • Effectively removes almost all hairs
  • Can be ordered in a multi-pack to save money



  • Some people may find a spray harder to control than a cream
  • Not suitable for face (or bikini, in my opinion)

2. Best for Sensitive Skin: Veet Gel Hair Remover Cream, Sensitive Formula

  • checkSafe for use on sensitive skin 
  • checkAloe against inflammation
  • checkVitamin E for moisture

It’s no wonder so many people rave about how awesome this product from Veet is. My favorite thing about the product is the big bottle with the handy pump head; I often find myself going through a bottle of depilatory cream so fast that I need to buy in bulk- not the case for this mega sized hair removal monster bottle.

If you’re a lady prone to sensitive skin, you know how important it is to pick a product that is suitable for your skin type- especially when it comes to something as chemically abrasive as hair removal cream. Veet’s sensitive formula hair removal cream is strong enough to effectively remove hairs without causing irritation to your skin, thanks to its winning infusion of aloe vera and vitamin E which protect your skin from irritation during and provide essential moisturization afterwards.



  • Safe for use on sensitive skin
  • Aloe for anti-inflammatory properties
  • Vitamin E for moisture
  • Large size bottle and pump head = extra convenient



  • Not suitable for use on bikini or face

3. Best for Normal Skin: Veet Gel Hair Remover Cream with Essential Oils

  • checkBig bottle+pump head = handy 
  • checkShea butter for moisture
  • checkImproved scent

That’s right, two Veet products in a row; they really are the go-to brand when it comes to hair removal for women. If you don’t need the sensitive formula I can highly recommend using this ‘essential oils’ version; it really smells quite a bit less chemically than the other Veet products and ooohhh the results are just so good. Not only did it remove all the hairs on my legs and arms but they feel so smooth and moisturized ever since- and no redness or irritation at all. If anything, I maybe experienced a very slight tingle but it definitely wasn’t anything uncomfortable. It’s infused with orange and grapefruit oil as well as moisturizing shea butter for silky smooth results- win-win!

Like I said, I used it on my legs and arms only, but a friend of mine (male) said that he used it on his pubic area and it was totally fine, however he recommends leaving it on for no more than 4 minutes if you have sensitive skin. Me, I’m going to stick to the bikini specific products for my own nether regions- keep reading to find out which bikini hair removal cream won my vote.



  • Versatile, can be used all over the body
  • Improved scent
  • Big bottle + pump head = handy
  • Shea butter for moisture
  • Effectively removes virtually all hairs



  • Possibly unsuitable for sensitive skin
  • Unsuitable for use on facial areas

4. Best Facial Hair Removal Cream for Women: Olay Smooth Finish Duo

  • checkDesigned for use on face 
  • checkComes with protective balm
  • checkDoesn’t invoke thick regrowth

For gals with facial hair it can be such a nightmare trying to find a product that effectively removes everything, doesn’t cause irritation on your sensitive facial skin, and doesn’t invoke thick stubbly regrowth. This Smooth Finish duo from Olay is an absolute godsend; honestly, it ticks all my boxes (which is no easy feat).

Unlike hair removal products for women to use on the body, this Olay hair removal cream is gentle enough that it can be used anywhere on your face without making you break out in a rash. The product comes in two different versions to treat different types of hair: fine to medium hairs and medium to coarse hairs, so pick wisely depending on whether you’re trying to remove fluff from your upper lip or a big bad whisker on your chin.

The best thing about this product, in my opinion, is the protective balm that comes with it. Just slather that on beforehand and your skin will be shielded from the harmful chemicals while they work on breaking down the hairs.



  • Suitable for use on face
  • Protective balm provides shield from irritating chemicals
  • Effectively removes fine and coarse hairs alike
  • Regrowth will be as fine as if you waxed it



  • Small tube will be used up relatively quickly if using on larger areas (whole chin, for example)
  • Not suitable for rest of body (I’m sure it would work, but with such a small tube there’s no point)

5. Best Moisturizing: Nair Cocoa Butter Hair Remover Lotion

  • checkExtra moisturizing 
  • checkPowerful and effective
  • checkCan be used all over body

One of the downsides of using hair removal cream is that the chemicals can often lead to dried out skin, so I’m always on the lookout for products that have moisturizing elements in their ingredients list (preferably natural ones). If you’ve read any of our previous posts on the best creams, soaps, and shave balms you’ll know how much we love anything with cocoa butter, so naturally as soon as I saw this lotion from Nair, I was all over it. Or, it was all over me, rather.I put on a pretty thick, even layer of the cream onto my legs and left it there for the maximum amount of time (I hadn’t shaved in a long time so I felt it needed an extra minute or two); if you have sensitive skin I’d say start with 3 minutes and see how your skin reacts- any more may be a bit overwhelming. The smell isn’t the best, but lo and behold it removed all of my leg hairs in one go- and they felt so smooth and moisturized after, no dry skin for me!



  • Extra moisturizing cocoa butter
  • Powerful and effective at removing hairs
  • Can be bought in a handy multipack
  • Versatile and can be used all over body (not face)



  • Smell isn’t great
  • Not suitable for face

6. Best In-Shower: Nair Shower Power Max with Moroccan Argan Oil

  • checkLess mess and less time 
  • checkHandy pump bottle
  • checkMoisturizing argan oil

In-shower products are the bees knees as far as I’m concerned; they cut back on mess and save you time because you can combine the ‘waiting period’ with your shower time instead of doing it one step after the other. Enter: The Shower Power Max range, which has totally earned itself a spot on this list with their argan infused hair removal cream.I sometimes find the in-shower versions are a lot stronger (stronger smelling for sure), maybe because the chemicals need to be more resilient to being washed off… but the great thing about this nair for women product is that it is very gentle compared with other similar creams from different brands- the smell isn’t too bad either! I love the way my skin felt after I used this one, really soft (made even softer because the hairs all appeared to be removed from below the surface of the skin). Not only is the turquoise packaging cute enough to display in the bathroom, it also comes with a handy matching sponge for application and removal.



  • In shower means less mess and less time
  • Moisturizing argan oil for smooth skin
  • Comes with application sponge
  • Nice packaging
  • Handy pump bottle



  • Not for use on face
  • Not specifically for use on sensitive skin (although I had no adverse reactions)

7. Best Bargain Buy: Veet Botanic Inspirations Gel Cream

  • checkVersatile
  • checkSafe for sensitive skin 
  • checkGreat for girls on a budget

If you’re on a budget, the Botanic Veet hair removal cream is just the ticket; it’s a slightly smaller serving of product than the others I’ve reviewed, which brings the cost of the tube down- perfect if you’re in need of silky smooth pins for the weekend but your budget is tight.Similar to the sensitive formula reviewed above, this botanic inspired cream is infused with anti-inflammatory aloe vera which will protect your skin from irritation and soothe any redness that may be caused. It’s also full of vitamin E which will keep your skin healthy and hydrated even when exposed to the harsh hair removing chemicals. It’s so gentle that it can be used on sensitive skin safely (the manufacturer claims it’s okay to use on your bikini line too)- although it’s smart to do a test patch beforehand just in case.



  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Great for girls on a budget
  • Aloe for anti-inflammatory
  • Vit. E to protect and hydrate
  • Versatile + can be used all over the body



  • Not suitable for use on face
  • Smaller package so will run out faster

8. Best “Extra Strength”: Sally Hansen Spray-On Shower-Off Hair Remover Extra Strength for Women

  • checkConvenient spray bottle 
  • checkCan be showered off easily
  • checkPretty effective on coarse hair

Just the name of this product already tells you two of the major benefits: it’s got that handy spray nozzle which makes application of the product so much cleaner and easier, and it can be washed off in the shower- double whammy. The extra strength factor is an awesome added bonus, especially for women who have very coarse, thick hair and doubt whether a depilatory cream will work for them.The spray nozzle is super easy to use on arms and underarms as well as the front of the leg, although spraying the back of the legs can require a little bit of a stretch (I have my yoga teacher to thank for the fact that I was able to do it pretty easily). I left the spray on for 5 minutes (you can leave it on for up to 10 minutes but what with “extra strength” in the title I thought I’d be conservative). The spray and hairs came off easily when I washed it directly with the shower nozzle, and the majority of my skin was smooth and hair free; there were a couple of areas that still had some small patches of stubble on them, but I think that was my own fault for not leaving it on long enough. Next time I’ll try 7 minutes.



  • Convenient spray bottle
  • Can be showered off easily
  • Pretty effective on coarse hair



  • Not for use on the face
  • It’s a little tricky to spray the hard to reach areas

9. Best “Glide” Application: Nair Bikini Cream Glides Away with Argan Oil

  • checkClean and easy application 
  • checkEffectively removes pubic hairs
  • checkArgan oil for moisture

I have a friend who hates the texture of hair removal cream; she says it makes her gawk when she touches it with her fingers (which I thought was a tad dramatic but it did lead me to discover this awesome product from Nair, so I’ll let it slide). She recommended this one to me just before we went on holiday together with our boyfriends, and honestly I’ve never looked back.It works by twisting the little dial at the bottom of the tube- sort of like a roll-on deodorant- and then the cream pushes out of the top, which you can then apply directly onto your skin without needing to use your fingers. Top marks for cleanliness! The argan infusion wins big brownie points in my books too. It works very effectively on coarse pubic hairs, but I do have to warn you that if you apply it to an area that doesn’t have much hair on it it will burn your skin- so be careful applying it to sparse areas/around your bikini line where the hair ends.



  • ‘Gliding’ application is clean and easy
  • Effectively removes coarse pubic hairs
  • Argan oil for moisture and skin health



  • Not for use anywhere except bikini area
  • Not suitable for use on very sensitive skin

10. Best for Bikini Area: ‘Bikini Zone’ Hair Removal Cream

  • checkGreen tea fortified
  • checkEffectively removes pubic hairs
  • checkEncourages finer regrowth

Putting all of these hair melting chemicals anywhere near coochie-town is not something I do lightly- I’ve gone through the wars when it comes to removing my down-there-hair, and let me tell you my search for the best hair removal cream for bikini area was one of the greatest battles of all *drumroll please*.This Bikini Zone product is simply perfection, because it does the job fast with regimental effectiveness but I can always trust that my skin will be safe from burns, rashes, and irritation of any kind. Fortified with green tea extract, this cream from Bikini Zone is naturally anti-inflammatory and gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin. The best part is, I actually found regrowth was a lot finer after just 2 uses!



  • Effectively removes thick pubic hairs in 4 minutes
  • Infused with green tea
  • Encourages finer regrowth



  • The smell on this one is definitely not my favorite


So… Which is the Overall Best Hair Removal Cream for Women?


As always, the best for you may not be the best for me; everyone’s skin and hair is different and therefore has different, nuanced needs. The product that I’m nominating as best depilatory cream gets the vote for its overall usability, effectiveness, and versatility.

A brand that has set the gold standard for hair removal cream for many years now, Nair hair removal cream wins my heart (and legs, arms, bikini line, and underarms) for their Cocoa Butter Hair Removal Lotion. It’s such a great all-round product because it can be used anywhere on the body (besides face) without causing irritation and it effectively removes all my hairs, all the time.

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I managed to snag a multipack on sale, so the price was absolutely unbeatable too. Plus, I’ll admit this is probably the winning factor for me, the cocoa butter addition makes my skin sooo smooth and moisturized afterwards that I don’t even need to use another lotion- it’s like two products in one!

   About the author Alyssa Kaye

Alyssa is a young, professional blogger living in Hoboken, NJ. Thanks to her Middle Eastern heritage, Alyssa is no stranger to unwanted hair. She has tried every laser hair removal product on the market in a quest to find the best!

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November 11, 2022

15 Best Tweezers for Every Purpose & Budget

What do tweezers, toilet paper, and that guy I used to copy lecture notes off of on Wednesdays all have in common?

Unless I really need them, I’m probably not thinking about them.


Maybe, but also true. The problem is, at least 2 of the things on that list definitely merit thinking about in advance.

Today, I’m here to help you pick your perfect pair of tweezers. In my eyes, these 15 little guys have got to be some of the best tweezers in the world!

Why all the Fuss?

The thing about tweezers – they’re probably the most underrated thing in my makeup bag; or at least they were before I learned my lesson the hard way.

I never paid any attention to which tweezers I bought (which was usually quite a frequent occasion since I’m prone to misplacing the handy little buggers…), I never bothered to “maintain” them – heck, I didn’t even know you were supposed to maintain them.

Here’s the other thing about tweezers: investing in a good pair will pay for itself.


Oh, so many more reasons than you can even begin to imagine. While I may not like to admit it, I don’t just wake up with silky smooth legs and perfectly preened eyebrows.

