April 29, 2020

IPL vs Laser Hair Removal: Which One Should You Choose?

I’m not gonna lie:

I’ve basically lived my whole life with a little more hair than I would have asked for. Thanks, genetics!

So you can trust that ya girl has tried basically every hair removal method out there and that I’m always trying and comparing new methods – IPL vs. laser vs. waxing, not to mention volunteering myself as guinea pig for the latest in at-home hair removal tech.

Lately, I’ve been toying with the idea of permanent hair removal. Luckily, there are a LOT of options out there for gals like you and me. Laser and IPL are both methods that help to weaken and kill hairs at the root, stopping the hair from growing in the first place. How good is that?!

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However, solutions like laser and IPL can be a bit of a costly investment – I *need* to know if they’re gonna work out in the long run. And since you’re here, you’re probably looking for that info too. There are a few key differences in laser vs. IPL, and we can go through them together to figure out which one is the best.

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What’s the Difference Between IPL and Laser?

Laser hair removal vs. IPL – they’re the same thing, right? No, they’re not and it’s important to understand these differences to choose the one that’s right for you. They both work to achieve basically the same desired effect – using light to zap the root of the hair follicle to stop it from growing, only laser uses an actual, well, laser.

There’s actually a common misconception that they’re just two different types of laser hair removal, but they’re distinct in their own right with their own pros and cons!

How Does IPL Work?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light, which is not as concentrated as laser but still incredibly effective at zapping hair follicles. IPL helps to get rid of unwanted hair by making use of broader wavelengths of light that are absorbed by the hair down to the root, killing the root in the process.

It also tends to be friendlier on the wallet per session (phew!), but requires a couple more sessions compared to laser to get the same results. It’s the best option for covering larger areas like legs and arms – it’s fantastic for getting a bigger area covered per session.

How Does Laser Work?

Laser hair removal uses a really specific wavelength of light concentrated on individual hairs to kill the root and prevent it from growing ever again. It sounds super intense, but in the hands of a skilled technician, it’s the speediest option for getting rid of those hairs for good!

It’s perfect for smaller bits that need that concentrated power, such as your underarms, face and bikini area. Also, because it targets each hair individually, it’s the best option for girls with darker skin tones – some light therapies can have unintended side effects by also targeting the melanin in skin, instead of just the hair.

What about BBL?

There’s actually a third treatment that gets lumped in with types of laser hair removal – Broad Band Light, aka BBL. BBL works most like IPL, but if you really throw down and compare BBL vs. IPL, they’re still pretty different beasts.

Along with hair removal, BBL is also incredibly effective at brightening sunspots, acne scars, and overall evening out skin tone. Treating these concerns is generally what BBL is used for, rather than hair removal.

IPL vs. Laser: So… Which One Is Better?

Looking at Laser vs. IPL, they’re both amazing options for permanently getting rid of any unwanted fuzz on ya body. I know I’m ready for smooth skin without ingrowns, stubble, or still having to go in for a wax every few weeks! Come through, smooth skin!

The most important things that you need to weigh up when choosing IPL vs. Laser hair removal are things like your:

  • skin tone
  • hair color
  • budget

It’s also so important to note that both of these methods work best on dark, pigmented hair that the light or laser can easily target – unfortunately, they just won’t work on blonde, grey or light red hair!

IPL is going to be best for lighter skin tones, and is generally costs less per session, but takes more sessions and time to work. You can even do it yourself at home – the ultimate budget friendly option.

Laser is more dark-skin friendly and produces faster results, but is a more expensive upfront investment. It is a service performed only by trained professionals, so your results are basically guaranteed.

No matter which hair removal method you choose, you can be totally assured that your skin will remain smooth and hair-free – and you’ll never have to drop another dollar on a shaving razor or wax ever again!

   About the author Alyssa Kaye

Alyssa is a young, professional blogger living in Hoboken, NJ. Thanks to her Middle Eastern heritage, Alyssa is no stranger to unwanted hair. She has tried every laser hair removal product on the market in a quest to find the best!

April 29, 2020

Home Laser Hair Removal: Tips to Make it More Effective [Before & After]

If you’ve read any of my previous posts on home laser hair removal, then you’ll know I like to consider myself a trailblazer in the Hair Struggle.

I’ve shared my experiences and research on laser hair removal devices for dark skin, the face, a Brazilian, well, for pretty much any body part that generates unwanted hair. I highly recommend reading those posts before purchasing your choice of weapon!

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You’ve read the device instructions back-to-front and your laser is charging, so let’s start with the most basic question:

What to do Before Laser Hair Removal?

If it’s your first-time laser hair removal experiment or you just want to learn how to do it better, there are a few expectations you need to set and a few to drop.

Embarking on this journey means being consistent to get the best results. There is no magic to this where you use the device once and then remain hair-free forever. Each hair follicle is on its own mission, in their own growth cycles totally unaware of the guy next to them. It’s a commitment for a few months to really see any noticeable difference.

One time, I had been lasering myself for about six months and over the holidays, I let it slide (happened once, and never again)…

…I definitely noticed the sparse regrowth and I was super happy with that, so I just got back on track to keep it up. One question that I often get asked about Laser hair removal is, how often to do it? Well, I say keep it at every four weeks (consistently) for up to eight sessions.

So, now your head is in the game for your first laser hair removal session (or maybe you’re just improving your technique), but either way, we are ready to go through my tips for laser hair removal.

1. The Right Time

Set aside a comfortable amount of time. Don’t think you can laser your body in ten minutes before going out on that date. It’s a pamper, grooming session that needs your time and attention.

I also recommend starting in autumn or winter because it’s easier to be tan-free, which is what you want before (and after) laser hair removal. Another thing to consider is avoid laser hair removal around menstruation as this could heighten any pain you may feel.

2. Know Your Type

Different hair and skin types can react differently to laser hair removal because the laser aims at the hair’s pigment. This is why darker hair follicles are easier to laser off than blonde, grey, or red hair. Most laser hair removal devices have settings for various skin and hair types so as I said earlier, make sure you know every function and setting on the device before using it.

3. Physical Preparation

An important to-do before getting laser hair removal is shaving. Why shave before laser hair removal? Some people are surprised at this, asking, “Should I shave before laser hair removal because surely the hair should be long?”

The opposite is true.

According to my endless research – and practical application – it’s best to shave about eight hours before you have that laser out nuking your follicles. The more visibility the laser has, the more effective the laser hair removal session will be.

4. One Thing At A Time

Before laser hair removal sessions, stop all other hair removal treatments such as waxing and bleaching. Waxing before laser hair removal empties the hair follicle and bleaching lightens it, which makes the laser less effective.

5. Goodbye Sun

I could’ve listed this one first because it is also very noteworthy, but I’m hoping you are going through all these laser hair removal tips as each one is just as important as the other. Tanning before laser hair removal under the sun, sunbed, or using self-tan lotions is highly discouraged both before and after laser hair removal.

My advice is to try avoid the sun about four weeks before and keep applying a high factor sun cream. And remember to follow this advice after the laser hair removal session as well. Saying the words ‘laser hair removal’ and ‘sunburn’ in the same sentence just sounds ouch!

After the Treatment

Now that the first laser hair removal session is done, you need to take note of additional laser hair removal tips for ‘after treatment’ because this is just as important.

Please remember:

Tweezing/plucking after laser hair removal (as well as waxing) should be avoided because you’ll be removing hair from the follicle and the next laser hair removal session is going to be pointless because the laser won’t hit the target.

If you need to deforest post-laser, shaving after laser hair removal is actually the best thing to do! Ironically, while you are doing laser to avoid shaving, for a short while shaving will become your best friend.

The good news?

Post-shave, there will be little to no regrowth for a gooood while.

On a completely different note, one surprising thing you need to avoid is working out after laser hair removal. Unfortunately, it is best to not exercise excessively (if at all, for at least a day) because when your body sweats it creates a bacterial festival, which could lead to infection and ingrown hairs.

Don’t Add Fuel to the Fire!

I can’t stress this enough:

You need to apply sun cream regularly specifically after laser hair removal as exposure to the sun can irritate the skin and interfere with the laser treatment.

The same applies for about twenty-four hours to avoid hot showers, deodorants, perfumes, and perfumed lotions that can react when applied to skin that has just been exposed to The Force.

Remember, it is going to be sensitive so you don’t want to make it any worse.

The Bottom Line…

If you’re wondering what to expect after laser hair removal, don’t expect too much (right away) and keep at it for at least eight months! During and after the process, use the laser hair removal tips listed above to make it stress-free and comfortable because, well –

I can vouch for the results at the end of it.

It is worth it and I feel victorious that we are winning in the Hair Struggle.

Any thoughts or questions? Share in the comment section below!

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   About the author Alyssa Kaye

Alyssa is a young, professional blogger living in Hoboken, NJ. Thanks to her Middle Eastern heritage, Alyssa is no stranger to unwanted hair. She has tried every laser hair removal product on the market in a quest to find the best!

April 29, 2020

Finishing Touch Flawless Legs Women’s Hair Remover Review

Finishing Touch Flawless Legs Women’s Hair Remover Review

Are you tired of using subpar razors and trimmers to remove your leg hair? When you have a bad razor, you end up with an uneven shave, hairs left behind, and even cuts.

