Best Hair Removal Sprays and Lotions

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If you hate shaving your legs and armpits like the rest of us and having to put up with nicks and cuts that take a week to go away, then you need to transition to applied depilatory products. The ones we have reviewed here have been shown to work effectively on body hair.

If you need hair removal for the face (cheek, sideburn, upper lip), then pay special attention to the first two products in our list that are specially-formulated to work on the face. Here is our list of best picks for hair removal sprays and lotions.

Our Best Hair Removal Spray and Lotion Reviews and Comparisons

Comparison Chart

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Hair Inhibitor, Hair Stop Growth Spray, Hair Removal Spray, Painless Hair Removal Inhibitor, for Face, Arm, Leg, Armpit, Permanent Hair Removal
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Neomen Hair Inhibitor – Premium Hair Removal Spray – Painless Hair Stop Growth Spray – Skin Friendly Painless Flawless Non-Irritating Hair Inhibitor for Face, Arm, Leg, Armpit, Make Your Skin Smooth
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Nair Hair Remover Body Spray, Arm, Leg and Bikini Hair Removal Spray, 7.5 Oz Can
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Hair Removal Cream,Depilatory Cream,Painless Women Men Hair Remover Cream for Underarms Arms Legs Bikini Area Whole Body Hair Removal Cream
Sally Hansen Hair Remover 3 minute 10 oz. Bonus Rasberry/peach

1. Cidbest Hair Growth Inhibition Hair Removal Spray

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Product Highlights

Cidbest Hair Growth Inhibition Hair Remover Spray is made of natural ingredients, like lavender oil, magnolia flower extract, and hyaluronic acid, and works in two stages to remove hair.

In stage 1, hair is dissolved and can be wiped away. In stage 2, matrix cells in the follicle are inhibited to prevent hair regrowth.


  • Spray bottle (20 ml)
  • Pain-free
  • Complete hair removal in 8 weeks
  • Works gently on all body areas, including face and groin

What We Like About Cidbest Hair Growth Inhibition Hair Removal Spray

We like the addition of aloe vera gel to the mixture, which is soothing for the skin. The treatment does not leave blackspots or cause any peeling.

What We Don’t Like About Cidbest Hair Growth Inhibition Hair Removal Spray

We found customers who complained about the product not working but did not specify how long they tried it. One user did state that there were no results after 2 weeks, however, the product instructions state that hair thinning takes 1-4 weeks, depending on the thickness of your hair.


  • All-natural ingredients
  • Hyaluronic acid and aloe vera skin softening
  • Works on sensitive areas


  • The amount of product is small

2. Neomen Hair Inhibition Premium Hair Removal Spray

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Product Highlights

Neomen Hair Inhibition Premium Hair Removal Spray is an all-natural product with a breadth of natural extracts and offers excellent skin hydration.


  • Made with magnolia flower, Alchemilla, Vulgaris, and aloe
  • Glycerol to coat your skin
  • Works fast: only 4 weeks
  • Removes hair and stops growth

What We Like About Neomen Hair Inhibition Premium Hair Removal Spray

We feel that this product is the best we’ve tested for the face. It is gentle and works in about half the time of other products.

What We Don’t Like About Neomen Hair Inhibition Premium Hair Removal Spray

The amount of product is small, only 20 ml.


  • No skin irritation
  • Moisturizes skin
  • Easy to use
  • Works in 4 weeks


  • None we can find

3. Nair Hair Remover Spray

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Product Highlights

Nair Hair Remover Spray comes in a tall pressurized can, which means that it can work to apply the product at any angle. This spray is effective after about 4 minutes for many people but will produce great results within 10, regardless of the thickness of your hair.


  • Ease of use
  • Very fast
  • Moroccan argan oil moisturizes skin

What We Like About Nair Hair Remover Spray

The addition of the argan oil helps mask the hair removal chemicals in the product. Users of this product are very satisfied with its performance.

What We Don’t Like About Nair Hair Remover Spray

Some users have bad skin reactions with this Nair product. Although it can be used in the bikini area, this product is absolutely not intended for use on the face.


  • Works quickly (usually in 4 minutes)
  • Can be applied even upside down
  • Product and hair rinse off in the shower
  • Moisturizes


  • Can cause irritation if left on too long
  • The nozzle can clog with product

4. Scobuty Hair Inhibitor Hair Removal Spray

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Product Highlights

Scobuty Hair Inhibitor Hair Removal Spray comes in a 30 ml pump bottle and is another hair removal and hair growth inhibition product. Scobuty contains aloe, allantoin, chrysanthemum, and glycerol as a skin emollient. 


  • Works in all body areas (but not the face)
  • Works in 10 minutes
  • Contains natural botanical ingredients

What We Like About Scobuty Hair Inhibitor Hair Removal Spray

People that hate shaving love this product. It works within 10 minutes, but most users find about 6 minutes is optimal for good effects. The product does not smell bad like a lot of other hair removal products.

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What We Don’t Like About Scobuty Hair Inhibitor Hair Removal Spray

This product has a noticeable smell, akin to salon perm solutions, and can cause burns in some people if left on too long. The absolute limit is 10 minutes, then wash it off.


  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Effective skin moisturizing
  • Not irritating, even if you have a cut from shaving
  • Washes off easily


  • Smelly product
  • May affect people with very sensitive skin
  • Cannot be used on the face

5. Sally Hansen Hair Remover Lotion

Product Highlights

If you have coarse hair and really, really dislike shaving, then this lotion from long-time beauty product producer Sally Hansen is for you. We found that the Sally Hansen Hair Remover Lotion was the most efficient product for working on extra heavy leg hair.


  • Contains vitamin E, aloe, and chamomile
  • Works in all areas (except the face)
  • Pleasant raspberry-peach scent
  • Slows regrowth

What We Like About Sally Hansen Hair Remover Lotion

This is a fantastic product and so easy to use, especially if you have really thick leg hair. We mean, this stuff works like a charm. A lot of Sally Hansen hair removal products are not available now due to shipping issues, but this one is so go get it!

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What We Don’t Like About Sally Hansen Hair Remover Lotion

Nothing really to say that is a downside to the lotion. It has a nice scent. However, there are some reports of low-activity products, so it does not appear to have a great shelf life. Just look for dust on the bottle (avoid the dusty ones).


  • Spreads easily
  • Tackles coarse hair
  • Rinses off easily
  • Tested by dermatologists
  • Raspberry scent


  • The product does not have a good shelf life (so check the date)

Final Verdict

If we had to go with one product for legs, armpits, the face, and sensitive areas, we would be at a loss. There is no one product that works best in all these locations.

For body hair, you cannot go wrong with any Sally Hansen product and the lotion we have reviewed here is no exception. If for some reason you cannot get the lotion, then our second choice is the Nair spray.

For facial hair treatment, your best bet is the Neomen spray, with Cidbest running a close second.