Nor have I been graced with the fine, wispy hairlessness that come with Asian genes (thanks for the crazy dark body hair, Greek Grandma).

But look, if you’re here too, then neither do you. We all have to deal with unwanted hair, and the most essential piece of kit for tackling those “stray soldiers” as I like to call them, is a pair of badass tweezers.

best tweezers

How to Make Sure Your Pluck Packs a Punch

If you’re anything like me, you’ll find that once you’ve invested in said pair you’re going to wonder how you ever got this far into life without them.

Honestly, it’ll start as a thought to get a bit more on top of your eyebrow routine, and soon you’ll be using them for everything, from putting on fake eyelashes, to removing splinters and digging out ingrown hairs.

A quality pair of tweezers are the best investment you never even knew about.

eyebrow on fleek from using best tweezer

How to do Eyebrows with Tweezers

We’ve all gone a little pluck-happy at some point, taken off “a few” too many hairs, and ended up looking like Christina Aguilera circa ‘Stripped’.

So what, I hear you say. Hair grows back! Ehhh, well that’s the thing…

If you’ve gone way overboard for way too long, some of those hair follicles will be too damaged to produce hair in a normal growth cycle. It took me a couple of years of virtually no plucking to get back to my natural eyebrow shape.

The key is knowing which hairs are stray hairs. If your eyebrow is a highway, the strays are the hitchhikers- catch my drift?

Step two is knowing how to measure out where your eyebrows should begin, arch, and end.

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Plucking Facial Hair with Tweezers

Like I said, I’m rocking 25% Greek genes, so thick dark hairs have been part of my daily life since I was a kid.

I can tell you right now, those clandestine hair-culling sessions would have gone a heck of alot smoother (yup, intended, and I’ll do it again!) if I had already snagged myself a pair of quality tweezers.

Speaking of which, I wonder which tweezers Aphrodite used…

Anyway, I digress. The point here is that facial hairs are by their nature, thick and dark and coarse and usually quite difficult to pull out.

So, in order to tackle them, you need a pair of tweezers that are precise, and have a good grip.

There’s nothing more frustrating than grabbing onto a hair with your tweezers only to have it slip right out again (I’ll let you in on a little secret: professional tweezers don’t do this!).

Here’s some tips from the experts when plucking those pesky facial hairs:

  • The obvious part: make sure you’re using good quality tweezers
  • Tie back your hair so that it’s out of the way
  • Wash your face: this will remove excess dirt and oil which will make plucking the smaller hairs somewhat easier, and it will also help to prevent post-pluck breakouts.
  • Stand in good lighting, preferably natural light, near a window.
  • Start with the darker, more obvious hairs first. If that doesn’t do the trick, move onto the finer hairs too.
  • Afterwards, soothe your skin with some aloe vera, witch hazel, or any natural product that has anti-inflammatory properties (*no perfumes or alcohol!*).

pretty brows from using best tweezer

Digging out Ingrown Hair with Tweezers

I’m going to start this section by suggesting you be very careful when typing anything into YouTube about removing ingrown hairs.

There’s a lot of gross video footage out there on the world wide interwebs.

If you suffer from ingrown hairs quite often then you’ve probably tried just about everything to remove and prevent them.

Not only do they look less than ideal, but they can also end up being quite painful too.

An ingrown hair is one that has been cut or broken below the surface, and has sort of somehow lost its way down there instead of exiting through the surface of your skin.

This can result in either a superficial ingrown hair (one that is growing in a curl just below the surface of the skin) or a deep ingrown hair.

Your body starts to treat the ingrown hair like a foreign object, which is why the area will often look swollen and red; if the body is trying to reject the hair it’s pretty much safe to say you can go ahead and give it a helping hand.

Just be careful, ingrown hair tweezing can be a very aggressive form of removal, but with the right tools you’ll have it done in no time.

  • Make sure your tweezers are clean and sterilized before you go anywhere near the area. The last thing you want is a bacterial infection.
  • Have a shower, or use a warm compress on the affected area first to calm down the irritation and make your skin more receptive to plucking.
  • I find that using a pair of pointed tweezers is best for ingrown hair removal because they’re precise (precision is paramount here so that you minimize the aggressive “digging”), and the small head means you can always see what your doing.

How to Sharpen Tweezers

This is such a simple step, I don’t know why I overlooked this for so long (and then complained about my tweezers not grabbing my hair properly…). All you need to keep your tweezers in check is a nail file.

This trick can also be done with a DIY ‘sharpener’ made out of sandpaper, but the long and short of it is an emory board will do the job just fine, and is way simpler.

What to Look for In Tweezers:

Eyebrow Tweezers

When it comes down to finding the best tweezers for eyebrows, it will vastly depend on your own individual needs.

Regardless, you’ll most likely want to pick between pointed tweezers, straight tweezers, or slant tweezers (or rounded tweezers if you’re worried about poking yourself).

Pointed tweezers are best for picking up small, fine hairs that require high amounts of precision plucking. Like I mentioned when we talked about ingrown hair removal, the pointed tip and small head mean that you can always see exactly what you’re doing, and remove just the hairs you are after.

Straight tweezers are best for picking up more than one hair at once because of their flat surface area. This is useful if you are trying to pluck a large area or remove a tonne of hairs at once, but personally I find them a bit too clunky for my eyebrows.

Slanted tweezers are my favorite because they’re so versatile. Flip them over and you have yourself a pointed edge for precision plucking, or you can use the flat side to grab several hairs at a time. Keep them sharp, and they’ll be your go-to piece of kit.

best tweezer for eyebrow shaping

Tweezers for Chin Hair

Chin hair tends to be coarse and thick, so the best tweezers for stubborn chin hair will have a good grip and a high quality head (preferably made from stainless steel). When looking for the best tweezers for facial hair, it’s also important to look for a pair that is comfortable to hold and easy to manoeuvre around close to your skin.

Tweezers for Pubic Hair

The same goes for plucking pubic hair as chin hair; you’ll want tweezers that are durable, have a good grip, and can easily move around close to the surface of your skin. Tweezing pubic hair does carry its own risks though, so you should make sure that you know your options before you go all gung-ho with the tweezers on your nether regions.

Professional Tweezers

What makes a pair of tweezers ‘professional’? There is one resounding message coming from all eyebrow artists and hair gurus around the globe.

The material that your tweezers are made of are extremely important. Professionals use stainless steel tweezers because they are long-lasting, durable, and have a strong grip. A professional pair of tweezers will have been designed so that the grip from your fingers is transferred and distributed down to the head of the tweezers to give you maximum power and maneuverability.

Before we start with the nominations, I want to point out one thing regarding which brands I chose to include, and particularly which brand I chose to omit.

Some of the tweezers you will see reviews for below are produced by small, lesser known brands, and have so far received far less publicity than their competitors.

Despite the lack of publicity, rest assured these are awesome products that deserve every bit of praise I’m about to give them.

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Meanwhile, many of the products on Amazon that carry large numbers of reviews are actually not all they’re cracked up to be.Take Tweezerman, for example. They used to pretty much set the benchmark for the whole industry, but nowadays the cheaper production processes have led to a big drop in quality. The purpose of this monster review is to sift through all of the products, and find the best of the best in today’s market. With all this in mind, let’s move onto our top 15 nominations for best tweezers for every purpose: 



Our Rating


Best Tweezer for Eyebrows: Classic Necessity Mini Slant Tip Tweezers
Best Needle Nose Tweezer: Satin Edge Needle Nose
Best Ingrown Hair Tweezer: Majestic Bombay Surgical Tweezers for Ingrown Hair
Best Tweezer for Chin Hair: Got Glamour Micro Slant Tweezer
Best Slanted Tip Tweezer: Anastasia Beverly Hills Precision Tweezers
Best Round Tip Tweezer: Rubis Switzerland Safety Tip Tweezer
Best Square Tip Tweezer: TopInox Straight Tweezers by Niegeloh
Best Pointed Slant Tweezer: Tweezees Precision Slant Tweezers
Best Curved Tweezer: ReNext Black Nail Art Tweezer for Rhinestones
Best Tweezer with a Brush: Benefit Cosmetics Grooming Tweezers
Best Stainless Steel Tweezer: Rubis Slanted Tip Tweezer
Best Mini Tweezer: Tweezty Mini Slant Tweezers
Best Professional Tweezer Rubis Switzerland Evolution / Elegance Two Tip Tweezer
Best Scissor Tweezers: beaute Tsuru Professional Scissor Handle Tweezers

15 Best Tweezers Countdown

1. Best Tweezer for Eyebrows: Classic Necessity Mini Slant Tip, Matte Black

  • checkGreat value
  • checkSpecifically designed for brows
  • checkPulls out even the finest hairs

It may be number one on the list, but by no means is this nomination and easy one to pick. Not so long ago, Tweezerman ruled the roost and pretty much set the gold standard for eyebrow shaping tools; since they started outsourcing to India the quality has dropped majorly though. There was a big gap in the market and a hella’ lotta’ companies clamouring to fill it. While I have had wonderful experiences trying out other products like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Precision Tweezers, it’s Classic Necessity that take my vote for the win today with their stainless steel slant tip model.

Price is playing a factor here, I’ll happily admit. I am absolutely willing to fork out for quality where it is necessary, but why would you when there’s bargain buys that perform just as well? The Classic Necessity tweezers are ergonomically designed (i.e. super comfy to hold, no hand cramps) and slanted at the perfect angle to tweeze brows. The mini sized tip is awesome because it means you can always see exactly what you’re doing, too.

These tweezers pull out all of the little blonde hairs from the root; I had no problems with hairs breaking.Big plus: they come inside this super swish black case- very pro looking. Classic Necessity definitely gets my vote for best eyebrow tweezers!



  • Great value
  • Pulls out even the finest little hairs
  • Awesome packaging and carry case
  • Specifically designed for brows
  • Stainless steel makes these very durable



  • Very sharp, be careful of poking yourself

2. Best Needle Nose Tweezer: Satin Edge SE2020

  • checkExtremely sharp
  • checkVery precise
  • checkVersatile

If you’ve got tiny work to do, you need the Satin Edge Needle Nose Tweezers. There are a tonne of needle nose tweezers on the market, but these are by far and above the most professional, precise, and goddamn pointy pair on the market.

The tweezers narrow down into the sharpest point you can imagine. These are great for a whole load of tiny tasks (hair plucking being but one) blackhead removal, digging out splinters or ingrown hairs, feeding your Venus Flytrap… However, the small surface area makes them unsuitable for situations where you need to get a strong grip on a hair (it would struggle with a stubborn chin hair, I’d imagine), or when you need to pluck several hairs at a time. These babies are all about precision.



  • Extremely sharp
  • Very precise
  • Versatile
  • Value for money



  • Not suitable if you require a strong grip

3. Best Ingrown Hair Tweezer: Majestic Bombay Surgical Tweezers

  • checkStrong grip
  • checkVery pointy, precise head
  • checkAwesome bright yellow color

If you struggle with ingrown hairs you’ll already know how important it is to have the right tools on hand to deal with them. And no, poking around in there with a safety pin is not acceptable!

You need something that has a super accurate pointy head on it, one that can easily break the skin if necessary, and hook under the troublesome hair.

I first started to use these Majestic Bombay tweezers after receiving a recommendation from a guy friend who gets chronic ingrown hairs on his neck.

He told me that he had finally found tweezers that were accurate enough to pick out the hair even inside a swollen area, and strong enough to pull it out in one try.

Obviously, I had to see this for myself to believe it- and I can safely say I’ve never needed to look for another pair of tweezers for ingrown hairs since.

The head is made from stainless steel, which is a must when dealing with ingrown hairs. Not only is it durable, but it will stand disinfection from alcohol without tarnishing.

I absolutely love the bright yellow color too- easy to pick out amongst the mess of my makeup bag.



  • Strong grip
  • Very pointy, precise head
  • Stainless steel head
  • Awesome bright yellow color



  • The point is almost to fine to grab the smallest of hairs, so I wouldn’t recommend it for plucking eyebrows etc.

4. Best Tweezer for Chin Hair: Got Glamour Micro Slant Tweezer

  • checkGood strong grip
  • checkUltimate accuracy
  • checkEven pressure distribution

Stubborn chin hairs require tweezers that have bionic grip and easy maneuverability, so that you can get in close to the surface of your skin and grab onto the pesky strays.

These bad boys from Got Glamour meet all of our expectations and more when it comes to facial hair plucking performance.

The jaws line up perfectly, which means that your hairs won’t end up slipping through the tweezers.