It’s not comfortable, and of course, waxing is painful, not something which everybody wants to go through.

However, there are some really nice high-quality shavers for women’s legs, and in this article we are going to review one of the best.

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Finishing Touch Flawless Legs Women’s Hair Remover: Review

The Finishing Touch Flawless Legs Women’s Hair Remover is a moderately priced women’s leg hair remover, which can also be used on other body parts. However, keep in mind that this product cannot be used on the armpits.

Who is this product for?

The Finishing Touch Flawless Legs Women’s Hair Remover is designed for any woman who wants to remove leg hair with ease, for a limited cost, and who wants a product that will last.

If you have sensitive skin and a lot of skin contours that are hard to deal with in terms of other normal razors, the Finishing Touch Flawless Legs Women’s Hair Remover is a good option for you.

It’s designed for fast, safe, and easy hair removal. It does cost more than your average razor, but it also lasts much longer and is far easier to use as well.

What’s included?

When you purchase the Finishing Touch Flawless Legs Women’s Hair Remover, you get a hair remover that features a pivoting head, one that comes complete with 4 gold-plated shaving heads for fast, efficient, and close leg shaving every single time.

Keep in mind that the Finishing Touch Flawless Legs Women’s Hair Remover is a rechargeable leg shaver, and it comes with the charging cable and equipment included as well.

Overview of features

The Finishing Touch Flawless Legs Women’s Hair Remover has a good number of features which are worth mentioning.

For one, this is a battery-powered device, which some people may not like, but the fact that you do not have to deal with a power cord is nice because you can use it from anywhere without needing a wall socket, plus there is no cord to get in the way.

On that same note, the Finishing Touch Flawless Legs Women’s Hair Remover has a pretty good battery life, and can easily last more than long enough to shave your legs and other areas of your body before it needs to be recharged.

Something else which stands out about this hair remover is that it comes with a head that is designed to work well over the contours of your legs.

You get a total of 4 high-quality gold-plated razor heads which provide a really close shave every time.

When it comes down to it, the Finishing Touch Flawless Legs Women’s Hair Remover is probably the next best options next to waxing, one that will provide you with baby-smooth legs. No matter what kind of contours your legs have, it is going to be able to maneuver over them with ease.

The included shaver head, which has 4 razor heads in a square pattern, is designed to last for many shaves, at least 100, or even more. 

There is also the fact that the replacement heads are easy to find and don’t cost all that much, although the cost will start to add up over time.

Something else you might like about the Finishing Touch Flawless Legs Women’s Hair Remover is that it comes with a very ergonomic design.

It is made to fit in the palm of your hand with ease, so you can hold it effectively without slipping, and thus you can get an accurate shave without cutting yourself.

What is also pretty cool is that the Finishing Touch Flawless Legs Women’s Hair Remover comes with LED lights so you can see exactly what is going on at all times.

Finally, it is made to provide you with a super close shave without risking any cuts, nicks, or irritation.

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There is really not too much to know about using the Finishing Touch Flawless Legs Women’s Hair Remover. It is a very simple device.

All you have to do is plug it in, make sure it is charged, use the on/off switch to turn it on, and slowly pull it along your skin to remove all hair.

You don’t need any water or soap, just the hair remover itself. If you notice it getting dull, you will need to replace the shaving head.



  • check4 shaver heads to work with contours
  • checkLong lasting battery life
  • checkErgonomic design to fit in the palm of the hand
  • checkClose and accurate shave every single time



  • Somewhat expensive, especially to replace the head
  • Not the most durable item out there


In case you would like to go with something a little more basic, which does not require any kind of power source, or in other words, if you want a basic cartridge razor, there are some good alternatives you can take a look at.

One such option is the Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide razor, and another good option is any product from Venus.


When all is said and done, if you need a good leg shaver, the Finishing Touch Flawless Legs Women’s Hair Remover is a great way to go.

It fits comfortably in your hand, it has good battery life, and it provides you with a really close shave every time.

April 29, 2020

Best Way to Get Rid of Back Hair

Psst! Before you dive in… I just wanted to make sure that you didn’t miss my epic guide to hair removal for men!

At the end of the day, some men (and their women/men) like hair.

Some of them like beards.

Some of them like a good hairy chest.

Some of them even say the little tufts of fur on their man’s knuckles are “cute” (i.e. tolerable).

But when it comes to back hair, it seems society’s general appreciation for the permanent sweater fades- fast.

In waxing salons, a back hair wax for men is the most common male treatment, but back hair removal at home is tricky (that is, if you’re talking an area any further away than your shoulders).

You either need to have a partner prepared to go through one of the least sexy experiences they ever imagined they go through with you, or you need to have the right equipment to do it yourself.

Needs differ greatly from person to person when it comes to deforesting the back:

While some are after total hair removal, many are just looking to manage the growth and reduce its thickness.

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Below is a rundown of the best ways to get rid of back hair:

4 Best Ways to Get Rid of Back Hair

1. Hair removal cream

This is the most foolproof method of total back hair removal; the only difficulty lies in the application. Obviously it’s best if there’s someone at home who can help you apply it, otherwise you’re looking at a few minutes of contorting and wriggling as you try to apply it all over the hard to reach areas- not impossible, but not exactly easy.

To make it easier for yourself you can invest in a long-armed applicator, such as this Zehui Long Armed Applicator (which also doubles as a massager…because why not).

Expert tip:

Since you’re dealing with such a large surface area, you’re going to want to buy a cream that comes in a big bottle (preferably with a pump head for cleanliness); I usually stick with Nair for Men for this reason.

2. Shaving

…with a really REALLY long razor…no seriously.

Okay, so it’s not the most elegant of solutions, but a long-armed razor will help you reach the middle of your back without pulling a muscle.

If you’ve been wondering how to shave your back alone, look no further than this specifically designed product from BakBlade:

It’s the best I’ve found for the job. The best part about it is how wide the blade is, meaning you can take care of huge areas in a small amount of time.

In truth:

Although shaving isn’t the optimal solution here (mainly because it takes quite some time to do and results are fleeting) it’s still worth mentioning for its cheapness and simplicity.

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3. Back waxing or epilating

These methods of back hair removal, while long lasting and super effective, are not something that can really be done on your own.

You’re in luck if you’ve got a willing partner; you can even make it into something fun if you get creative.

If you go down this route, kit yourself out with a good quality high speed epilator, or wax strips/hot wax.

4. Laser hair removal

Lasering your back is a brilliant way of either totally removing or reducing your hair growth- depending on what your needs are.

The thing is:

You’re not going to be able to do it solo. If you have a partner willing to help you with your at-home laser hair removal, you’ll find it offers a long term solution.

The Bottom Line?

Men’s hair removal methods vary greatly depending on body part and hair growth patterns, so there’s really no best-overall way to get rid of back hair, but you can choose the best method for you out of shaving, hair removal creams, laser and back waxing. 

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Got a question? A hair removal challenge? A crazy-ass story? I want them all! Give me a shout in the comment section.

 About the author Dave Levitt

Dave is a Brooklyn-based editor with a specific interest in the recent trend of men adopting beauty and self-care routines. It’s not all about the ultra-masculine-packaged, strongly-scented all-purpose shower gels anymore! Modern men are seeking the quality resources to turn to when it comes to skincare, haircare and fashion. Dave’s hard and passionate work is dedicated to building up more resources like that on the web.

April 29, 2020

Top 5 Best Razors for Women

Top 5 best razors for women

How do you tell the difference between a razor that is going to give you perfectly preened pins and one that’s going to shred your skin to pieces? If you’re anything like me, shaving is probably one of your least favorite activities. I try to avoid it as much as possible, but grizzly bear isn’t such a great look for me.

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In effort to minimize the hassle and time I spend shaving, following this ultimate best electric razors and hair trimmers review I’ve compiled a list of the best razors for women on the market:



Our Rating


Best Disposable Razor: Gillette Venus Women’s Razor, Sensitive
Best Razor for Sensitive Skin: Gillette Venus Embrace Razor
Best Razor and Trimmer Combo: Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Moisturizing Razor
Best Refillable Razor: Schick Hydro Silk Razor
Best Budget Pick Razor: BIC Soleil Bella Women’s Disposable Razor

Read on to find out which one is the best women’s razor for you!

Why Choose a Razor?

There’s a whole pile of hair removal options for ladies these days: from waxing and sugaring, IPL and laser, to epilation. While these options can give a very long lasting and super smooth effect, they can be pricey, and painful! Plus a lot of these options require trips to the beauticians or specialists, since they are a bit more involved to do yourself. Shaving answers a lot of these problems: it’s cheap, effective, painless, gives a silky smooth finish, and can be done at home. This is when it all goes well! I’m a girl with thick, dark hair pretty much all over my body and let me tell you I’ve tried to shave all of it at some point in my life. Using an electric razor for women can be great too, but it will never give you that silky smooth finish of a manual razor. However, using an unsuitable manual razor can result in rashy skin, cuts, irritation, bumps, ingrown hairs and painful or itchy regrowth. I’ve learned my lesson the hard way, so take it from me – a good quality razor will be the difference between hairless perfection and some pretty nasty comeuppance.

Not All Razors are Created Equal

With so many womens razors on the market, it can be hard to know which one to choose. You often see female razor brands offering seemingly endless variations of the same product, with gimmicky changes like different scents, colors, or miniscule adjustments. How can you tell the difference between a product that has been manufactured just for the sake of marketing a new product, or one that has genuinely been designed in answer to our call for the perfect ladies razor? Let me tell you, it’s a jungle out there. So to prevent you from growing a little jungle of your own, I’ve got a couple of tips to share so you can improve your search for smooth. First thing to know is that not all razors are created equal!​ Apart from the obvious differences in quality and style, women’s razors are also designed differently depending on the purpose of use.

How do you Know Which Razor to Use?

This will depend on a few things: your skin, your hair type, and which body part you are shaving. For example: if you are planning to shave your bikini area there are ladies razors designed specifically for this- they usually have a small razor head and extra cushioning to stop your sensitive down there skin from getting irritated. However, these razors wouldn’t be the best choice necessarily if you want to shave your legs (a large surface area like your legs would take ages with a small bikini razor head). Razors for leg shaving have different attributes, for example: some people prefer a pivoting head to make shaving the bumpy areas around your knees a bit smoother; others prefer the control and stability of a fixed razor head. If you are someone who has sensitive skin, you’re probably going to look for a razor that has hypoallergenic strips, or a product infused with a moisturizing agent like aloe, coconut, or shea butter. Below I have compiled a list of best picks depending on your specific shaving requirements; so sit back, relax, and get ready to have your shaving world simplified.

5 Best Razors for Women Countdown

1. Best Disposable Razor: Gillette Venus Women’s Disposable Razor

  • checkAloe infused moisture strip 
  • checkPivoting head
  • checkComfortable grip

These guys come in a pack of three and are not the cheapest option but definitely not the most expensive either, and there are a bunch of added features to justify the cost. Each razor has 3 blades and a protective moisture strip infused with aloe, which is great for preventing irritation on sensitive skin. The handle has a ‘no-slip’ design, and fits comfortably in your hand thanks to the easy grip material.

The razor has a pivoting head, which means as you use it the head kind of lifts and falls with the natural shape of your body. Some people love this feature, claiming it makes shaving the ‘knobbly bits’ easier. Personally I prefer the control I get with a fixed head, but again that’s just down to individual preference.

The benefit of using a disposable razor like this one is that you don’t need to fiddle around with replaceable blades when it goes dull, you just toss it away and begin using a fresh one. Of course the downside of this is that you end up consuming a lot more material- maybe not the best choice for the environmentalist in you.



  • aloe infused moisture strip prevents irritation
  • pivoting head for shaving contours
  • comfortable grip
  • no need to replace head



  • more expensive than other disposables
  • possibly less control than with a fixed head razor
  • higher levels of waste

2. Best Razor for Sensitive Skin: Gillette Venus Embrace

  • check5 blades to prevent cuts 
  • checkLess waste than disposables
  • checkMoisture strip

Another member of the Gillette Venus family, the Embrace model differs in that it is a reusable razor with replaceable blades.

The benefit of this is clear, you only ever need to buy the one razor, and when the blades go dull you just need to pick up a little pack of the blade refills. This will eventually be cheaper in the long run, and much more environmentally friendly than using a disposable.

The razor head sports 5 blades, as opposed to its 3 blade disposable sister, which makes for a much more skin hugging shave and yet again reduces the likelihood of nicking or cutting yourself- this might be the best razor for women with sensitive skin.

There’s a moisture strip and protective guard on either side of the blades which is helpful if you find yourself getting cut easily when shaving. However the one drawback of the design here is that the blades are so well protected that they actually don’t hug the skin as closely as other models (i.e. not such a close shave unless you put a bit of pressure on it).

For the price you can get the razor (empty head) plus two sets of refills, which is a pretty good deal considering the longevity of the blades. Gillette get a big, big thumbs up from me for the packaging on the Venus Embrace because it is so easy to open- yes, even in the throes of a slippy, soapy, mid shower razor search.



  • 5 blades to prevent nicks and cuts
  • less waste than disposables
  • moisture strip and protective guard
  • easy to open packaging



  • not the closest shave
  • need to fiddle with refills when time comes to replace blades
  • more expensive than disposables

3. Best Razor and Trimmer Combo: Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle

  • check2in1 trimmer and razor 
  • checkRefillable razor blades
  • checkShea butter moisture strip

What I love most about this model is that it is a razor and a bikini trimmer in one device, it tops my list for best electric shaver for women. I often come into difficulty because I try to make a product do two things when it is only designed for one. Trying to maintain a short, groomed downstairs can be hard with a razor designed to give a close shave, but the TrimStyle does both.

The trimmer end is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about using it in the shower (but you do need to be vigilant with cleaning it, wet hair clogs it up easily). It’s got 4 different trim settings so whether you are trying to keep a short, long, or in between length, maintaining your hairstyle won’t be a problem.

The (refillable) razor end is infused with shea-butter which gives an awesome moisturized finish and reduces irritation (the manufacturer says up to 2 hours of full on moisture after shaving). There are 5 razor blades, which again is great for preventing irritation and producing a close, cut free shave.

The Schick TrimStyle is one of the best women’s electric razor for those who have more than one hair removal requirement: keeping the lady parts trim and tame, and legs silky smooth.



  • 2in1 trimmer and razor for multipurpose hair removal
  • refillable razor blades
  • shea butter moisture strip
  • 5 blades good for preventing irritation



  • bulkier design because of the trimmer
  • requires more cleaning

4. Best Refillable Razor: Schick Hydro Silk

  • check5 blades for nick-free shave 
  • checkSuper close shave
  • checkMoisturizing

Schick also make a standalone version of the TrimStyle, which is handy for those who don’t need the bikini trimmer functionality. Just like the razor on the TrimStyle, this Hydro Silk model has 5 blades to prevent nicks and cuts whilst still maintaining a close shave.

The moisturizing strip is water activated, and it does a great job of keeping your skin feeling extra soft and smooth all day after you shave. This in conjunction with the very flat angle of the razor blade combine to give a very close and long lasting shave- which is a huge bonus for me as my hair tends to grow faster than Usain Bolt runs.

I love the purple color of the razor handle, which is also very comfy to use thanks to its rubbery easy grip design. The blades are replaceable on this model too, so over time you’ll go through far less waste than with a disposable. The only problem I have with this product is the design of the blade refills: on a Venus Gillette there is a little plastic flared piece that you can handle to avoid getting cut when replacing the blades, but the Schick doesn’t have this part so you need to be extra careful when popping those refills on.



  • 5 blades for nick-free shave
  • moisturizing
  • super close shave
  • long lasting results
  • nice design



  • need to buy blade refills
  • must be extra careful when replacing blades to avoid cuts

5. Best Budget Pick Razor: Bic Soleil Bella

  • checkSuper cheap 
  • checkEnriched with coconut milk
  • checkPivoting head

It’s not very often you can find a 4 blade razor at this price, but the Bic Soleil Bella are one of the best women’s razor in terms of price: they are super cheap, good quality, 4 blade, disposable razors.

Price wise these guys can’t be beaten- great choice for a lady on a budget.

This model also has a pivoting head, which as I have mentioned before, I’m not a fan of because I feel I have less control than with a fixed head (but this is just personal preference).

Each razor has a moisturizing strip infused with coconut milk, which I have never seen in any other razor… I love this, anything coconut is a winner to me.

One other thing I really appreciate with these razors is the color palette- the blues and greens are delicious ocean-like colors.

Everything about these razors have been thoughtfully designed, including the blade cover which is a strong piece of plastic that slides on from the side, not one of the flimsy plastic types that clip on and fall off again.



  • very, very cheap
  • 4 blades for a close and cut-free shave
  • enriched with moisturizing coconut milk
  • pivoting head for shaving contours
  • nicely designed



  • disposable razors = more waste
  • possibly less control than with a fixed head

And the Winner is…

This is not the first time, and certainly not the last time Schick tops the list: it has got to be the Schick Hydro Silk razor that wins this time. It’s cheaper than the Gillette model, it’s got refillable blades which means less waste than disposables, it’s got moisturizing properties for sensitive skin, and the super flat blades give the closest shave of any razor I’ve tested.



Our Rating


Best Disposable Razor: Gillette Venus Women’s Razor, Sensitive
Best Razor for Sensitive Skin: Gillette Venus Embrace Razor
Best Razor and Trimmer Combo: Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Moisturizing Razor
Best Refillable Razor: Schick Hydro Silk Razor
Best Budget Pick Razor: BIC Soleil Bella Women’s Disposable Razor

Although the Schick Trimstyle tops my list for best electric razor for women, the Hydro Silk razor is so slim and small in comparison which I love. And even though it doesn’t exactly contribute to the quality – the purple color is the best. Schick Hydro Silk ticks all the boxes, so for sure it’s one of the best razors for women.

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   About the author Alyssa Kaye

Alyssa is a young, professional blogger living in Hoboken, NJ. Thanks to her Middle Eastern heritage, Alyssa is no stranger to unwanted hair. She has tried every laser hair removal product on the market in a quest to find the best!

April 29, 2020

Top 5 Devices for Laser Hair Removal for Your Face

Remember my full beginner’s guide to choosing (and using) your home laser hair removal device? This time, we will look into which ones would work best for your facial hair!