It also means your fingers don’t need to work to grip as hard because the good design allows power to be perfectly distributed along the length of the tweezers.

The best part about this product in my opinion is the “micro” aspect; the reduced size of the head means that you have the benefit of being able to see precisely what you are doing at all times, without having to sacrifice much surface area.



  • Good strong grip
  • Reduced head size for ultimate accuracy
  • Even pressure distribution
  • Allows you to get in close to the skin
  • Stainless steel



  • You’ll need to wait for the hairs to grow a couple of mm above the surface of your skin before you can pluck it out, which may not be ideal for some people

5. Best Slanted Tip Tweezer: Anastasia Beverly Hills

  • checkStrong grip on coarse hairs
  • checkPrecise pulling on fine hairs
  • checkSuper versatile slanted shape

I mentioned these tweezers from Anastasia up above in the eyebrows section; they were close contenders for much more than just this one nomination.

Don’t be mislead by the cuteness of these; these tweezers are heavy duty gear, capable of tackling any hair related troubles you may have.

What I love most about these tweezers is how diverse their use is.

The grip is strong enough to grab onto thick chin hairs and yank them out first try, which is so important when you’re dealing with facial hair because pulling at the same follicle multiple times can cause redness and irritation.

At the same time, despite the sharpness of the head and the strength of the grasp, I never encountered an issue with slicing the hairs instead of pulling them- not even the really fine blonde ones.

These aren’t the cheapest pair of pluckers on the market by any means, but consider it an investment piece.

Once you buy these you’ll never need another pair.



  • 100% stainless steel
  • Strong grip on coarse hairs
  • Precise pulling on fine hairs (and no slicing!)
  • Slanted shape is super versatile



  • A bit on the pricey side

6. Best Round Tip Tweezer: Rubis Switzerland Safety Tip Tweezer

  • checkNo nasty pokes
  • checkStrong grip
  • checkSafe to use in delicate places

Round tip tweezers are the least commonly sought after because their shape is unsuitable for a lot of common “tweezery” tasks.

However, they do serve a specific purpose: it’s a lot harder to give yourself a bad poke with a round tip tweezer.

If you’ve got bad hand-eye coordination, if you’re not very confident with sharp and pointy things, or if you’re planning to pluck away somewhere that you DEFINITELY don’t want to stab (your eye, perhaps…) then the round tippers might be for you.  

What I’ve found though, is that it’s surprisingly difficult to find a round tip tweezer that has a solid grip on it.

I guess this is because of the shape; the jaws must line up absolutely seamlessly otherwise hairs will just slip through.

That’s where Rubis stepped in with their pair of round tip safety tweezers; finally I found a product that doesn’t sacrifice pull power for safety.

They’re great for pulling out multiple hairs at once, so they’re ideal for something like nose hair removal.



  • Safety tip means no nasty pokes
  • Still has strong grip
  • Good for people who are not confident with sharp, pointy tweezers
  • Safe to use in delicate places/on children if necessary



  • Not the cheapest tweezers around
  • Not accurate, so unsuitable for precision plucking

7. Best Square Tip Tweezer: Topinox Straight Tips by Niegeloh

  • checkLess likely to poke your skin
  • checkGrabs large clumps of hair
  • checkGood, German quality

Square tip tweezers are a dying breed, it has to be said. Sort of like the round tip tweezer, in that it does have its uses, but overall levels of accuracy and functionality are inferior to a slant tip.

Square tips can be beneficial if you’re worried about poking yourself; they’re forte however is being able to pull out larger clumps of hair all in one go. If you are prioritizing getting a job lot done quick, then square tips might be handy.

Handcrafted in Germany, these tweezers are the best of the square tip bunch in my opinion.

They’re crafted well; they feel substantial in your hand as opposed to the sort of cheap “plasticy” feeling you can get with some other brands.

They did the job removing some fine hairs I had on my upper lip, but overall I found them to be less useful than a slanted tip model which does just the same when you change the angle a little bit.



  • Less likely to poke yourself
  • Good at grabbing large clumps of hair in one tug
  • German quality



  • Not very accurate
  • The medium-high price tag isn’t worth the lack of versatility in my opinion

8. Best Pointed Slant Tweezer: Tweezees Precision Slant Tweezers

  • checkSmall, precise head
  • checkStainless steel
  • checkHigh quality

By far and away my favourite style of tweezer; pointed slant tweezers are so underrated.

You have on one hand the versatility of a slanted tweezer: you can easily grab hairs on any part of the face thanks to the user-friendly angle, you can use the flat angle to grab large bunches of hairs at once and you have the added benefit of a pointed head for those ultra-precise tasks.

If you ask me, pointed slant tweezers offer the best of both worlds.

This model from Tweezees are my favourite. They’re super sharp, and thanks to the high quality stainless steel (crafted in Japan) I’ve never had to re-sharpen them.

Easily the best tweezers for face I’ve ever had; even the most tiny hairs don’t stand a chance since I bought these!

I’d recommend them to any stray hair fanatic out there.



  • So versatile
  • Stainless steel
  • High quality
  • Small, precise head so you can always see what you’re doing
  • Can also grab large clumps of hair at once with flat edge



  • Sharp, pointy tip may be unsuitable for certain people

9. Best Curved Tweezer: ReNext

  • checkSuper accurate
  • checkExtremely versatile
  • checkHeavy duty tweezers

These tweezers are unlike most of the models reviewed above, in that their forte is not plucking hairs.

Nope, curved tweezers shine when it comes to picking up and placing down small items that would be too finicky for your fingers.

This model has become a staple in my cosmetics bag ever since my friend told me how to use them to apply fake eyelashes.

Let me start by saying I love fake eyelashes, but I never wear them really because every time I try to put them on myself they end up somewhere near my eyebrow.

These tweezers were a total game changer for me! I use them to apply clusters of fake lashes and it works perfectly; I can always see exactly where I am placing the lashes and I get them on perfectly every time.

My friend uses them for individual lashes too, and she swears by these tweezers to do so.

They’ll also work with strip lashes, small gems for nail art, removing blackheads (make sure to sterilize first), and even for removing tiny fine hairs.

They’re sharp, sturdy, and super high quality; such a handy thing to have around the house!



  • Good quality, heavy duty tweezers
  • Extremely versatile use
  • Super accurate when it comes to picking up and placing down small objects
  • Great value for money



  • Not suitable for hardcore hair tweezing

10. Best Tweezer with a Light: Revlon Spotlight LED

  • checkHelps you see and remove even the smallest, finest hairs
  • checkGreat value for money

My biggest eyebrow related problem is that when I do my brows in the bathroom I can pluck away like mad until I’m certain I’ve got all the strays, then as soon as I jump in the car and look in the visor mirror I see that I’ve missed a tonne.

It’s a lighting problem, for sure- but sometimes even when I’m in perfect natural light I feel like my tweezers let me down.

These tweezers from Revlon do just the trick; think of it as holding a teeny spotlight straight up onto your brows.

Personally, I have my qualms with Revlon tweezers (the pairs I’ve tested were functional overall, but often had problems with alignment) but thanks to the light factor on this particular model, I’m all for it.

The only thing I’ll say against them is that the it’s powered by not one but three little cell batteries inside which are quite expensive (4-5 USD each) to replace when they run out of juice.

 Overall, I love the concept and in terms of value for money I haven’t found anything better yet.

Hopefully this model is going to continue to develop into something a little more sustainable long term.



  • Helps you see and remove even the smallest, finest, blonde hairs
  • Great value for money



  • Light is battery powered and costly to replace

11. Best Tweezer with a Brush: Benefit Cosmetics Grooming Tweezer

  • checkHelps keep your tweezing pattern in check
  • checkUltimate brow pal!

I’ve been a huge fan of Benefit ever since I was a teenager. I saved up for what felt like ages to buy a pot of Hoola bronzer, and the rest is history – as they say.

So you can imagine how pumped I was when I heard that benefit were going to be launching their own brow specific line of products.

This tweezer brush set is just one of the awesome products released in the line; it might seem rudimentary but it is such a handy combo to have on hand.

I mean, practically every eyebrow pencil has a brush on the other end, so why not a pair of tweezers?

It’s the ultimate brow pal for me because I have sort of curly eyebrow hairs that grow in all different directions.

So brushing and combing after I remove a couple of hairs is practically essential, unless I want to end up a little less Cara Delevigne and a little more Pamela Anderson.



  • Helps keep your tweezing pattern in check
  • Excellent choice for people like me who find it difficult to coordinate 2 objects at the same time. Oh the woes of it all…



  • I found the movement of the arms a tiny bit inflexible

12. Best Stainless Steel Tweezer: Rubis Slanted Tip Tweezer

  • checkStrong grip
  • checkCan pull out every hair
  • checkStainless steel so won’t tarnish

It’s not the first time the Swiss artisans at Rubis have made it into our nominations list and *spoiler alert* it won’t be the last, either.

If it’s a heavy duty, stainless steel, all round excellent pair of tweezers you’re looking for- then this one from Rubis will probably be the only pair you ever need.

These tweezers pull out every hair, every time. It’s always a little bit scary to peer into the magnifying mirror, especially if I’ve let things go a little bit Frida Kahlo recently…

but I have to say, armed with a set of Rubis tweezers it’s much less of a stressy experience.

Yes, I know these tweezers aren’t exactly a bargain but believe me when I say you get what you pay for: efficient, effective, strong grip, extremely durable.

And, if you don’t drop the pointy end on the bathroom tiles then they will probably last you a lifetime.



  • Strong grip
  • Extremely durable, long-lasting product
  • Can pull out every hair – coarse or fine – no slicing
  • Stainless steel so won’t tarnish
  • Professional looking steel finish



  • …..think of it as an investment piece.

13. Best Mini Tweezer: Tweezty Mini Slant Tweezers

  • checkGood grip
  • checkEasy to handle
  • checkPerfect to keep in your purse

​I’ll be the first to admit I was a little hesitant to buy a pair of mini tweezers; it just seemed sort of redundant.

However, once I got my hands on this set from Tweezty I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were not only comfortable to use, but also did a brilliant job of removing hair.

I assumed that such a small pair of tweezers would be difficult to handle, but these weren’t like that at all.

They had a great grip, and managed very well even on the fine hairs (no slipping- yay!).

I also tried the mini tweezers from Tweezerman, but found they were far too sharp and ended up slicing the hairs instead of pulling them; the Tweezty’s definitely win over here.

I have quite small hands, as far as hands go – I’m not sure how a larger handed person would fare with these.

I will say that they are the best for carrying around in your purse (because you never know, you know?).



  • Good grip
  • Perfect tweezer to keep in your purse



  • May be hard to use for a large handed person

​14. Best Professional Tweezer: Rubis Surgical Steel Evolution Elegance

  • checkPointed for precision plucking
  • checkSurgical steel, extra durable
  • checkRubis offer free sharpenings

​If you want professional level tweezers, it has got to be a pair of pointed slants like this model from Rubis.

Crafted in Switzerland from high quality surgical steel, these tweezers are a hair plucking powerhouse.

They are the best tweezers for chin hairs (yes, even the really stubborn one!) and yet still fine enough to pick up little fair eyebrow hairs.

They’ll pull hairs out from the root, they won’t slice despite their sharpness.

If it’s precision plucking you need to do (or maybe splinter removal, or anything that requires a clear line of vision) just turn them around and make use of the super fine pointed end.

If you need to pluck a larger area, just angle the tweezers so that you can make use of the flat edge.

Diverse, functional, and in true Rubis style- promises to last a lifetime.



  • Pointed tweezers for precision plucking
  • Flat edge to pull large clumps of hair at once
  • Surgical steel will not tarnish and is extremely durable
  • Rubis offer free sharpenings



  • Hefty price tag (it’s worth it though)

15. Best Scissor Tweezers: beaute Tsuru

  • checkEnhanced grip power
  • checkGood on coarse hair
  • checkSquare tip ideal for larger areas

Scissor tweezers are great if your fingers struggle with traditional tweezers, maybe because of arthritis, or just a lack of dexterity in your digits.

Some people also claim they have an increased grip power when using scissor tweezers (personally I don’t care to use them because I find it difficult to see what I’m doing).

Crafted from stainless steel, this pair from beaute Tsuru have a square tip which make them great for plucking larger amounts of hair in a shorter amount of time.

While they aren’t the most precise tweezer out there, they certainly have their uses. In my experience, they tend to work better for coarse hair.



  • Stable
  • Enhanced grip power
  • Good on coarse hair
  • Square tip ideal for larger areas



  • Not very accurate
  • A little clunky

Winner razor

The Winner

So what is the best tweezer to buy?