Whether we find it on our upper lips, our stomachs, underarms, chins, or even our jawlines, those of us who are concerned about extra hair are always looking for ways to get rid of unwanted facial hair that seems to come back stronger, thicker, and faster every time.

But think about this:

How would you like the idea of removing face hair permanently, at home (no office treatment expenses!) with a facial hair laser removal machine — and never having to shave of wax your facial hair again?

Great news —

There are plenty of products on the market enabling you to do just that! In fact, there is so many of them that we felt an urge to help you find the best permanent facial hair removal product for you.

By the end of this article, you will know exactly how to get the chin / sideburns / upper lips laser hair removal device that will work wonders for you and your life. Here's what's on the table:

Read on to find your new favorite device!

IPL for Face: What You Need to Know

If you have never bought a laser hair removal machine, you may wonder if it will work for you, if it is safe to use, what precautions you should take, and what to look for while shopping for one. Here, I will help you to better understand how laser hair removal facial treatment can help you to feel more confident, look better, and what factors to consider while shopping.

Does it work?

As with any do-it-yourself treatment or beauty service, you have to do it right to see results. Home laser hair removal for upper lip / chin / jawline products are easy to use, but there are steps to follow so that you can achieve results seen in laser hair removal face before and after pictures. While it depends on the laser hair removal device, each one has similar steps for you to take to achieve the desired results of eventually having no hair.

How to use the laser hair removal device for face?

Here is an example of what you need to do with most laser hair removal machines, but keep in mind that it may differ according to the machine:

Make sure that your skin is completely clean and shave the area that you will be "lasering." Also, ensure that your skin is completely dry before starting.

Start on the lowest level of treatment. You will want to start off slowly as it does cause some discomfort.

(via GIPHY)

As your body gets used to it, start going up a level every time. Treat the area every two weeks.

Depending on the particular machine's instructions, you will want to try at least 8 treatments to start seeing results, although it typically takes more to truly achieve no hair.

It's important to consider that the higher levels on a device for laser facial hair removal for face work better, so if you can build yourself up to that, you will be almost completely sure to see a difference.

How to choose the best device for facial laser hair removal?

Of course, if you want to be sure that the female facial hair removal tool works, you should take your time to research products before purchasing and always look for the best quality ones that have been proven to work.

Some ways to be sure that you are getting a good facial hair removal laser is to look for these following features and factors.

You want to be sure that it has been deemed safe by the FDA. Not only because this means that it's a better machine, but also because it means that it's safer for you to use than one that wasn't approved. Ones that have been approved by the FDA will typically have extra safety features, so also look for this type of information when shopping.

(via GIPHY)

Look for one that can be used on your skin color. Unfortunately, laser hair removal products are not safe for home use on darker skin tones. Many of them won't even function on the darker skin because they have a built-in sensor to test your skin pigmentation. If you have light hair, such as blonde, gray, or white, a laser hair removal on face will not be as effective as it would be on someone with darker hair and could take many more treatments than it does for those with darker hair.

Observe the levels on the machine. You want one that offers several different ones, as the sensitivity levels are different for different parts of the body.

Check out the size of the window for the laser or IPL. If you have large areas that you want to remove hair on, it helps to have larger windows that offer more coverage.

If you have kids, you want to be sure that there is some type of lock feature or code to keep them from hurting themselves.

Also check out how often the IPL lights will need to be replaced as this could cause an extra cost if the manufacturer has used lights that don't provide enough flashes per light. While it may seem time-consuming, investigating this could save you considerable money.

(via GIPHY)

Typically, the best candidates for laser hair removal on the face and body are people with light pale skin and darker hair, although some of the devices also work for people of other skin tones and hair color, but the results may take more time to achieve. If you are not sure about which skin tone category you fall into, you can find your skin type here using the Fitzpatrick quiz. 

It's important to do research about the particular machine that you want to purchase to see if it has been known to work on people with similar skin tones and hair. For men facial hair removal, you want to look for one that specifies that it works on thicker hair.

Other Factors

Before purchasing a device for laser hair removal for chin or for any other part of the body, make sure that it's something that you can commit to. Facial hair removal for women can work, but it requires the user to be consistent in using the machine and using the right laser level to ensure the desired results. It should be mentioned that facial hair removal for men and women can hurt at the beginning, so consider if you are willing to go through a little bit of discomfort for the fabulous reward of no facial hair.

If you want to finally take the step of removing face hair permanently, below are our five top recommendations of face laser hair removal devices.

The Top 5 Products for Face Laser Hair Removal

1. Braun Gillette Venus Silk-Expert IPL 5001 Face & Body Hair Removal System

  • Unique sensor
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Short treatment time 

The Braun Gillette is FDA cleared and has a unique sensor that helps the user be able to use the machine at the right level of light intensity, both for desired results and for safety, making it a good option for those who may have more sensitive skin and are afraid of burns and irritation.

For those worried about hidden costs, Braun machine is a safe choice as it needs neither replacement cartridges nor safety glasses.

What many people may like about it is that each session can be as short as 8 minutes depending on the user's hair type. Its light weight makes it easy to use for extended periods of time.


  • It has a sensor that helps to use the right intensity of light
  • It's lightweight and easy to use
  • It provides shorter treatment time than most


  • It can be painful to use, especially on the higher intensity level
  • Some reviewers complained that they didn't get noticeable results

2. Sensica SensiLight Mini100 FDA-Cleared Permanent Hair Removal Device

  • Affordable
  • 100,000 flashes
  • Double-safety mechanism

The Sensica SensiLight offers 100,000 flashes from its lamp which is enough for an extended period of treatments; this means that there will likely be no need for a cartridge replacement.

It has an advanced double-safety mechanism to protect your skin and RPL (Reactive Pulsed Light) technology claimed to be able to react to your skin's specific needs with every pulse. Because of its small size, it can be used anywhere and at any time, making it easy to keep up with treatment.

It is also a relatively affordable facial hair laser removal device and is FDA approved.


  • No need for replacement cartridges
  • Double-safety protection mechanism 
  • Affordable price


  • Not cordless
  • As painful to use as most laser hair removal devices

3. Remington iLIGHT Ultra Face and Body Hair Removal System

  • Quick flash
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable customer service

This FDA cleared hair removal machine has a quick flash which can help the user achieve desired results in less time. It also has a 50% larger window than most devices, which means that treatments take less time during each treatment session.

Its compact size and light weight make it ideal for those who don't want to carry around a heavy machine, but want to keep up with their treatment even while traveling.

While it does need light cartridge replacement, they are relatively affordable.


  • Quick flash
  • Easy to use
  • Has a large window for quicker treatment sessions
  • Remington provides reliable customer service


  • Somewhat painful to use
  • Only suitable for female facial hair
  • The instructions can be confusing, according to some reviewers

4. LumaRx Full Body IPL Hair Removal Device For Face and Body

  • FDA approved
  • Large window, fast treatments
  • UV protection

Those who are looking for a larger window for quicker treatment times will appreciate the 3cm2 size on the LumaRx. It is an FDA cleared machine and includes ComfortFilter technology which helps to protect users from the UV energy.

While you do have to replace cartridges, the manufacturer offers them at an affordable price.

It can only be used with the cord, but is small enough to fit comfortably in your suitcase should you need to travel.


  • It has a large window for quick treatment time
  • It is FDA approved
  • The device protects against UV energy


  • It can be painful to use
  • May not remove all 100% of unwanted hair
  • Only for female facial hair

5. Philips Lumea Comfort IPL Hair Removal System

  • Long-lasting lamp
  • Cool to the touch pulses
  • SmartSkin technology

The Phillips Lumea Comfort Hair Removal System may be a good idea for people who don't want to bother with maintenance, as the lamps don't need replacing.

Its SmartSkin Technology includes UV filter and a skin tone sensor to protect people with darker skin from burns and scarring. Its easy-to-use design makes it handy for the duration of your treatment session and the device comes with a two-year warranty.

A highly attractive part is that the lamp provides 200,000 flashes which is much more than needed for minimizing hair growth over a span of a year. No replacement lamps will be needed.


  • Long-lasting lamp
  • Cool to the touch pulses
  • SmartSkin technology with UV protection


  • Can be painful to use on higher levels
  • While many reviewers claim to have used it on facial hair successfully, it is not recommended by the manufacturer 

And The Winner Is...

For laser hair removal face treatment, my personal favorite is the Braun Gillette Venus Silk-Expert IPL 5001 because of its quick treatment time, its portability, effectiveness, and because of its protective technology that ensures you can use it safely, without causing damage to your skin. Of course, we wouldn't want to recommend a product that wasn't FDA approved; you want to be sure that the device you're opting for has been deemed by professionals to be a safe machine to use.

Before purchasing, consider the information mentioned above about skin tone and hair color. If you fit in the category, the Braun IPL device may be just what you have been looking for, for your removing face hair permanently. Face laser hair removal is possible—you no longer have to live embarrassed by unsightly chin and upper lip hair with the best facial hair removal machine available for you.

   About the author Alyssa Kaye

Alyssa is a young, professional blogger living in Hoboken, NJ. Thanks to her Middle Eastern heritage, Alyssa is no stranger to unwanted hair. She has tried every laser hair removal product on the market in a quest to find the best!

February 3, 2020

Waxing Ass Hair: Pros, Cons, Risks and Alternatives

Psst! Before you dive in... I just wanted to make sure that you didn't miss my epic guide to hair removal for men!