It’s got to be the Rubis Slanted Tip Tweezer that takes my vote this time, for a couple of reasons.

In my humble opinion, it’s the best all rounder of all the tweezers I’ve laboriously tried and tested. It gives a professional performance, pulls out every hair- coarse or fine- and thanks to the slanted tip it’s also extremely versatile.

In my eyes, these have got to be some of the best tweezers in the world – but all the others in this review are not far behind:

[tcb-script src=”” defer=””][/tcb-script]

Like with everything however, your own winning pair of tweezers will depend solely on your own requirements- once you measure up what your needs are, it should become obvious which set is for you!

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   About the author Alyssa Kaye

Alyssa is a young, professional blogger living in Hoboken, NJ. Thanks to her Middle Eastern heritage, Alyssa is no stranger to unwanted hair. She has tried every laser hair removal product on the market in a quest to find the best!

November 11, 2022

Bikini Waxing At Home: Tips, Tricks & 5 Awesome Products

When it comes to bikini waxing, I’m a seasoned veteran.

If you read my beginner’s guide to waxing at home, you’ll already be familiar with the story of how one of my first failed waxing attempts caused my lady bits to end up looking like Bruce Willis circa his 1995 appearance as John McClane (he had more hair then… kinda).

That being said, if you’ve ever tried to wax your own vajangle before, you’ll already be quite familiar with the cold, hard truth of the matter:

Vag waxing is an art.

I think it was Picasso that said all children are born artists, the trouble is trying to remain an artist as you grow older. Now, that’s not to say you should be asking the next child you see brandishing a box of crayons to whip out their wax warmer and deforest your hoo-ha (you can go to jail for that kind of thing).

No, my point is that when it comes to brazilian waxing, everyone can be an artist.

At-Home Brazilian & Bikini Waxing is Totally Achievable

So many women are put off the idea of doing their own bikini wax at home before they’ve even tried.

Maybe it’s because they feel like they’ll never be able to achieve decent results on their own. Maybe it’s because they’re worried they won’t be able to psyche themselves up to rip off the strip and will have to walk around with globs of wax stuck to their minge for the rest of eternity. Who am I to guess what other people’s reasons are for doing what they do?

I am here to tell you that giving yourself a bikini or brazilian wax at home is completely within the realms of possibility- as long as you stick to the pro tips I’m about to go through, and- do yourself a favor- invest in the right equipment.

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The Ins and Outs of it: Bikini Wax VS Brazilian Wax

Let’s clear up this one matter before we go any further:

There are a couple of bikini wax styles that you should know about.

A standard bikini wax entails removing the hair from the most outer sides of your pubic region (i.e. the bits that might stick out the edge of your bikini, should they be left to run wild and free).

You’ve also got an extended bikini wax (or full bikini wax, as it’s sometimes called) which removes that hair plus a bit more from along the top as well, giving you a nice little ‘v’ shape.

A brazilian, however, is a whole other tin of tuna.

There are different levels of brazilian wax. Some, such as the ‘bermuda triangle’ or ‘desert island’ leave you with a small triangular shape of pubic hair on the front, but remove everything from the sides, labia, and back- yes, I mean around your bum.

Full brazilians (the official name is actually a “Hollywood”, although they’re commonly referred to as brazilians) leave you bald as a baby- or as Dave Chappelle put it: “smooth as eggs” (granted, he was talking about waxing his own bojangles but same goes). In other words: totally hairless.

If you were to compare a bikini versus brazilian wax- the former are a shade easier to achieve on your own. However, with a bit of practice and perseverance, both are totally achievable.

I Know What you’re Thinking… Does Bikini Waxing Hurt?

I honestly don’t think it’ll do you any favors to avoid the truth here:

Waxing your hoo-ha hurts like FACK. But it probably doesn’t hurt as much as your fearing it will.

(FYI: in my experience, bikini waxes hurt considerably less than brazilian waxes. The area in question just isn’t as sensitive- the most sensitive bits are always the ones that hurt the most. Does a brazilian wax hurt? In short: yes. But again, not as much as you might be thinking.)

The moment you rip off the wax strip you’ll experience a sharp stinging sensation on the surface of your skin (you did just rip out all your hairs en masse after all). The feeling will quickly fade.

After that, your skin will feel very sensitive, so it’s important not to wax the same area again- even if there’s stray hairs leftover.

There is truth to the old wives tale that repeated waxing over time will become less painful (and thin your hair growth too). I’ve been waxing for the best part of a decade now and my hair growth is much much more sparse than when I first started- and each rip of a strip is less painful than the last.

How Long does a Bikini/Brazilian Wax Last?

Typically, it takes between 3-6 weeks for hair to grow back after a wax. Some people report as much as 8 weeks hair-free, others as little as two.

If your wax lasts less than 2 weeks it could mean one of two things:

Either you a) have insanely fast regrowth, which there’s very little you can do about (unless you invest in a method of permanent hair removal).

Or b) the more likely reason: your waxing technique isn’t perfect yet, and you actually broke the hairs somewhere down the shaft instead of ripping them out from the root. This causes faster and rougher regrowth.

My regrowth is average/fast, and I find I have about 2.5 weeks of totally perfect smoothness, at which point a few wispy soft hairs start to show up, followed by the inevitable black stubble.

In total I get about 3 and a half weeks out of it. I end up waxing once a month.

How to Prepare for Bikini & Brazilian Waxing

In my complete beginner’s guide to waxing at home I detail every step you should take when preparing for a wax. 

It’s super simple, but insanely important.

The steps cover everything from pre-wax skin care to post-wax tricks to avoid redness and inflammation.

The one thing I’ll say that’s even more important for bikini waxing though, is making sure your hair is the right length. Ideally, it should be ¼ inch and no longer. Others will advise it can be as long as ¾ inch, but in my experience longer hair is much harder to deal with (and often more painful to remove).

How to Give Yourself a Brazilian Wax

Let’s be real:

You’re going to try to wax an area half way down your body, between your legs, out of your direct line of vision. You’re gonna need to do some weird bending and propping of limbs to get the job done right!

Squatting over a mirror can be very helpful (and also very bizarre to see yourself from such an angle… It’s literally seeing “a whole new side of yourself”).

Most important of all is to make sure your skin is held taut before you rip off the wax. Pull it as tight as you can in every direction (splaying your fingers can achieve this), then pull it even tighter.

Do small sections at a time. Cut the wax strips to size if you’re using pre packaged strips. Start in the least sensitive areas and work your way around.

also check : Apkticket

Top 5 Most Awesome Products for a Flawless Bikini Wax

1. Best Hard Wax for Brazilians: GiGi Brazilian Body Hard Wax

  • checkNo need for strips  
  • checkVery versatile
  • checkLasts ages  (>20 waxes) 

Check price on Amazon

Another review, another GiGi product. What can I say?! I can’t get enough of the stuff- and it seems like I’m not the only one.

Time and time again we see GiGi’s waxes and warmers turning up at the top of the list when it comes to the “must haves” of the wax world.

This Brazilian Body Hard Wax is designed for (and I quote) “extreme waxing”.

Now, I’m going to go ahead and assume that doesn’t refer to giving yourself a brazilian while you scale an 800 meter cliff face with no harness. But it does produce absolutely flawless results- in fact, I reckon this baby right here produced the best brazilian wax results I’ve ever seen with my own two eyes.

It’s a hard wax, which means it’s designed for use on short, coarse hair (and doesn’t require any strips- yay for the environment!). You will, however, need to grab some wooden applicators (popsicle stick style) and a wax warmer.

Note: you can heat hard wax without a wax warmer, but it’s slower, slightly dangerous, and doesn’t always produce the best results. The key to success is in the warmer, if you ask me (GiGi also make the best wax warmer too, no surprise).

Upside: the money that you spend on the wax warmer is absolutely worth it when you consider how insanely cost effective it is to use this wax. I reckon one pot would work for almost 50 bikini waxes. You do the math.



  • checkNo need for strips 
  • checkDesigned specifically for short, coarse hair 
  • checkVersatile, can be used all over the body (armpits and other small areas work best)
  • checkThe pot lasts ages  (>20 waxes) 



  • For best results you’ll need to purchase the extra wax warmer

Check price on Amazon

2. Best for Ease of Use: Cirepil Blue Wax

  • checkAll over the body wax
  • checkGood at removing coarse hairs 
  • checkSuitable for sensitive areas

Check price on Amazon

Cirepil is a brand that’s been around for a loooong time, and despite the fact that professional waxers report loving their products, not all that many people know about their wax.

Well, I’m here to change all that! I ended up with a pot of their day-glow blue wax after my boyfriend’s sister recommended it to me (she’s French and wonderful- and flawlessly beautiful, so whatever she recommends, I go buy 15).

I heated the tin up in the wax warmer, stirring it every now and then to make sure it was melted through. The first thing I noticed about this wax is the consistency- it’s much more viscous than other waxes, and when it dries on your skin it sort of has a rubbery feeling. Sounds weird, but it means it’s way easier to pull off your skin without it breaking or crumbling. Winning!

The manufacturers claim the wax is designed to be used all over the body, but is particularly good on short, shaved, or coarse hairs. Awesome news for those who also want to wax their underarms, legs, or face!



  • checkRubbery texture makes it easy to use 
  • checkDesigned for use all over the body
  • checkParticularly good at removing coarse hairs 
  • checkSuitable for use on sensitive areas 



  • For best results, you’ll need to make an extra purchase (wax warmer) 
  • Pricier than other brands 

Check price on Amazon

3. Best Complete Wax Kit: Parissa Hot Wax, Bikini & Brazilian Waxing Kit

  • checkAll-in-one kit  
  • checkNo wax warmer/strips needed 
  • checkAfter care oil included

Check price on Amazon

This Parissa wax kit is a best seller, and I can totally see why. 

Not only does your money get you an awesome wax (that really performs) but it also gets you a mini stove top wax warmer, wooden applicators, and a pre epilation wax oil. This kit is all you’ll need for the entire waxing process from start to finish.

The post epilation oil is really a life saver. Whack a thin sheen of it on your pubic area after you remove the wax- it does wonders to reduce pain and irritation.

The wax doesn’t need to be heated in a wax warmer, which is an awesome money saver initially. You just heat up the mini pan on the stove or hot plate.

Now, I will say the downside of not having a wax warmer is that you don’t have a thermostat, so you need to be extra careful about what temperature the wax is before you apply it to your skin. Always test it on your wrist first- if it’s comfortable there, it’ll be fine in fanny-town.

Also FYI: there’s a light fragrance, sort of like a eucalyptus essential oil if I had to guess. I’d imagine this isn’t ideal for extra sensitive skin- if that’s you, better do a patch test somewhere inconspicuous before you go slathering it all over your netheryahyah.



  • checkAll-in-one kit 
  • checkExcellent at grabbing short, coarse hairs 
  • checkNo wax warmer or strips needed 
  • checkAfter care oil leaves skin feeling super soft and lovely 



  • Need to be extra careful with temperature control 
  • May not be ideal for very sensitive skin 

Check price on Amazon

4. Best Ready-Made Strips: Nad’s Body Wax Strips

  • checkConvenient  
  • checkEasy to use 
  • checkVersatile

Check price on Amazon

If I’m totally honest, strips are never going to give you the same results as hot wax. Hot wax is much better at grabbing hairs, especially short hairs that may have been shaved in the past. 

Wax strips do have their place in any gals repertoire though, mostly because they are just so goddamn convenient. And clean. Don’t forget clean.

Nads are a staple brand in the world of hair removal, and their ready made wax strips are a crowd favorite. You’ll need to cut them to size with a pair of scissors before you use them, which is no biggie. Then, piece by piece, warm the wax between your hands and apply it to the area.

Start small! I can’t stress this enough. Your down-there region isn’t a smooth plain, and waxing around corners doesn’t work. Trust me. I know. I’ve tried.

This bumper pack of 24 strips will do for a couple of full brazilians, and even more normal bikini waxes. Or, if you prefer, you can also use them on your legs, arms, and underarms. Their versatility is a big plus.



  • checkConvenient 
  • checkEasy to use 
  • checkVersatile, can be used all over the body 



  • Arguably less effective than hot wax 

Check price on Amazon

5. Best All-Rounder: BodyHonee All Natural Hard Wax

  • checkNo wax warmer or strips needed
  • checkSuitable for sensitive skin 
  • checkAnti-inflammatory ingredients 

Check price on Amazon

I’m in love with BodyHonee these days. It can be so hard to find hair removal brands that make all-natural products (and when you do, you often sacrifice performance for the sake of the ingredients list).

Not with these guys though, they consistently bring out waxes that are 100% natural, and they all work amazingly. The wax is made from beeswax and plant-based chlorophyll which acts as an anti-inflammatory.

You don’t need a wax warmer for this baby, just bang it in the microwave and off you trot. No strips needed either since it’s hard wax. Two thumbs up for the environment and your pocket!

Their hard wax is designed specifically for use on short, coarse hairs so it’s perfect for bikini and brazilian waxing. But best of all, you can also use it on your underarms and face as well! The natural formula means it’s gentle enough to use even on super sensitive areas (I use it to wax my upper lip and I’ve never had a bad reaction).

All in all, it’s an awesome at home bikini wax.



  • checkNatural ingredients 
  • checkSuitable for sensitive skin 
  • checkSoothing anti-inflammatory ingredients 
  • checkNo wax warmer or strips needed



  • Only comes with 2 stirrer sticks, so you’ll need to buy extra 

Check price on Amazon

What’s the Bottom Line?

Bikini and brazilian waxing at home is definitely not as scary as it sounds. There’s a learning curve, that’s for sure. But think of it as upskilling: once you learn how to do it, you’ll never have to umm and ahh about going to a salon, spending tons of money on professional treatments, or *gasp* shaving- ever again.

Learning the technique is one thing. Getting the right gear is another. Do yourself a favor and make sure you buy high quality wax like those listed above. After all, you’re gonna be slathering it all over your baby maker.

[tcb-script src=”” defer=””][/tcb-script]

All of the waxes listed above are safe, high quality, and perform really well.

If you’re still unsure about which one is for you, I’d suggest going with the Parissa Wax Kit- especially if you don’t own a wax warmer yet. The fact that it’s an all-in-one set is so convenient; you won’t need to purchase anything extra.

If your experience is anything like mine, you’ll be silky smooth and ready to rock an itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini in no time.

Happy hair removal!


   About the author Alyssa Kaye

Alyssa is a young, professional blogger living in Hoboken, NJ. Thanks to her Middle Eastern heritage, Alyssa is no stranger to unwanted hair. She has tried every laser hair removal product on the market in a quest to find the best!

October 8, 2022

Community Reviews Of Patchmypc Net

Device drivers help fix bugs and make peripherals and components more compatible with the operating system. If you install Windows 11 but run into issues with the PC component, one of the solutions is to update drivers. MiniTool Software will show you how to easily update drivers in Windows 11.

  • Now that you know which drivers are out of date and which are unsigned, you can go ahead to update them.
  • This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use.
  • Don’t worry we get asked those questions all the time.

If your license is not a Real Id License or ID, you must provide all Real ID Documents which include two proof of residency documents. The Texas Department of Public Safety is committed to creating a faster, easier and friendlier driver license experience. Select here to find the most common topics that customers inquire about. To get information on how to make a change of address with your state’s DMV agency, please select your state on this page. For information regarding what to bring to renew or replace a credential, please visit our What To Bring page. For a list of fees to renew or replace a credential, please visit our fees page. You must present the out-of-country license (may be valid or expired.)If you do not have your license, you must present a driving record from the country’s license issuing authority.

Essential Factors In Driver Updater

Open Command Prompt from Windows recovery mode guided by the steps above. This is the last solution that you can try if none of the above-given solutions works for you to fix driver irql_less_or_not_equal Windows 10 error.

Clarifying Rapid Advice For Updating Drivers

The insights in this report are specific to the target version of Windows you select when generating the report. To ensure accuracy of insights, confirm that your selected OS version matches the version of Windows you intend to deploy. I hope you understand this article, How to Update Drivers on a Windows PC Easily.

It was criticized for being slow, however, in part due to its poor port of Gecko. At the end of its existence, it had a marketshare of 0.5% on Android. Firefox can have themes added to it, which users can create or download from third parties to change the appearance of the browser. The Firefox add-on website also gives users the ability to add other applications such as games, ad-blockers, this site screenshot apps, and many other apps. You can think of our electronic meeting place as the Cloud. PersonaLink was built from the ground up to give handheld communicators and other devices easy access to a variety of services.

September 9, 2022

Black Men Beard Care: Tips, Tricks, and 5 Best Products

Before you dive in… I just wanted to make sure that you didn’t miss my epic guide to 77 best black men beard styles! – Dennis Walker

When it comes to black men’s facial hair, many will run into a common set of difficulties. African American men’s hair is naturally coarse and curly so newly grown beard hairs after a shave will grow inward, leaving unsightly and painful razor bumps. One of the most effective solutions to this grooming problem is to just let your beard grow.

Read this Article: Best Razor Bump Cream for African Americans [Razor Bump Treatment Guide 2019]


For many black men, growing a beard poses a completely different array of issues. Initial chin and cheek fuzz might grow in patches rather than in a rich, full-bodied bundle.

For black men looking for a way on how to grow a beard and maintain it, take a look at the list of tips I’ve compiled!



Our Rating


​Best Beard Wash: Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo
​Best Beard Oil: Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil
​Best Beard Balm: Seven Potions Woodland Harmony Beard Balm
​Best Beard Comb: Loffect Anti-Static Beard Comb
​Best Beard Straightener: Entil Cordless Hair Straightener

The Quick Guide to Black Men Beard Care: Step by Step

1. Apply the Correct Beard Care Products

Without the help of the right products, most black men will end up with dry, crackly beards. The problem with most black men beard grooming products on the market is that they eliminate naturally occurring oils that hydrate your skin and beard. If possible, avoid such commercial products and, instead, be on the search for hot-processed soaps specifically made for beard maintenance. In addition, avoid using hair shampoo on your beard since it can cause irritation on your face.

(via GIPHY)

2. Stay Away from Harsh Chemicals

The creams and liquids you put on your face can either enhance stunt beard growth. Ingredients like isopropyl alcohol have been found to strip natural-forming oils from black men facial hair, leaving it dehydrated and increasing the risk of split ends. Especially for black men, you’ll want to do anything possible to maintain proper moisture levels on your face and neck.

3. Apply Beard Oil Regularly

After shampooing and conditioning your beard, apply oil that moisturizes both your beard and the skin underneath. Coincidentally, beard oil can reduce the risk of the occurrence of ingrown hairs and ultimately razor burn. Use natural oils such as grapeseed, jojoba, or apricot oil that won’t harm your skin – or use an organic mix (this one is hard to beat) hand-crafted by professionals.

4. Trap Moisture with a Beard Balm

Beard balm acts as extra insurance to keep your beard extra moist. Try to find a balm (Seven Potions is my current favorite) that’s made of natural ingredients such as beeswax that won’t irritate your skin and make your beard too greasy. One common problem that any man faces when growing a beard is the incessant itching. This is mainly caused by excessive dryness by either harsh chemicals or ingrown hair. A natural ingredient-based beard balm can help soothe the itch and get you past the initial stages of developing a healthy beard. Additionally, balm can be used to shape and model your beard however you like.

5. Exercise Patience

If you’re thinking about growing a beard, then you should know that the beginning stages might not be what you’d expect. You will notice a sudden appearance of razor bumps, and your beard might grow in little patches around your cheeks. For the first month, resist the urge to cut or style your beard. As it grows to its fuller state, you can decide on what sort of style you’d like.

(via GIPHY)

6. Modify Your Diet and Exercise Routine

You’ve probably heard of this before, but what you eat plays a significant role on how your body and beard grow. A poor diet of processed foods can stunt beard growth and leave it dry and brittle. Your facial hair’s condition has a direct relation to your body’s health, so it’s important to eat a balanced and nutritious diet to enhance facial hair growth. Additionally, exercising also has an impact on hair growth. A regular workout routine increases testosterone levels which reduces stress and boosts the metabolism – two factors that affect facial hair development.

7. Invest in a Styling Beard Comb

Black men with curly beards definitely need a handy comb like this one to help with maintenance and daily styling. A comb can help combat split ends which can prevent proper beard growth. When searching for a beard comb, ensure that you find one with rounded teeth since sharp teeth can break when used to stroke your thick, bushy beard. Your comb should be used to spread oil and balm evenly throughout your beard.

8. Keep a Beard Care Checklist

(via GIPHY)

It might sound excessive, but sticking to a beard care checklist can really help improve the quality of your beard. There might be certain moments in your life where you forget to take must-have items with you, so if you tick off the items on your checklist, you’ll know you’ve got everything covered. These items should help you get on the right track to growing and maintaining the perfect beard.

  • Beard Soap and Shampoo – ensure that your soap is all-natural with its original glycerin content intact. Glycerin helps your hair and beard retain moisture for longer.
  • Beard Oil – stick to natural oils like grapeseed, jojoba, apricot, or argan oil. Stay away from synthetic oils that can disrupt the pH balance of your hair, leaving it dry prone to tearing.
  • Beard Brush – your brush should help distribute your beard oil evenly. Make sure the bristles of your brush aren’t too rough.
  • Beard Comb – a comb helps style your beard on the go. Find a comb with curved edges as opposed to sharp teeth that can break when combing thick beards.
  • Mustache Comb – a mustache comb comes with thinner, finer teeth for fine-tuning your mustache for a more stylish appearance.

9. Use Beard leave-in Conditioner

Another essential item to your beard grooming kit is the beard conditioner. Like any other hair conditioner, beard conditioners moisturize and nourish your hair strands to give you a soft and strong beard. In addition, it hydrates and nourishes your dry skin, which helps to provide you with supple and healthy skin void of beard dandruff.

Ideally, it would be best to use a conditioner after every beard wash to help restore the essential oils needed to keep your beard moist. As a black man, you want to condition your beard at least three times a week to give it the extra moisture necessary to prevent it from becoming dry and brittle. While most beard butter has moisturizing properties, investing in a leave-in conditioner is better. Not only does it keep your beard soft, but it is also formulated to give you a fuller beard.

Dealing With Patchy Beards

Every man desires to have a thick and fuller beard. However, this can be difficult to achieve, especially with a patchy beard that refuses to thicken. While most believe patchy beards are hereditary, some result from a poor diet devoid of essential nutrients and vitamins. So you want to adopt a healthy diet full of nutrients such as vitamin E that will promote facial hair growth. In addition, you want to go for a natural beard oil rich in castor and jojoba oil, as they are known to promote healthy beard growth.

Best beard products for black men

Now that we know the essentials, it’s important to have the proper equipment and black men beard care products. In truth, there are more than five high-quality beard care products for black men – such as ArtNaturals, Wisdom, and Billy Jealousy – but they all follow one common rule: organic-based ingredients only. In the following segment, we’ll give you our picks of some of the best products for black men beard care.

1. Best Beard Wash: Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo

  • Organic ingredients
  • Woodsy fragrance
  • Versatile product

This Australian-made beard wash made of all-natural ingredients such as beeswax, honey, and a selection of paraben-free essential oils that preserve. This versatile shampoo can be used on all parts of the body without risk of dehydrating body hair and skin. What’s unique about this shampoo is that it’s in bar form, so there’s hardly any risk of overusing it per application. Although it does contain fragrance, it’s not overpowering, nor is it made of skin irritation-inducing essences. However, the lack of synthetic ingredients means this bar of soap will dissolve quickly when exposed to running water. To overcome this issue, users are recommended to apply this shampoo outside of the shower.


  • Made of organic ingredients
  • Contains a woodsy fragrance that’s not overbearing
  • Can be used all over the body


  • Dissolves quickly in running water
  • Limited quantity per bar (125 grams or 4.4 ounces)

2. Best Beard Oil: Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil

  • Long-lasting
  • Multi-purpose
  • Hand-crafted

Honest Amish’s most popular beard oil is made of all-natural and organic scents and oils that both moisturizes and smoothens beards, making it one of the best beard oils for African American men. This hand-crafted beard oil gives off an amazing scent without downplaying the benefits of its avocado, pumpkinseed, jojoba, and argan oils. The smell dissipates rather quickly, but users can still enjoy the benefits that this beard oil has to offer. This multi-purpose oil doesn’t just give your beard sheen and promote growth, but it can also be used to relieve itching and beard dandruff. One problem with this product is, because it’s hand-made, there appears to be a lack of quality standard, making each bottle completely unique in fragrance and performance.


  • Organic-based ingredients
  • Long-lasting, so a few drops can go a long way
  • Multi-purpose oil for taming wild beard and head hair


  • Every purchase is a gamble in terms of quality
  • Might leave a greasy film on your beard for several hours

3. Best Beard Balm: Seven Potions Woodland Harmony Beard Balm

  • Premium blend of oils
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Great, long-lasting scent

This Seven Potions-produced beard balm is a premium blend of organic ingredients including coconut oil, jojoba wax, cocoa butter, and essential oils. In terms of aroma, this balm gives off a woodland-like smell that sticks to your beard without eliminating moisture. To improve its moisturizing effect, this balm is laced with vegan-friendly glycerin – an ingredient that is commonly reduced or eliminated from store-bought brands. An issue that some customers have is that this balm doesn’t melt well, leaving visible traces of the waxy substance in your beard. Users are recommended to give their beards a thorough brushing after applying this balm to avoid visible residue. Essentially, with careful handling and proper cleanup, Seven Potions Woodland can be one of the best beard balms for black men.