Bunghole, backdoor, or just simply- ring; we live in an age where butt-talk has become so commonplace that we don’t even bat an eyelid when our chart singers spout out euphemisms about eating ass.

When it comes to the down-there-hair, very few people’s pelts grow in a perfect little V shape in only the right place.

When we talk about pubic grooming, it’s almost always the, front-end workers who get all the attention, but what about waxing asshair or removing hair from the back-end?

Nobody in the history of manscaping has ever said it better than this Reddit user:

For starters, let’s all breathe a deep sigh of relief in the knowledge that we’re about to go through an entire list of hair removal methods that are infinitely better than just “[grabbing] the hair with toilet paper and [tearing] it out”. 

But let’s first talk about what’s so special about the enchanted valley of arse, and what that means for our hair removal techniques.

Like the rest of your genital area, your skin here is soft and sensitive, even more so because it’s an area that rarely gets exposed to the light of day (only on special occasions, amirite?)

Depending on your hair growth, you could have anything from peach fuzz to a full-on pube forest, and the most suitable technique for you is going to depend on your own needs (and make sure to check out my full article: how to get rid of butt hair).

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the options:

Ass Hair Removal: The Do’s

1. Waxing Asshair

What’s the reason waxing ass hair is such an effective solution?

Because it tones down the scratchiness you’d normally experience during the regrowth phase, which you better believe feels like walking around with a piece of coarse sandpaper clenched between your butt cheeks.

That, coupled with the fact that results will last several weeks makes waxing the optimum solution for total butt hair removal.

The only downside?

It’s not an easy angle to manage, but do some stretches first and you’ll get there. Hot waxHot wax or strips will both work well.

2. Trimming

If you’re not ready to go whole hog and wax the thing bald, you can always start by managing the hair growth with a tidy-up trim.

Make sure you invest in a pair of contoured clippers that are designed to hug the curves of the body- something like the the Philips Norelco Bodygroom series.

3. Depilatory cream

Men’s hair removal creams are a popular option for this particular variety of manscaping, thanks to the pain-free process and little-to-no skill requirements needed for a successful outcome.

It’s really as simple as this:

Squeeze out a liberal amount of the depilatory cream and whack in on your crack.

One more thing, before you go getting all excited:

Watch out for the ol’ balloon knot- you don’t want any of this stuff swimming up the channel.

4. Epilator

Yeah, that’s gonna sting.


It’ll be just as simple as using a pair of clippers (which you should be able to manage with the help of a mirror and some squats) and results will last several weeks.

The Don’ts

1. Shaving

Although this is the option that many guys go for, shaving causes extremely stubbly regrowth (see sandpaper metaphor above), and comes hand in hand with other issues like ingrown hairs, bumps, and burns.

2. Tweezing

Because, who can actually navigate a pair of tweezers in the mirror to grab a single hair at a time on the backside of your body?

No one I know.

3. Laser hair removal

If you’re delving into the world of home laser hair removal, you need to work precisely and carefully on each individual hair- something you’d never be able to do (unless by some great empowerment from the yogi gods you can look directly at your own arse crack).

What’s the Bottom (Lol) Line?

So, what's the best way to deforest your bum? Is waxing asshair really the answer? Well... there’s really no “best” overall solution - but based on this article as well as my full how to get rid of butt hair guide, you should be able to find the right method for your individual needs.

Got a question? An intimate issue? A crazy-ass waxing story? Be sure to share with me in the comments below!

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waxing asshair

 About the author Dave Levitt

Dave is a Brooklyn-based editor with a specific interest in the recent trend of men adopting beauty and self-care routines. It's not all about the ultra-masculine-packaged, strongly-scented all-purpose shower gels anymore! Modern men are seeking the quality resources to turn to when it comes to skincare, haircare and fashion. Dave's hard and passionate work is dedicated to building up more resources like that on the web.

January 30, 2020

At-Home Hair Removal for Men: The Ultimate Guide of 2022

The full guide to hair removal for men

When it comes to hair removal for men, everyone’s got an opinion.

When I was a kid in school, I took crap from all the other kids in my class because I had “legs hairier than most kids’ dads”; like, oh thanks, welcome to the first grade… I became so self conscious about my body hair (at way too young an age) that I started to shave.

What happened?

I took crap from all the other kids for shaving. That’s one way to teach young ones the meaning of Catch-22.

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

And that’s where this guide comes in:

Nowadays, hair removal is something that people are concerned with regardless of gender, and this guide is all about disclosing the details- especially the intimate ones.

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This is all the information you’ll ever need when it comes to men’s hair removal methods, options, and techniques.

The Truth About ‘Manscaping’

Here’s the deal:

Although most of our female friends probably had it down pat by the time they hit middle school, male interest in hair removal often comes on at a later stage in life, which is largely because as we get older, we experience heavier hair growth.

The bottom line?

Whether it’s for purely aesthetic reasons, or sexual ones, a sporting requirement or just a confidence boost, the fact that you’re concerned with hair removal puts you among nearly 90% of the Western male population who are doing the same.

The Challenges Men are Faced With

Although it is rapidly becoming a cultural norm, a lot of us are still cagey about the hair removal process:

Whether that means being embarrassed to ask for information in fear of being perceived negatively by our peers, or being too nervous to go to a professional salon and baring all in front of a stranger (or getting an erection during a brazilian treatment- which is, as it turns out, a lot more normal than you think).

But that’s not the end of it:

On top of the psychological challenges, there are also some very tangible problems that we are faced with, mainly:

access to and knowledge about male-suitable products.


In a nutshell: men’s skin and hair qualities are very different to that of women, and our hair removal processes need to take that into account.

For these reasons, this article is going to focus on detailing the best products and techniques for at-home hair removal for men.

Let’s look at the options available, and how best to use them.

The Options Available for Men’s Hair Removal

There are two main types of total hair removal methods, permanent and temporary.

1. Permanent hair removal for men

Laser hair removal for men



Our Rating


LumaRx Full Body IPL Hair Removal Device for Face & Body

iluminage Touch IPL Permanent Hair Reduction Device

Remington iLIGHT Pro Hair Removal System

Laser hair removal is a technology that uses very focused lasers that target the hair root and “blast” it so that it is unable to grow again. It usually takes a number of sessions to see results, and the outcome is pretty close to permanent.

The process works best on people with light skin and dark hair; it is not suitable for blonde or red hairs, or dark skin (dark skinned folk can use the specialized nd:YAG laser model).

There’s something very important to note about this method that a lot of people overlook:

Each hair needs to be treated individually, so it’s a very time consuming process, and because it is the hair root that is being sizzled (as opposed to the follicle) there’s still a possibility of another hair root growing nearby it in future.

Laser hair removal is suitable for use on all parts of the body except around the eyes (so no eyebrow treatments); you can even have laser hair removal on beards.

Electrolysis for men

If you’re wondering how to stop hair growth, let me tell you now:

It’s pretty close to impossible unless you’re doing electrolysis. Electrolysis is the only 100% permanent hair removal technique, which involves inserting a hair-sized needle into the hair follicle and sending a charge in that destroys it, and renders it unable to grow hair again.

Alyssa’s comment:Electrolysis is a very time consuming process since each hair needs to be treated individually, so it works best on very small areas – eyebrows, hands, or feet.

While there are a number of home electrolysis kits on the market, I cannot recommend them as a replacement for professional treatment- the risks of skin damage and scarring are high, as are the chances of not getting a successful hair-free outcome.

Here’s the deal:

Since this article is only focusing on the best at-home hair removal methods, I’m not going to include electrolysis in any of my recommendations.

If you are interested in electrolysis, best practice is to consult a pro.

2. Temporary hair removal for men



Our Rating


Wokaar Rapid Melt Hair Removal Waxing Kit

Rubis 3-3/4″ Slanted Tip Tweezer

Emjoi Emagine Dual Opposed 72 Tweezer Head Epilator

Nair Men Hair Removal Cream

Men’s body waxing

Waxing is the sort of technique you’ll either love or hate.

Either way, it is one of the longest lasting and effective methods of temporary hair removal- and it can be done virtually everywhere on the body (as long as you can stand the sting).

You can wax neck hair, back hair, arms/legs, eyebrows, pubic/ass hair…like I said, pretty much anywhere.

There are a number of variations when it comes to men’s hair waxing, especially if you have it done professionally. At-home products can generally be split into two categories: strips or hot wax. Strips are the ready made versions which are comprised of 2 pieces of waxy paper which need to be warmed up between your hands and applied to the skin.

Hot wax (which I personally always find more effective) involves heating up your wax mixture separately, applying it directly to the skin and pressing some kind of muslin cloth or paper on top (or you can buy purpose made strips like these pretty cheap)- then quickly ripping it off in the opposite direction of your hair growth.

If you’re going down the hot wax route, you’re best off to buy an all-in-one kit like this one from Wokaar, which is super convenient for first-timers.


Pro tip: hot wax takes a bit of practice, and getting the right angle is paramount; try it out a few times in an easy to reach spot before you start getting adventurous.

I won’t kid you:

It’s not a pain free experience- but results last anywhere from 3-6 weeks and over time, hairs will grow back more sparsely than before. It also has less side effects than shaving (less risk of rashes and irritation), and the chance of ingrown hairs can be further reduced by gently exfoliating and using an alpha-hydroxy lotion the day after.