  • Organic ingredients and vegan-friendly
  • Can soothe beard itchiness and dryness
  • Amazing, long-lasting scent


  • Requires a patient hand to apply into the beard
  • Works more effectively on straight beards

4. Best Beard Comb: Loffect Anti-Static Beard Comb

  • Anti-static
  • Soft-edged teeth
  • For all types of beards

Oftentimes, a beard comb will leave patches of your beard sticking outward, but with this anti-static beard comb, your beard style troubles are over. This comb is made of natural wood and features soft-edged teeth that won’t break off and get lost in the abyss of your beard. This comb is suitable for all types of beards, from tightly curled to long and straight. Handle this comb carefully, and consider purchasing a cushiony comb case: because it’s made of wood, the teeth can snap off easily due to even the slightest of falls.


  • Anti-static properties to keep your beard in check
  • Wide gaps between soft-edged teeth to prevent tearing and tugging


  • A little too small (pocket size)
  • Can’t withstand drops

5. Best Beard Straightener: Entil Cordless Hair Straightener

  • Energy-efficient
  • Portable
  • For beards of any texture

The most unique thing about this beard and hair straightener is that it’s cordless and can be charged by connecting it with anything – laptop, car charger or power bank – using a USB cable. Its 3/4 ceramic plates are quicker to heat up and retain heat for longer, reducing energy usage while simultaneously improving straightening quality. This device is small, but it’s the perfect solution to style your beard on the fly!

However, this device does come with its own set of drawbacks. For instance, it is not a plug-in flat iron, so it may not stay hot consistently, and might not get as hot as corded devices. On the bright side, this is definitely a safer tool for less experienced hair straightener users: it’s a lot harder to burn yourself (or your beard) with this device!


  • Compact size
  • 30-minute auto shut-off feature for extra safety
  • Excellent performance on beards of any texture (3 temperature settings)


  • Possibly inconsistent temperature
  • Needs charging

6. Best Beard Growth Kit: FULLIGHT TECH Beard Growth Kit

If you are on a beard growth journey and do not know where to start, this beard care kit would be a great addition to your routine. At the lowest price, you get all the essential items for your beard growth: Shampoo Wash, Beard Care Growth Oil, Balm, Brush, Comb, Scissors & Storage Bag. This kit’s beard oil and balm are formulated to promote growth and keep your beard shiny and soft. In addition, they contain argan oil, jojoba oil, and shea butter that work to give you a full and nice beard.

Another good feature is that this beard grooming kit comes with a beard wash shampoo formulated to clean your beard while keeping it moist and soft. However, before purchasing this kit, you should note that the oil has a smell that can be unpleasant to you. So, if you are one for scent-free products, this one might not be for you.


  • All in one beard kit
  • Rich in essential oils and nutrients that promote beard growth
  • Moisturizing beard wash shampoo


  • Strong smell

The Bottom Line

I hope this post taught you a thing or two about proper beard care for black men.

The most important advice of all is this:

When it comes to hair and beard grooming for African Americans, it’s important to find a product that won’t strip your hairs and skin of its naturally forming oils. The only sort of shampoos, balms, and oils you should ever apply on your beard are ones with natural beard care ingredients that won’t cause skin irritation and add plenty of moisture on and around the beards of black men.

For African Americans, growing and maintaining a full-bodied beard is a challenge… but the results are definitely worth the trouble!

I hope this guide will help you grow a healthy, trendy, and all around epic beard.

Thoughts? Comments? Crazy beard style ideas? Share with me in the comment section below!

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 About the author Dennis Walker

A Dallas-based freelance writer and blogger, Dennis creates the go-to resources for  men who are embracing style, grooming and skin care in an open-minded and forward-thinking way.

September 9, 2022

Full Beginner’s Guide to Waxing at Home 2022

When it comes to hair removal, there’s only ever been two things that I really care about: long lasting results, and smooth, rash-free regrowth.


It sounds like such a simple checklist, but if you’re anything like me you know that achieving these results is far from simple- especially if you’re someone with dark, thick hair, and fast regrowth.

I’ve done my fair share of outrageous things in an effort to get to this point (if there was ever an appropriate time to tell you about the occasion my belly button piercing got stuck in an epilator, this would probably be it).

But I’ve finally found the light at the end of the hairy tunnel: I’ve discovered how to wax at home like a pro.

And the best part?

Waxing at home is something anyone can do successfully.

That means no horror stories about it being too painful to go through with and ending up with a wax strip stuck to your whatsit for the next three days, zero close encounters accidentally gluing your hooha together because you were a bit heavy handed with the hot wax, and nil chance of ending up with a violet bruise on your thingamajig because you didn’t pull the strip off the right way.

Just silky smoothness and total hairlessness.

All you need are one or two essential tools, and one or two more expert tips- fortunately for you, this article is about to give you both.

So… Why Wax?

At home waxing is not as hard as you think; I promise.

There are just a few tricks that you need to get down in order to get the best results. It doesn’t always work out perfectly the first time, but if you’re anything like me, as soon as it clicks you’ll unlock a serious level-up in your hair removal game.

Here’s the lowdown when it comes to at home waxing:


  • Much cheaper than salon treatments

Let’s face it:

Salon waxing is insanely expensive.

With the money you would have spent on a salon wax, you can buy a home waxing kit and still have money to pay for a night out afterwards (which, if we’re honest, is exactly what you’ll want to do once you’re all silky smooth). Let’s have a look at the tools you might want to get for at-home waxing (I’ll be reviewing all of these later in this article):



Our Rating


Gigi Brazilian Waxing Kit, 14 Ounce
Nad’s Body Wax Strips, 24 Strips
Yeelen Hair Removal Hot Wax Warmer Waxing Kit
GiGi Honee Natural All Purpose Hair Removing Hot Wax 14 Oz Jar
FantaSea Non Woven Facial and Body Wax 100 Strips, 50 small 50 large
  • Long lasting results:


How long does waxing last?

Typically, you’ll be hairless for 3-4 weeks afterwards. Imagine that: a whole month without needing to worry about hair removal once! Of course, results will depend on the rate of your hair regrowth, but coming from someone whose hair grows back extremely fast (I’ll shave in the evening and have full on stubble when I wake up in the morning) I can safely say this is a huge factor.

In a nutshell: the results of at home waxing will last just as long as a salon treatment, but for a fraction of the price!

  • Suitable for all hair types


This is one of the greatest things about waxing.

I know so many girls who are basically excluded from using a certain hair removal method because their hair isn’t suitable: hair that’s too thin won’t work well with epilators, blonde and red haired folk can’t use lasers, and hair that’s unusually coarse sometimes doesn’t respond well to depilatories.

Waxing works on all hair types, and when done right, will effectively remove 100% of the hairs from any given area.

  • Can be done all over the body


Whether you’re getting to grips with your leg fur or tackling the fanny forest, waxing is extremely versatile.

Many other hair removal methods are only suitable for use on certain parts of the body, but the best thing about waxing is that it can be done virtually everywhere (more on that in the next section).

  • Improved regrowth


Between ingrown hairs, razor rash, bumps, burns, and itchiness… hair regrowth sucks.

I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity to spend a lot of time on the beach, which means lots of time in bikinis… Unluckily, I am not and never have been one of those girls whose pubes grow in a cute little ‘v’ shape and stays politely within the bikini boundary.

A typical week used to go something like this:

Day 1: Hair looks like cross between wookie and shetland pony. Time to shave. Nice and smooth…for all of 8 hours.

Day 2: Oh hello there stubble, you’re looking even darker and pricklier than usual.

Day 3: Have woken self up in middle of night due to accidental over-scratching of front bum area. Note to self: wear oven mitts to bed in future.

Day 4: Stubble now visible even from a distance, so shave again out of necessity. Nearly rip skin off due to razor rash and skin irritation. Don’t finish shaving because of it.

Day 5, 6, and 7: Skin and hair recovering from previous days abuse. Bumps, ingrown hairs, redness galore.

It was a constant battle.

When I started waxing? Everything changed.

Shaving and depilatories are great for some things, but at the end of the day they are just slicing off the hair somewhere along the shaft, which does nothing to improve regrowth.

Waxing is all about removing hairs from the root, which has a couple of important effects:

  1. When hair regrows, it’s a totally new hair, so the thinnest part is at the top (i.e. less scratchy and irritating stubble and massively reduced chance of ingrown hairs and rashes).
  2. Hair grows in cycles, so all your hairs won’t necessarily grow back at the same time (the visual effect will be that your hair growth has thinned). For me, I wax once a month, and only about 60% of my hair has grown back at that point. If I wait longer (say 8 weeks) then all hairs will have grown back by then.
  3. If you continuously wax, over time you may find that some hairs don’t grow back at all because the follicle has been permanently damaged.(I have found this to be true on my bikini area.)
  • Convenience


The single most important factor for so many people:

At home waxing is super convenient because it can be done in the privacy of your own bedroom or bathroom, at any time that suits you. No waiting for appointments, no depending on other people, no fitting things into a schedule.

You control everything about the experience.

Where can I wax? More importantly… where can I not wax?

Like I mentioned briefly above, waxing is amazingly versatile. Most people prefer waxing because of the clean and smooth results after removing body hair. You may be familiar with certain waxing areas in your body, like Brazilian waxes, leg hair wax, and facial hair wax, but there are other options. Some of the places you can wax are further explained below.

You can wax virtually every part of your body: legs (both upper and lower), bikini/brazilian (which I am now an expert on thanks to all the extra research I did on this area), butt, back, arms, underarms, back, chest, shoulders, tummy, and even on the face (check out the full story of my search for the best tools for facial waxing here).

There are even waxing kits out there that can be used on your nose and ears; just be careful if you want to use it here- wax should stay on your outer ear, not inner.

Do take note that eyebrow waxing is a bit of an art; if you’re going to go down this route make sure you get yourself a high quality eyebrow waxing kit, either like Sally Hansen’s hot wax kits for eyebrows, face and lip or a simple kit with eyebrow waxing strips.

How long does hair have to be to wax? (And how long is too long?)

This is key.

There is an optimal length for hair that is going to be waxed.

The minimum length is generally considered to be ¼ inch, and the maximum (yes, there is a maximum) is around ¾ inch.

If hair is any shorter than this, the wax won’t be able to adhere to the hair properly, and if it’s any longer, the wax strip will pull the hair more, causing more discomfort than it would if the hairs were shorter.

I usually try to wax as soon as my hairs are long enough; in my experience, if you remove the hair at the ‘sweet’ point in the growth cycle, it discourages the hairs from growing back at all (this is one of the key reasons sugar waxing is so popular – be sure to check my sugar wax recipe).

Keep reading to find out how best to optimize your hair length before you wax.

The Different Types of Wax and What are they Best For

First thing’s first:

When diving into the world of DIY waxing, it pays to know the difference between the different types of wax out there.

Here’s the ins and outs of it:

Hot vs. Cold

The first big difference you need to know about is hot wax and cold wax:

The hot variety is a ‘home waxing kit’ style of product, which typically includes the wax itself (often in the form of beads), some strips of muslin (only if it’s a soft wax kit- keep reading the next section to find out the difference between soft and hard wax), and some kind of applicator (like a wooden spatula). You can read all about my quest to find the best waxing kit!

The wax component needs to be heated in the supplied heater until it melts fully and can be easily spread on the skin.

Here’s why hot wax kits rock:

The heater has a temperature regulator on it, which means wax will be heated to optimum temperature for the entirety of the waxing process; no waxing burns because it’s too hot, and not need to reheat the wax mid-session because it cooled down too much and went hard.

Simple, and stress-free.

My absolute favorite kit is the Gigi Brazilian waxing kit (brazilian wax refers to the fact that it is suitable for use on extra thick coarse hairs, but in reality it can be used all over the body).

Not only does it include the wax, warmer, and spatula, but it also comes with a pre-epilation oil and cooling gel, so it’s literally an all-in-one package.

Alternatively, cold wax refers to pre prepared wax strips that need to be heated using your hands (or a hairdryer if you’re lazy).

The benefit of cold wax is that it’s much less messy and very easy to apply (not to mention it’s super portable and easy to travel with).

The downside?