Waxing is suitable for large and small areas alike, although it is not a very precise method of hair removal so using it for very detailed areas like the eyebrows can be tricky if you haven’t got a lot of practice.

Tweezing for men

Tweezing as a form of hair removal is a double edged sword:

It’s precise, effective, and cheap hair removal, but because each hair has to be pulled more or less individually, it’s not an ideal method for removing hair from larger areas.

Keep the tweezers for the small stuff; eyebrows, nose, ears, hands and feet, and the odd pubic hair you might have missed.

I swear by Rubis tweezers; thanks to their being super high quality, stainless steel, Swiss made products.

Alyssa’s comment: Invest in a good quality pair of stainless steel tweezers once in your life, and you’ll never have to buy another pair again. Ever.  

Epilator for men

Here’s the deal:

Epilators combine the concept of tweezing with the technology of an electric shaver, but instead of ‘cutting’ the hairs the way a shaver would, it utilises a number of tiny tweezer-like mechanisms to pull hairs out in bulk.

Most epilators use 72 tweezers, and the good ones like this one from Emjoi, have multiple speed settings.

It’s not for the faint-hearted (or as the person in the Reddit forum so eloquently put it, “epilators are painful as shit”), but if you can handle the sting you’ll be rewarded with results that last as long as waxing that can be achieved with less technical skill.

Epilators are great for removing large amounts of hair from the legs and arms for example, but you’ve got to be brave to put them anywhere near your more sensitive regions- although if you do- remember, numbing cream is always an option.

Hair removal cream for men

Hair removal cream, or depilatory cream as it’s sometimes called, is the preferred option for many men because the results last longer than shaving and it offers painless hair removal.

How does it work?


In a nutshell: the creams contain strong chemicals that work to break down the proteins that bond your hairs together, so when applied to the hairs it will turn them into a jelly-like substance in a matter of minutes, that can then be wiped away with a washcloth or plastic spatula.

The cream works on hair just below the surface of the skin, resulting in a super smooth finish which lasts considerably longer than shaving (anywhere from a couple of days to 2 weeks depending on hair growth, although personally I’m definitely only at the ‘couple of days’ end of the spectrum).

Men’s hair removal cream is suitable for use all over the body…

BUT (yes, there’s a but):

I don’t recommend using it on beard hair, even though facial hair removal cream for men does exist…stay away from it; your skin will thank you.

One more thing:

If you plan to use it on your pubic area, there are creams specifically designed to give the best results for this purpose- use them.

Alyssa’s comment: most depilatory creams are designed for women, but some brands also carry a small range for men – extra strong and capable of dissolving coarse, thick hair. 

Although many guys report great results using female products, the men’s creams are concocted specifically to work on thicker, coarser male hair (without the need to leave the ‘normal’ creams on for longer and risk damaging your skin).

But be extremely careful:

Depilatory creams do carry their own risks.

If you leave them on too long you can experience a pretty nasty chemical burn (if you have an allergic reaction you’ll also end up with a mean looking rash), which is why it’s crucial you do a patch test on a small area before going to town with the whole bottle.

These are all great options for total hair removal, but what if the bald effect isn’t what we’re going for?

Maybe you feel it would look unnatural to have absolutely no hair in a certain area, so you’re just looking to tackle a certain amount of the growth.

Then what?

This is where hair thinning methods come into play.

3. Hair Thinning Methods



Our Rating


Remington iLIGHT Pro Clinically Proven Hair Removal System

Stop Hair 100% Natural Permanent Hair Growth Inhibitor

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 2100, CloseCut Blade System

At-home laser

As mentioned above, laser hair removal targets one hair at a time.

What does that mean?

It means you can choose which hairs go and which stay- it’s an awesome method when you’re looking to thin out your hair growth as opposed to removing everything.

Remington’s iLIGHT is a perfect entry-level device if you’re new to laser.

Hair growth inhibitor

Where it may be unsuitable (or just undesirable) to use other hair removal methods- the beard, for example- you can use products that will inhibit the growth of your hair.

When it comes to hair removal products, natural is always better. Stop Grow’s hair inhibitor formula is what I usually use and it works amazingly (plus all natural ingredients!)

Here’s the bottom line:

These products will not actually remove hair, but they will help to lengthen the amount of time between your other hair removal sessions, and over time they can be very effective in discouraging overall thickness of growth.

Electric trimming for men

Consider this:

Electric trimmers and shavers are a great method for maintaining a ‘groomed’ look, and offer a welcome alternative for people who suffer from razor burn and irritation when shaving with a blade.

Philips pretty much set the gold standard when it comes to electric shavers. The Norelco is my ‘old-faithful’ thanks to its durability and cost effectiveness.

Traditionally, trimmers are used on the head and face, but nowadays there are more and more men trimming leg hair, pubic hair, chest hair, and even using trimmers for the finer details like ear, eyebrow, and nose hairs.

How do they work?

Electric razors work with a clipper or rotary blade that spin underneath a protective shield, which then trims the hairs it comes into contact with.

Here’s the best part:

Since the closeness of the shave can be adjusted, electric shavers are a great way to maintain a desired hair length, especially on areas like the chest, shoulders, and groin.

Just be aware:

By its nature, an electric shaver is never going to be able to give you a really smooth result because the blade does not come into direct contact with the skin.

Now we’ve laid the foundation, let’s look at how best to fight the fur on each body part:

 About the author Dave Levitt

Dave is a Brooklyn-based editor with a specific interest in the recent trend of men adopting beauty and self-care routines. It’s not all about the ultra-masculine-packaged, strongly-scented all-purpose shower gels anymore! Modern men are seeking the quality resources to turn to when it comes to skincare, haircare and fashion. Dave’s hard and passionate work is dedicated to building up more resources like that on the web.

January 29, 2020

Best Hard Wax of 2022 – Complete Reviews with Comparisons

Best Hard Wax of 2021

Are you tired of shaving and shaving, and then shaving some more? If so, it might be time to get some hard wax and a wax heater so you can do your waxing at home.

Let’s get right to it and take a look at some of the best available hard waxes.

Looking for the Best Waxing Kit? My Top 10

Comparison Table

Image Product Price
Lansley Hard Wax Beans
GiGi Brazilian Body Hard Wax
KoluaWax Hard Wax Beans
Kotamu Waxing Kit
Yovanpur Wax Beans

Best Hard Wax: Reviews

1. Lansley Hard Wax Beans

  • checkCost effective
  • checkDesigned to reduce pain
  • checkComes with aloe

If you need wax for your eyebrows, back, arms, and anything in between, these Lansley slow cooling wax beans might be right for you.


The Lansley Hard Wax Beans use a special method where they do not get too hot and they also cool slowly, which should help to reduce the pain associated with waxing. 

Make no mistake, waxing is going to hurt a bit no matter what, but as far as the level of pain goes, Lansley Hard Wax Beans are better than most options.

What you might also like about these Lansley Hard Wax Beans is that they have Aloe Vera in them, which helps to soothe the skin, both during and after waxing, which also helps to reduce pain and irritation.

These Lansley Hard Wax Beans are ideal for both large and small areas, plus it’s fine for both coarse and fine hair. This wax is compatible with any wax warmer, and it’s much more cost effective than going to a salon.



  • checkCost effective
  • checkDesigned to reduce pain
  • checkComes with aloe



  • Unclear instructions

2. GiGi Brazilian Body Hard Wax

  • checkDesigned for Brazilian bikini waxing
  • checkIdeal for coarse hair
  • checkIdeal for delicate areas

If you need body wax for hair waxing, and you want something that is cost effective, works with any wax warmer, and is good for fairly sensitive skin, this GiGi Brazilian Body Hard Wax might be a good option for you.


GiGi Brazilian Body Hard Wax is designed to work with any wax warmer. Simply use the little tool to add as much to any wax warmer as you need, heat it up, and you are ready to wax.

What is nice about this GiGi Brazilian Body Hard Wax is that it features a strip-free formula, which makes it ideal for delicate and sensitive areas, such as for Brazilian bikini waxing.

GiGi Brazilian Body Hard Wax is designed for extreme Brazilian waxing. It’s designed for delicate areas with coarse hair, and yes, it works quite well.

One thing to understand is that wax is quite sticky and can be a bit hard to remove at times.



  • checkDesigned for Brazilian bikini waxing
  • checkIdeal for coarse hair
  • checkIdeal for delicate areas



  • Can be very sticky

3. KoluaWax Hard Wax Beans

  • checkFast melting and easy to remove
  • checkSticks to coarse hair
  • checkLarge quantity for a low price

If you need a good option for bikini waxing, these KoluaWax Hard Wax Beans might also be a good choice.


Something that stands out about these KoluaWax Hard Wax Beans is that they come at a very reasonable price. A single bag of these hard wax beans should be enough for a full 40 bikini waxes.

Although these KoluaWax Hard Wax Beans are specifically designed for bikini waxing, they are also ideal for any area of the body that has coarse hair, whether the legs, back, arms, or anywhere in between.

The special formula is designed to stick to your hair, but not to your skin, and it even comes with quite a nice fragrance, which is more than can be said for most other hard waxes.

It melts quickly, it pulls off clean, and it works for pretty much anywhere except for the face.