9 times out of 10, cold wax isn’t as effective as its hot sister because it’s more difficult for the wax to adhere properly to the hairs.

It definitely has its benefits- which is why I always keep a pack of Nad’s all natural beeswax strips in my cosmetics bag in case of unruly hair related emergencies.

If you want to know which wax strips have proven to be way better than all the others, catch the full article here!

Hard vs. Soft


When it comes to hot ​​​​wax, not all products are created equal!

Here, you’ve got another subgroup of wax types: hard wax and soft wax.

Soft wax is the type that needs to be applied thinly with a spatula and covered with a muslin strip in order to remove it.

It’s most suitable for use on large areas of the body, such as arms and legs, and is extra good at grabbing fine hairs.

While you can use a wax heater for soft wax, a lot of products can also be heated in the microwave without the waxing machine (good choice if you’re on a tight budget); this Honee wax from Gigi is a great choice when paired with a pack of high quality muslin wax strips (or homemade wax strips if you’re feeling innovative).

Hard wax (otherwise known as stripless wax) is applied in a thick layer on the skin using a spatula, then left to cool ever so slightly so that it can be peeled off directly with your fingers.

Hard wax kits are usually used to treat sensitive areas with coarse hair, such as bikini/brazilian area, eyebrows, and underarms- it’s extra good at grabbing short, thick hairs, and is generally considered to be less painful than soft wax when used on the face.

Note: hard wax hair removal is only suitable on small areas; hard wax breaks when applied to large areas.

The Gigi hard wax kit I mentioned already is easily the best at home wax kit out there (yup, it gets two mentions- it’s that good).

How to Use Wax at Home (Like a Pro)


Once you’ve got your ducks in a row and your wax ready to go, you’re going to need to prep the area you’re about to wax.

Preparation is vital to the success of your self waxing efforts.

The waxing process removes the hair from the follicle; therefore, prepping is vital to avoid skin irritation and bumps. With proper preparation, there will be no unwanted reactions, and your skin will be much smoother. Several waxing sessions do not end well due to bad prepping. Several things need to be kept in mind before the actual waxing process.

Luckily, solid prep is super simple and requires very little extra effort (or expense).

Follow these rules religiously:

  1. Exfoliate

Hugely important for preventing ingrown hairs.

Doubly important for sloughing away dead skin so that hairs are more available for the wax to stick to.

Best to do this at least one day in advance of your wax, since exfoliating right before might make your skin overly sensitive and cause it to become irritated by the wax itself.

Use a damp washcloth or a natural hemp loofa with a small amount of exfoliating product. Go for something all natural and free from micro beads, which are extremely damaging to the ocean. My favorite is Premium Nature’s coconut milk exfoliating scrub, because it’s packed full of organic cruelty-free ingredients like coconut oil, avocado oil, almond oil, and sea salt.

  1. Trim the hairs if needed

Remember when I said there is an optimal hair length for waxing?

And if your hairs are too long, the wax is going to yank and pull them instead of swifty removing them, which is only going to cause you unnecessary discomfort.

If hairs are longer than ¾ of an inch, trim them down to ¼-½ an inch first using an electric shaver like the ever popular Panasonic ES2207P.

This is such a good product to have in your collection because it is so versatile, and can be used to complement your other hair removal methods (sometimes I prefer to just trim my ‘brazilian’ area and wax the bikini line).

  1. Sprinkle on some baby powder

This is one expert tip that changed everything for me.

Just before you apply the wax, sprinkle baby powder over the area you’re about to do. It will absorb any extra moisture,meaning the wax will stick to the hair and not to your skin.

You can thank me for that one later.

  1. If you’re sensitive to pain, learn to manage it.

Honestly, the pain of waxing is not all it’s made out to be (in my opinion).


If you have a really low threshold, or it’s your first time and you’re feeling a bit out of your comfort zone, you can always rely on a pain management method (read on to find out my expert recommendations for a painless wax).


Once skin is perfectly prepped, you’re ready to go.

Here’s how to use wax at home (and get results like a pro!):

  1. How to apply wax


Apply in the direction of the hair growth. Remove in opposite direction.

Simple as.

  1. Hold skin taut


Golden rule!

Use one hand to hold skin taut and stretch it as much as possible (this is crucial for reducing pain and allowing wax to effectively pull hair- not skin).

  1. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING OF ALL: The angle to remove the wax strip


This is the tip that changed my waxing game.

Don’t pull the wax off at a 90 degree angle (i.e. straight up).

This is painful, can lead to skin damage, and likely won’t remove your hair very well.

The goal is the pull back the wax/strip on itself as close to the skin as possible.

The better you get at reaching this angle, the more effective your self waxing efforts will be.

  1. Redoing same section: what not to do


If you find that you didn’t remove all the hairs after the first strip is removed, it’s not always a good idea to go back over the same area immediately (or at all).

Soft wax, for example, can’t be applied to the same area twice because it removes a thin layer of skin with each strip. Doing this more than once can lead to pretty nasty skin irritation.

In this case:

Leave the area and carry on somewhere else. At the end, you can use tweezers to remove the leftover hairs. Or, if there’s really a lot left, wait until the next day and do it again.

  1. Reduce stinging with this one simple trick


Salons use this trick all the time.

Immediately after you rip of the wax strip, quickly pat the area that’s stinging using your (clean) fingers. Do so gently while applying just enough pressure to relieve the smarting.

You won’t even believe how well this works because it sounds so simple!

Just try it.

How to Remove wax from Skin

Inevitably, you’re going to end up with a small amount of waxy residue on your skin after you’ve finished.

You can try different options to rid the wax, but before we get to other alternatives, start by washing the area with warm water, then using a water-based lotion to moisturize the area to prevent dry skin. If that doesn’t work, here are other methods:

    • One way you can try is using a hot water compress. Soak a clean washcloth in hot water, then place it on the area with the wax residue, and leave it for about 60 seconds to allow it to soften the wax. You can then remove the wax from the skin using the washcloth.
    • You can also try using oil by dipping cotton pads in oil. This can be olive oil, mineral oil, or massage oil. Please also note that warmer oil is more preferred than cold oil. Place the soaked pad right on the waxy residue till saturation, do this for about two minutes. Once done, use a cotton pad to clean off the wax residue.
    • Petroleum jelly can also remove wax. Apply a generous amount of it to the area with the residue. Leave it on for five minutes, then use a clean cotton pad to wipe off the site. The wax should come off along with the petroleum jelly.
    • Using alcohol is relatively simple. Begin using alcohol pads or a cotton pad dipped in alcohol to rub the wax residue. Do this in a circular motion until it peels off or dissolves. You may experience skin irritation afterward. Should this happen, apply moisturizing lotion to the area.
    • Ice is another solution. Get some ice cubes and hold them over the residue wax for about 60 seconds. Some of the wax will be brittle after this. Just flake them off. In some instances, you might want to peel or scrape but do not, as it can result in skin damage. If the leftover wax does not flake off, use the other removal methods mentioned above.

Since the wax isn’t water soluble, water won’t be enough to get it off (neither will most soaps, not without a good bit of scrubbing which is a big no-no straight after a wax!).

The experts use oil to remove excess wax.

The trick is to use a lightweight oil that is all natural and contains no added fragrances or chemicals.

My go-to choice is either Aria Starr’s Organic Argan Oil or this super-formula Ancient Greek Remedy blend of lavender, almond, grapeseed and olive oil.

Gently rub the oil onto the remaining waxy area in small circular motions, and the wax should slip right off (and you’re skin will be super moisturized and dewy too!).

Post-Wax Recovery 

The treatment doesn’t end when the last strip is pulled off; you need to pay extra care during the recovery period for two reasons:

  • To ensure your newly smoothed skin looks its best for the next couple of hair-free weeks
  • And to set yourself up for an even better waxing experience next time.

What to do:

Use a gentle, anti inflammatory product such as Amara Organics Cold Pressed Aloe Vera Gel, which will soothe skin and reduce any sign of redness or inflammation post-wax (it’s also one of the best natural moisturizers out there, and can be used as a hair mask too!).

After the first 24-48 hours, you can start to gently exfoliate the waxed area. You should do this every couple of days to keep dead skin cells at bay and reduce the chance of getting ingrown hairs

What to avoid:

  • Chemical based products


If you’ve read this far, you can tell I’m a religious believer in all-natural products.

This isn’t just because they are much better for the environment and your skin:

But because chemical based products and cosmetics with added fragrance are the opposite of what your skin wants/needs- especially after it’s been waxed.

Post-wax, your skin is at its most sensitive, and chemicals will only serve to inflame and aggravate your skin.

Steer clear of them in a big way. Stick to natural.

  • Hot showers or baths


High temperatures of any kind are going to cause your waxed skin to prickle and sting and can actually lead to pretty nasty inflammation.

Avoid very hot showers, baths, saunas, and steam rooms for 24 hours.

  • Sunbathing


Direct sunlight and heat are the opposite of what you want post-wax. Avoid for 24 hours.

  • Chlorinated swimming pools


Chemical laden pool water soaking on your extremely sensitive, freshly waxed skin? No.

Just no.

Wait at least a day.

  • Tight clothing and underwear


Tight clothing will rub against your skin and lead to redness, rashes, and bumps after waxing.

Avoid all tight clothes, especially scratchy lacy underwear. Stick to breathables and light cotton.

Pain Management

If you really can’t cope with the pain of waxing, there are a couple of super effective options available to help you minimize your discomfort.

  1. Oral pain meds

A simple over the counter pain medication like Paracetamol can help to dull your sensitivity. Pop one half an hour before you start to wax.

  1. Topical numbing cream

Favored by those going under the tattooing needle, topical numbing creams are an extremely effective way to reduce your sensitivity to waxing.

The Relax and Wax No-Scream-Cream is a crowd favorite, while many others claim great results with HUSH anesthetic cream which is actually designed to be used for tattoos (so you can be sure it’s extra powerful).

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Bottom line

Waxing at home is the way to go for so many reasons.

And if there’s any nugget of wisdom I might have imparted on you, it’s that it is so easy to get salon quality results at home.

Happy hair removal!

Any questions left unanswered? Drop a line and I’ll share my two cents.

   About the author Alyssa Kaye

Alyssa is a young, professional blogger living in Hoboken, NJ. Thanks to her Middle Eastern heritage, Alyssa is no stranger to unwanted hair. She has tried every laser hair removal product on the market in a quest to find the best!

September 9, 2022

Best Home Laser Hair Removal Devices for Dark Skin

hair removal devices for dark skin

Up until recently, laser hair removal for dark skin had to be done in a doctor’s office. Devices for home laser hair removal, available for many, simply didn’t exist for African American skin complexions because the existing technology was too dangerous. Recently, however, the technology has improved, making laser hair removal safe for people with dark skin.

We searched the internet high and low, but couldn’t find much information. The technology is that new!

But don’t get worried:

We’ve got the in-depth scoop on the latest devices, plus all of the information you need to get started and choose the one for you.

Read on to find out how you can bring laser hair removal home!

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What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is basically the use of laser heat to destroy hair at the follicle. After several treatments, the hair follicle becomes too damaged and hair no longer grows in that spot.

The early laser hair removal technology used IPL – or intense pulsed light – which worked well on light skin with dark hair.

But there was a problem:

On other complexions, such as fair skin with light hair, or in laser hair removal for brown skin, the laser heated the surrounding skin too much, causing burns. Many other patients experienced permanent changes in skin pigmentation. IPLs were determined to be too dangerous for permanent hair removal for dark skin.

Why Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin Is a Big Deal

As many people with darker complexions will testify, dark-skinned people are often excluded in societies around the world. Even though there were safety concerns, people of color wanted to be included in the technology – especially women of color, who spend thousands of dollars on hair removal. Women with unwanted hair have long lamented shaving, which often results in nicks and cuts and sometimes must be done daily. Waxing, creams, and in-office laser for dark skin hyperpigmentation treatments quickly become costly.

With the introduction of diode, Nd:YAG, and ELOS technology, women of color are finally included and can now safely experience the convenience of at-home laser hair removal!

Types of Lasers That Are Safe for Dark Skin

A diode laser uses radiation at a continuous stable frequency. They’re the same lasers used in CD players, laser printers, and remote controls. While diode laser hair removal results in hair reduction rather than permanent removal, it’s much safer than IPLs.

Nd:YAG lasers use crystals to create laser light. The “G” stands for garnet, and the “Nd” stands for neodymium, which creates ions that react and cause the laser light in the crystal. Nd:YAG lasers can treat cancer and are used in surgery.

ELOS lasers combine IPLs with radio frequencies, making for more targeted treatment. ELOS laser hair removal devices also often have technology that cools the skin while the device is in contact with it.

How to Choose the Best Laser for Hair Removal on Dark Skin

Like anything else in life, there are pros and cons to the new technology. To find the best method for your skin, you should start by reading reviews for laser hair removal products made especially for dark skin. Compare and contrast each customer’s experience, paying special attention to any side effects mentioned.

How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin At Home

Before using your at-home laser hair removal device, you should do the following:

  • Talk to your doctor to determine whether laser hair removal is right for you. You may need to see a dermatologist.

  • Double check that your device is approved for dark skin. We’ve rounded up seven devices that are safe for African American laser hair removal at home, but safety is extremely important when administering laser hair removal on black skin. Many devices on the market are misleading, often leaving out whether they’re safe for all skin types; further investigation of the product usually shows that they aren’t. Better safe than sorry!

  • Cleanse the area you will be using the device on. Each device will come with instructions, but most recommend that you cleanse your skin and keep it free from lotions and perfumes.

  • Shave any existing hair in the area. For best results, shave your hair before beginning laser treatment. This allows the laser to better reach the follicle. Plus, longer hair increases your chances of burning your skin. It’s important to follow all instructions, but especially so when performing laser hair removal for Indian skin, black skin, and other dark complexions.

  • Apply a small amount of numbing cream, if desired. Doctors recommend using the least amount of numbing cream possible. If you use too much, you could numb your skin completely and won’t feel if you are burning yourself.

  • Test the device on a small patch of skin. To see how your skin reacts to laser treatment, test it on a small area. This will also help you experiment with settings to see which intensity levels on the device are most comfortable for you. (Manufacturers recommend that new users start on the lowest setting and work their way up.)

Other Safety Precautions

Some devices come with protective glasses or goggles for your eyes. If they aren’t included, please consider purchasing a pair separately.

Elōs: What Does It Mean?

Electro-optical Synergy (elōs) is a technology that essentially combines two hair removal techniques – Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio Frequency (RF). RadioFrequency energy is electric, whereas IPL is optical.

Combining these two modern technologies, hair removal becomes gentler, easier, and safer for you with dark-skinned to brown skin.

RF on its own as a method of hair removal can be ineffective due to its colorblind nature. This means that your dermis later of skin heats up though indiscriminately. ELOS technology and colorblind RF produce more effective and safer results for darker skin types.

For safe and permanent hair removal at home, it is recommended to use an energy density of 8 J/cm2 though darker skin types require less light. Therefore, if you are dark-skinned and require hair reduction, the energy density needs to range between 2 and 2.5 J/cm2. Dark skin will absorb more light, and thus a reduced intensity is necessary.

How Durable is It?

A friendly home IPL device ideal for V to VI skin types should also be durable. Because dark skin needs more than a single treatment to realize the desired outcome, devices with few flashes are unideal and greatly discouraged.

The primary criterion you choose while considering this is getting a device that has a Quartz bulb. Such a bulb consists of Quartz crystals embedded in the IPL device. This makes it sturdier and of better quality than other IPL devices that may instead have xenon bulbs.

With the quartz component, the device is capable of enduring and withstanding higher temperatures. This is important to the output energy since it mainly targets hair and thus effectively treats it.

For this reason, many customers who use xenon bulb IPL devices report burnt-out cartridges issues despite the number of flashes not being wholly exhausted compared to those using quartz bulb IPL devices. On the other hand, quartz bulb IPL devices have an extended lifespan. This implies that mē ELOS devices are better in treating dark skin and offer a more comprehensive treatment without worrying about burnout.

7 At-Home Laser Hair Removal Devices for Dark Skin

To make it easier for you to choose an at-home laser hair removal device that is safe for dark complexions, we’ve rounded up seven that are currently on the market. Read on to see our picks and our favorite!

1. iluminage Touch Permanent Hair Reduction Device with FDA-cleared IPL RF Technology

  • Slows growth of hair 
  • Decreases thickness
  • Relatively painless

The iluminage Touch was the first device to be cleared by the FDA for dark skin. This device combines IPL technology with radio frequency – just like the ELOS laser mentioned above. Not only is it safe to use on all skin types, but the iluminage Touch is also safe for all hair colors.

It comes attached to an octagon-shaped cradle; the iluminage Touch is not a wireless device.

Many reviewers said that it really is as painless as advertised – a quick pinch at the very most.

Several reviewers, though, pointed out that the hair reduction was not nearly as much as they’d expected.


  • Slows growth of hair
  • Decreases thickness
  • Relatively painless


  • Does not permanently remove hair
  • Refill cartridges cost additional $125-150 each
  • Return policy is 30 days which is not enough time to reach manufacturer’s recommended treatment period (7 weeks)

2. me Sleek Permanent Hair Reduction Device with FDA Cleared Elos Technology

  • 94% reduction of hair 
  • Fast treatments
  • Cooling fans

The me Sleek is squared shaped, making it easy to transport and store. Weighing just under four pounds, its dimensions are 9.5 x 9.4 x 4.7 inches. It’s about the same size as most other devices. The treatment wand detaches and fits neatly in the palm of your hand.A reviewer mentioned that treatment was painless except for in the underarm area. Several reviewers used the me Sleek in their bikini area and didn’t experience any pain. To avoid pain or injury, you can start off on the lowest setting or use a small amount of numbing cream prescribed by your doctor.

It should be noted that the same area of skin should not be treated more than once in the same session; doing so can result in burns and scarring.


  • 4% reduction of hair, after 7 once-a-week treatments
  • Fast treatment: 8 minutes for legs, 6 minutes for your back, and 1 minute for facial hair
  • Device can be glided over the skin for faster application
  • Cooling fans in the base unit for longer total treatment time


  • Not for use on men’s facial hair
  • No cartridges to replace; this device supposedly has unlimited pulses

3. mē Smooth Permanent Hair Reduction Device with FDA Cleared elōs Technology

  • Safe for facial hair

  • Nearly pain-free treatments

  • Acne spot treatment tool

The mē Smooth uses “elōs” technology – explained above – that is FDA-cleared. Like the iluminage Touch, the mē Smooth advertises 94 percent hair reduction in treatments over seven weeks. It also weighs just over four pounds.

The mē Smooth is almost mouse-shaped (like the mouse you would use with a desktop computer). It is not portable; it requires being plugged in to function.

Some customers stated that the original cartridge in the device did not last as long as expected. One reviewer mentioned that they seemed to get more mileage out of cartridges after their hair had gotten thinner (after several treatments).

A couple reviewers said they saw better results in hair reduction with facial hair and underarms – areas that typically have less hair.


  • Attachments let you epilate or shave
  • Portable and rechargeable blue LED acne spot treatment tool
  • Nearly pain-free treatments
  • Fast treatment time


  • Less effective than in-office lasers
  • Less effective on thicker or coarse hair
  • 30-day return window is shorter than recommended treatment period

4. mē Chic Targeted Permanent Hair Reduction Device with FDA Cleared elōs Technology

  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to use in smaller areas 
  • Blue LED acne spot treatment

The mē Chic is FDA-cleared for men and women. The device itself is lightweight, weighing only two pounds. The attachment is stored in a stand. The shape is much like a large stick of deodorant. mē Chic detaches from its stand and fits easily in your hand.

The acne treatment device for the mē Chic can be purchased separately.


  • 94% permanent hair reduction in 7 weeks
  • Painless treatment with a warming sensation during application
  • Very lightweight and easy to use in smaller areas
  • Blue LED acne spot treatment available with this device


  • No replacement cartridges are available; once the device stops working, you must purchase a new one
  • Treatments take a long time due to the device’s small size
  • Treatment requires the user to lift the device from the skin between flashes in “stamping” motions rather than gliding along, resulting in longer application time

5. Silk’n Permanent Hair Remover for Light to Dark Skin

  • 92% reduction in hair growth 
  • Lightweight
  • Bluetooth connectivity feature

The Silk’n Infinity device is pod shaped and lightweight, coming in at just under three pounds.

The Silk’n Infinity’s technology uses galvanic and optical energy, which creates a flash using electricity and a lens. Its heat also opens pores to better target hair follicles.

It must be noted that people with dark complexions should use this device on its lower settings. Please refer to the manual for more detailed instructions.

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  • Up to 92 percent reduction in hair growth
  • Bluetooth connectivity feature allow you to see number of flashes before and during treatments
  • Makes skin smoother and softer


  • Not suitable for use on tanned skin

6. Me My Elos Syneron Touch/pro Ultra

  • Results in 3 weeks 
  • Replacement cartridge
  • Easy to use

The Me My Elos Syneron Touch is similar to the mē Touch in appearance and weight (almost four and a half pounds). The manufacturer states that the Me My Elos Touch is the latest generation of previous models. Additional attachments can be purchased, such as an epilator and shaver.

Several reviewers said that the item arrived quickly – even when purchased internationally – and was covered under a two-year warranty. The Me My Elos Touch unit is not FDA-cleared and retails for the price comparable to other FDA-approved devices.


  • Results as soon as three weeks
  • Comes with a replacement cartridge
  • Makes skin softer
  • Easy to use


  • Not approved by the FDA
  • Precision/facial hair adapter is sold separately
  • Less effective on gray hair

7. SmoothSkin CA00-1151 Gold IPL Hair Removal System

  • 20-minute full body treatment 
  • Certified safe for skin types 1-5
  • Measures skin tone before flash

The SmoothSkin laser hair removal device is shaped like an electric razor and weighs three pounds, making it easy to hold in your hand. The small size makes it no problem to navigate harder to reach areas.

Results for the SmoothSkin were taken from an independent clinical study of 50 women. The manufacturer does not mention whether this device is suitable for people with dark skin or if it’s safe for men to use. Please consult a dermatologist before purchasing and using this device.

You can find your skin type here using the Fitzpatrick quiz. Skin type 6 is a deep complexion; people with dark skin should consult a doctor before using this product.


  • Full-body treatments take 20 minutes due to the large window
  • Certified safe for skin types 1 through 5
  • Results after 12 weeks of treatment; monthly treatments are recommended after the initial regular application period


  • Not recommended for lighter hair (white, blonde, gray, or red)
  • Not recommended for facial hair removal
  • Uses IPL technology, which is not approved by dermatologists for dark skin

Possible Side Effects and Skin Reactions

Some of the typical skin reactions include tingly red-hot skin. The skin can also feel itchy and dry though this typically wears off after about 48 hours. You can use a cooling water spray, face cloth, ice, non-scented moisturizer, or Aloe Vera gel to ease the skin reactions. If they persist, seek professional help from your doctor.

Though rare, at times, side effects show up. These include permanent or temporary patches of dark skin or light spots, excessive redness, swelling around hair follicles, burns, scarring, and blisters. Seek medical assistance in such instances.

Another side effect, though extremely rare, is Paradoxical Hypertrichosis which manifests on the neck and face. This side effect results in accelerated hair growth in the areas under treatment. The cause of it is unknown though it is more prevalent in users with Mediterranean roots and/or have underlying conditions like hirsutism.

Protect yourself from the sun after sessions by covering yourself up or by ensuring you wear an SPF 30+ sunscreen to shield your skin from the sun. Your skin becomes extra sensitive to the sun after sessions, and there is an increased risk of side effects and skin reactions from sun exposure before the sessions.

How Do the Procedures Feel?

During the procedure, you will hear the whirring of the cooking fan and a click of pop sound following every IPL flash. IPL flashes are typically bright, though harmless against the skin. Protective goggles are unnecessary here, and if the flashes irritate you, you should consider using sunglasses to ease the irritation.

For V and VI dark skin tones, you will utilize the reduced intensity settings of the devices. Therefore, it is understandable that devices with a 2 J/cm2 IPL low are more comfortable. Higher IPL devices, on the other hand, give a slight stinging sensation to some, particularly if you have darker skin type V. Therefore, the recommendation is to use devices that offer more flexibility and extra assurance with gentler sensations and intensities should you require it.

And the Winner Is…

It’s both exciting and fantastic that technology has finally caught up with reality and opened up at-home laser hair removal for people of all skin colors. Though there is now a wide variety of devices, we’ve chosen a clear winner.

The iluminage Touch may be on the more expensive side, but its price seems to be well worth it. It’s FDA-cleared for safety, which is extremely important in laser hair removal on dark skin. Even though it’s rather heavy, we like that its cartridges can be replaced – resulting in endless treatments for smooth, hairless skin. Most importantly, reviewers seem to agree that it’s the most effective device currently on the market.

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We hope that you enjoyed this roundup; we did our best for you to get your hands on the best home laser hair removal device for dark skin out there. Any thoughts or questions? Share in the comment section below!

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