  • checkFast melting and easy to remove
  • checkSticks to coarse hair but not to skin
  • checkLarge quantity for a low price



  • Some people do not like the scent
  • Not ideal for smooth and fine hair

4. Kotamu Waxing Kit

  • checkComes with a wax warmer
  • checkIdeal for small and medium size areas
  • checkIncludes aloe vera for soothing

If you need a good all-inclusive waxing kit, this Kotamu Waxing Kit is a good choice. It doesn’t cost too much, it comes with 4 bags of hard wax beads, and it comes with the wax warmer included as well.


The Kotamu Waxing Kit comes with 4 small bags of hard wax beads, and they are ideal for waxing small- and medium-size areas of the body, although this is not the best for very large areas, as it just does not come with all that much wax.

However, the wax which is included is designed to remove both fine and coarse hair with relative ease, and it should only stick to hair, not to your skin.

What is also nice about this Kotamu Waxing Kit, is that the included wax also has aloe vera incorporated, which means that it helps to soothe your skin both during and after waxing, and therefore helps to reduce the pain and irritation associated with it.

The included wax warmer is not the best in the world, but it works well enough for basic use.



  • checkComes with a wax warmer
  • checkIdeal for small and medium size areas
  • checkIncludes aloe vera for soothing



  • Not much wax included
  • Not ideal for larger areas

5. Yovanpur Wax Beans

  • checkSimple and fast
  • checkCan be removed by hand
  • checkNatural

If you need a cost effective option in terms of hard wax, these Yovanpur Wax Beans are another selection for you to consider.


One thing which we like about the Yovanpur Wax Beans is that they are natural wax beans with all-natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals.

What’s also cool about these wax beans is that the wax melts really fast so you can get to work right away, plus, when it comes time to remove it, the wax can be easily peeled away by hand.

Although, what does need to be said is that this does nothing to reduce pain.



  • checkSimple and fast
  • checkCan be removed by hand
  • checkNatural



  • A bit painful

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, all of these options are somewhat similar, but if you don’t already have a wax heater, we would recommend the Kotamu Waxing Kit.

Other than that, if you would like a very cost-effective option, either the Yovanpur Wax Beans or the Lansley Hard Wax Beans are ideal.

January 16, 2020

The Ultimate Shaving Guide (+5 Best Razors) for Black Men

Before you dive in... If you want to find out exactly how to deforest any part of your body with amazing results, check out Dave's awesome guide to choosing the best safety razor and the notorious full guide to hair removal for men!

For a black man, shaving can be a real nightmare:

Ingrown hairs, razor burn, inexplicable bumps that just won’t go away- the issues are relentless.

This is made even worse by the fact that black skin enhances the look of blemishes and scars, which means if you’re someone who’s suffering from the problems above, the effects can last a long time.

Sounding familiar?

In this ultimate guide, I’m going to go through exactly what you need to do to combat the problems that you’ve been experiencing.

By first explaining exactly why these problems are occurring, we’ll then be able to identify what it is that needs to be done to solve them.

Next, I’m going to tell you step-by-step how to prepare your skin for the ultimate shave; I’ll also reveal my tried and tested techniques during a shave that make all the difference.

Finally, we’ll go through the best creams, lotions, potions, and razors for black man:

Let’s get started!

Problems with shaving for black men: the WHY it happens

The problems that black men experience during (and after) a shave can be broken down into two simple sections:

Skin, and hair.

Skin-wise, sensitivity plays a big role. It often goes overlooked because the obvious culprit is the thickness and curliness of Afro hair, but in fact, black skin is highly prone to sensitivity.

Sensitive skin can be a real pain when it comes to shaving. You’re more likely to experience razor burn and discomfort, and the likelihood of accidentally getting nicked with a blade goes way up, too.

But that’s just the beginning.

The real villain is the type of hair black men have: thick, curly, and extremely dense.

These factors are the main reason we’re so prone to ingrown hairs, bumps, and razor burn.

Ingrown hairs occur when a hair is cut below the surface of the skin. Sometimes the hair gets “lost” on the way back up, and (especially with really curly hair) it ends up looping back around under the surface of the skin and continuing to grow there.

This leads to inflammation, itchiness, soreness, and sometimes infection...

...but I guess I don’t have to tell you that.

As if that wasn’t enough of a problem on its own, black skin also suffers the effects of these skin problems because the extra melanin in our skin enhances the appearance (and duration) of scars and blemishes.


At least that’s all the bad news out of the way- now let’s get to the good stuff:

Prep, practice, and post-shave care: the recipe for a perfect shave

Just because we’re prone to these issues doesn’t mean that we just have to live with them and “that’s that”.

Achieving a perfect shave is completely within your grasp- it’s just a matter of getting a few things straight:

  • Preparing your skin properly

  • Arming yourself with the right shave cream

  • Choosing the right razor for you

  • Getting your shaving technique down

  • Caring for your skin post-shave

Keep reading to find out exactly how to do all 5:

How to prepare your skin before shaving for black men

If you’ve been wondering things like:

  • How to get rid of razor bumps on black men

  • How to avoid ingrown hairs

  • How to get a really smooth shave

Then this section is for you.

First, you’ll want to gently cleanse your skin. The best way to do this is to either take a good hot shower, or fill up the sink with steamy warm water.

We do this for three reasons:

  1. To remove dirt, oil, and grease from the surface of your skin (think of it as priming your skin for a shave)

  2. To open the pores and make your hairs more ‘available’ to the razor

  3. To soften the hairs so that they’re easier to shave

Using a clean washcloth that’s been soaked in the warm water, gently massage your skin upwards in circular motions. Apply just enough pressure that you remove the dead skin cells on top of the surface, but don’t rub too hard- it’s not a piece of sandpaper.

The knock-on effect of manually exfoliating like this is that your hairs get lifted up from the roots and become freed of any dead skin that may have been trapping them (which otherwise could be the beginnings of an ingrown hair).

Indeed we know by now that for black men, razor bumps are rampant. So just to help further combat them, use a mild face wash with a chemical exfoliant such as glycolic acid.

I swear by the glycolic cleanser from Instanatural, packed full of organic aloe, witch hazel, and vitamin C. It also comes with a hyaluronic acid treatment and hydrating night cream (both of which I use religiously). These make a really great addition to any shaving kit for black men.

While many people ask questions like:

  • What is the best razor bump removal for African Americans?

  • Where can I find the right razor bump treatment for African Americans?

These questions miss the point.

With the right preparation, you won’t need treatment or removal procedures; you won’t even have the problem in the first place.

What’s the best shaving cream for black men?

When it comes to picking the best shaving cream, the biggest factors to way up are convenience and cost.

That said, if you really do want to find the best shaving cream for a black man, you should be willing to make some sacrifices when it comes to penny pinching and time saving.

Let’s look at the facts:

Commercial shaving creams (you know, the ones with the pump top and foam canister) are the most widely available these days. They’re stocked in every pharmacy, supermarket, drug store- you name it.

But what’s really in that bottle- and what impact does it have on your shave?

Commercial shaving creams usually come in pressurized aerosol cans and the foam that comes out of them is laden with air pockets. These kinds of products- while smelling nice and being easy to use- do very little to protect your skin from the effects of a razor blade during your shave.

On top of this, commercial shaving creams are often loaded with unwanted chemicals that actually do more harm to your skin than anything else.

Old school shave creams have made a big comeback in recent years, thanks to the slew of men around the world who are demanding more from their shaving experience.

And rightly so.

Traditional shave creams come in compact form, and need to be lathered and loaded up with a shaving brush (I use Perfecto’s badger brush for this). It takes a bit more time, but trust me when I say the results are completely worth it; it’s easily one of the most important shaving products for black men.

Traditional shave creams form a really thick, protective lather that acts as a shield between your skin and the blade that you’re shaving with- think of it as a safety barrier.

The positive effects of this are endless:

Basically, your razor won’t pull your skin anymore; it will just glide over the top, slicing hairs as it goes. Your skin will be smoother. You won’t suffer from rashes or burns anymore.

Try it out; the results speak for themselves.

I’m still experimenting with different shave creams right now, but so far I’ve found a handful that I would easily rate 5-star:

  • Taylor of Old Bond Street: These guys set the bar for shaving cream, if you ask me. It’s sandalwood scented- not overpowering, but definitely strong enough that you wouldn’t need a scented aftershave. It’s also incredibly moisturizing- easily the best shaving cream for black men with dry skin.

  • The Art of Shaving: Loaded with coconut oil and essential oils, this shave cream creates a super slick lather that always delivers a smooth, nick-free shave.

  • Proraso: A subtle blend of refreshing and cooling, this product is a best seller- and for good reason. It also comes in a handy little squeeze tube (like a tube of toothpaste), which fits nicely into a wash bag if you need to bring it with you on the go.

African American beard grooming techniques & shaving tips

This is where the ‘practice’ part of the package kicks in:

It might seem rudimentary to some, but you’d be surprised how many people get this wrong.

Shaving isn’t just a matter of dragging the razor over your face and hoping for the best:

There’s a pretty specific technique to it- and once you get it right, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t do it this way the entire time.

If you regularly suffer from itchy, painful regrowth, ingrown hairs, and razor bumps, the best thing you can do is to shave in the same direction as your hair growth- not against.

Shaving against the grain is much more abrasive and greatly increases the likelihood of causing nasty skin issues afterwards.

Use short, measured strokes with the razor- and pace yourself. There’s no need to rush.

Taking your time during the shaving process is key to ensuring you don’t slip up and accidentally cut or nick the skin.

How to pick the best razor for black men

When it comes to picking your weapon of choice, you first need to decide whether you’re going to go for a manual or electric razor.

1. Manual

Manual razors (also known as cartridge razors) are a popular choice. They’re versatile. They’re convenient. They’re cheap. They require little to no maintenance, and they give a seriously close shave.

Keep reading to see my detailed review and recommendations for the best razor for black men.

Manuals come in all shapes and sizes- and with anything from one to five blades.

Speaking of which, what’s the deal with these 4 and 5 bladed razors?! Are they really that good? And if so, at what cost?

Here’s the low down:

Multi blade razors use a pull-cut-pull-cut technique. The first blade- which is slightly duller- snags the hair and lifts it up for the second (sharper) blade to slice. 4 bladed razors repeat this pattern twice.

This gives a really close shave, but this technique can often cause problems for black men.

Multi blade razors shave over the same area more than once which is firstly very abrasive on the skin, and secondly often results in hairs being cut below the surface of the skin- a recipe for ingrown hairs, bumps, and other nasties.

Much like the recent trend back towards traditional shaving creams, we’re also seeing the market shift its interest back towards single blade safety razors (you know, the ones your grandad probably used).

Typically made from stainless steel, safety razors use a single replaceable razor blade. They’re extremely durable, environmentally friendly, and (once you get used to them) give the closest shave one can possibly get.

The only thing is:

There’s a bit of a learning curve when you first start to use them.

You need to learn to get the angle of the blade exactly right on your skin, otherwise you either won’t get a close shave or you’ll get a little too close and end up cutting yourself.

Sounds tough, I know, but it’s really worth it in the long run.


Manual razors aren’t for everyone.

If you’re someone with really sensitive skin, or you’re prone to a lot of the issues we’ve listed above, manual razors will most likely make the problem worse, due to the fact that they’re quite tough on the skin.

That’s where electric razors come in:

2. Electric (and the best electric shaver for black man)

Available as foil or rotary clippers, electric razors pick up where manual razors leave off.

Electric razors are great for people with sensitive skin and problems with ingrown hairs and such, because the blade of an electric razor never comes directly into contact with your skin during a shave.

The skin and the blade are separated by a protective foil, which acts as a barrier.

The effect of this is two-fold:

You won’t get as close a shave as you would with a manual razor, but it could be the difference between you walking away with a great shave or a face full of cuts.

(via GIPHY)

Electric razors are also a great choice if you’re not too pushed about achieving a really close shave, but more of a “groomed” look.

My go-to electric shaver is the Braun Series 7, simply because it’s so versatile (it’s cordless, can be used wet/dry, and it comes with a compact travel case which is a big bonus for me since I’m on the road for work a lot). Its ‘autosensing’ function is especially designed to deal with super dense beards, which is why it’s a top contender for best electric shaver for black men.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for the most comfortable electric shaver for black men, you can’t go wrong with the Philips Norelco. It’s got a ‘flex’ head system that adapts to the shape of your face and neck, which makes it possibly the best electric razor for black men that often find themselves walking away from a shave with a ton of nicks.

While we’re on the subject, beard trimmers are another great option if you’re just looking to maintain a certain length- as opposed to a totally baby faced clean shave. In that case, I can highly recommend this one from Remington which- no hyperbole- does it all. With 8 attachments and surgical steel self-sharpening blades, it’s my top pick for best beard trimmer for a black man.

The importance of post-shave care in black men’s shaving rituals

Caring for your skin post-shave is just as important as any other step of the shaving process.

Using a high quality aftershave or toning lotion will keep your skin feeling supple, fresh, and moisturized (I’m a big fan of this one from Solo Noir).

Secondly, it’s important to give your skin time to recover between shaves- especially if you’re prone to blemishes and ingrown hairs. Though the temptation can be to whip out the razor as soon as the 1 day beard kicks in, it can be really beneficial to wait a couple more days.

Now that we’ve got the bulk of the shaving process nailed down, let’s look in detail at what I can safely say are the top contenders for best razor for black males:

5 Best Razors for Black Men

1. Vikings Blade Chieftain Safety Razor

  • check
    Extremely durable 
  • check
    Heavy, feels good in your hand
  • check
    Works well on dense, afro hair

Known best for its high end design and heavy weight, the Vikings Blade Chieftain model is crafted from Swedish platinum and coated with chrome. It’s heavy duty composition makes it extremely durable (as in it’ll probably last you your entire life kinda durable).

The guys behind the design put a hell of a lot of thought into it: it’s “weight optimized” to encourage you to get the right 30 degree angle and short, sharp strokes (like we talked about earlier) exactly right.

If you’ve been buying 5-blade disposables all your life, the Chieftain promises to change everything you ever thought you knew about your beard. As far as safety razors go, this is (in my humble opinion) the best shaver for black men.


  • Durable
  • Heavy, feels good in your hand
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Works well on dense, afro hair
  • Suitable for use on sensitive skin


  • Initial investment is more than that of a disposable razor
  • Slight learning curve to get used to in the beginning

2. Merkur Classic Double Edge Safety Razor

  • check
  • check
  • check
    Suitable for sensitive skin

Merkur’s classic 3-piece double edged safety razor is just about as good as it gets in the DE world. A household name for many years now, Merkur has designed this particular razor to be lightweight (unlike the Vikings Blade we just spoke about)- which makes it incredibly handy to slip into a wash bag and travel with.

Despite its light weight, Merkur haven’t left anything out. The body is coated with chrome to give it a great shiny finish and to prevent rusting; it’s also got a non-slip grip on the handle which makes it extra easy to hold and maneuver during a shave.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Reliable, well known brand


  • Initial investment is more than that of a disposable razor
  • Slight learning curve to get used to in the beginning

3. Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor

  • check
    Extremely durable
  • check
    Environmentally friendly
  • check
    Suitable for sensitive skin

In quality British fashion. Edwin Jagger’s double edged safety razors sit somewhere in between the heaviness of the Vikings Blade and the lightness of the Merkur. That said, the Edwin Jagger is by no means undecided in its performance:

Its medium weight and comfortable handle make it a great choice for first time safety razor users (as well as the seasoned shaving pros). The closed comb head is ideally suited to thick, dense facial hair and promises to leave skin smooth and unblemished after every shave.


  • Easy to use for first time safety razor users
  • Extremely durable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Cost effective (in the long run)


  • Initial investment is more than that of a disposable
  • Again, a slight learning curve (although possibly less so than the other two safety razors mentioned)

4. Gillette Mach3 Turbo Men's Razor

  • check
    Cheap and easy to use
  • check
    Quick shave
  • check
    3 blades for close shave

If you really value convenience and speed above all else, you may still be inclined to go with a standard disposable razor. You have been warned: disposables can wreak havoc on black men’s skin, particularly if the razor in question has multiple blades.

As far as my experience goes, however, the Gillette Mach3 is a good compromise. It has 3 blades, and they’re spaced far enough apart that you don’t encounter the same issues you would with a 4 or 5 blade razor. It’s easy to clean in between the blades, and best of all it makes shaving a quick job.


  • Easy to use
  • Quick shave
  • 3 blades for close shave (without much irritation)
  • Cheap


  • Not environmentally friendly
  • Dulls quicker
  • Price over time is inefficient compared with safety razor
  • Not recommended for sensitive skin

5. Philips Norelco One Blade Electric Trimmer and Shaver

  • check
    Best electric razor
  • check
    Adapts to shape of face/neck
  • check
    Diverse attachments

Initially I didn’t plan to include any electric shavers in this list, but I decided to make an exception for the Norelco, as it’s really more of a razor than a ‘shaver’- if you will. It’s got a narrow head just like any other manual razor, and it comes with a range of attachments to help you achieve whatever look you’re going for- be it a close(ish) shave, a short beard, or a longer groomed look.

This is easily the best electric shaver for a black man in my experience, simply because its smaller head size and diverse attachments mean it can be used for so many jobs. It’s also got a precision edging function, which is ideal for shaping up those sharp corners.

On top of all that, it’s also rechargeable- so no extra batteries needed. Great for the environment, and not bad on the budget either. Overall, I can safely say this gets my pick for best electric razor for black men.


  • The best electric shaver for a black man (in my experience)
  • Diverse attachments
  • Precision edging function
  • Rechargeable


  • Requires maintenance
  • Won't give as close shave as manual razor

Round-up & winning razor

To say that there is one clear winner would be remiss of us, as the ‘winner’ can only be decided by you- the person who understands exactly what your needs are. It could be cost, convenience, comfort, or perhaps environmental consciousness. Whatever your main motivation is, use that to influence your choice.

If you’re still a bit stuck, I’d be keen to push anyone in the direction of the Merkur safety razor. With years of stellar reputation in the shaving world (and from my own years of positive experience with their double edge razors) I can easily call them one of the best African American shaving products out there.

 About the author Dennis Walker

A Dallas-based freelance writer and blogger, Dennis creates the go-to resources for  men who are embracing style, grooming and skin care in an open-minded and forward-thinking way.