Permanent Hair Removal for Men: Top 5 IPL Devices

Laser hair removal for men - top 5 devices

Earlier my colleague Alyssa wrote this super comprehensive guide to buying and using a home laser hair removal device. This time, we will look into which ones work best for men and our specific needs!

Body hair removal has long been the domain of the ladies and it was generally a small group of men that chose this option.

In the past, a hairy chest was considered a sign of masculinity and still is by some people. On the whole, however, tastes and fashions have changed and increasingly more men are opting for partial or full body hair removal.

Until recently, though, the hair removal industry didn’t have much to offer:

The options for male hair removal were not only challenging and painful but also produced less than satisfactory results.

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Shaving is a very short term solution and stubble returns within a few days. It also often leaves bumps on the skin and can lead to painful ingrown hairs. This is when you wished you invested in the best tweezers on the market:!

There is also the ongoing cost of razors which will not last when shaving large parts of your body. Waxing is a cumbersome process and can be extremely painful. (But if you like that ultra-clean, smooth feeling, see here for our sugar wax recipe:

Many depilatory creams are quite effective but also need to be used fairly frequently.

What we really needed was a long-term, cost-effective and relatively painless experience for hair removal for men, especially when deforesting the nether regions – check it out here:

The good news?

Home laser hair removal using IPL devices is exactly that!

Laser hair removal for men has come a long way during the recent past. Initially, one would have to go to a professional clinic or salon which is expensive, inconvenient and many of us are not that comfortable visiting such places. Nowadays, there is a number of very effective, relatively inexpensive IPL machines that one can use in the comfort of your own home. You might still need a bit of help with back hair removal but it beats the alternatives.

Based on extensive research and the feedback from many happy users, we can recommend the following options for permanent hair removal for men:



Our Rating


LumaRx Full Body IPL Hair Removal Device
MLAY M3 Home IPL Hair Removal System
Remington iLIGHT Ultra Face & Body Hair Removal System
DEESS Hair Removal System iLight 3 plus
Sensica SensiLight Mini100 FDA-Cleared

How does Home Laser Hair Removal for Men Work?

Laser hair removal machines for home use are small and portable devices which work by treating the hair right down to the root with light energy that is absorbed by the hair, effectively killing off the hair. As hair grows in cycles, the process needs to be repeated a few times but after a number of treatments, the majority of body hair will stop growing back.

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All that is needed is an occasional touch-up every now and then to catch the hairs you missed or did not treat effectively.

Although these machines are not cheap, they beat the cost of going to a salon and the convenience is well worth it. Men’s hair removal has never been more convenient or simple.

At present, there are no home machines to safely and effectively treat male facial hair. Looks like all of us will have to struggle on with that for a bit longer (facial hair removal for men is developing and advancing, though, so soon that will likely be a welcomed solution as well). But as for the rest of your body, including male pubic hair removal, the home laser machines are highly effective when used correctly. They will not work for everyone, though; in particular, they are not suitable for very dark skin tones or light hairs. 

By the end of this article, you will know exactly how to get the laser hair removal device that will work wonders for you and your life. 

We have tested and studied some of the systems that provide the best hair removal for men. Find all the details below!

Top 5 Laser Hair Removal Devices for Men

1. LumaRx Full Body IPL Hair Removal Device for Face & Body

  • checkFast treatments 
  • checkSafety filter
  • check5 intensity settings

The LumaRx Full Body device is a highly rated, top selling home IPL hair removal system. It is FDA approved for permanent removal of body hair on men and woman. It is not suitable for facial hair on men or dark skin tones. It has an automatic sensor to ensure the skin tone is suitable. LumaRx has also incorporated a ComfortFilter to shield you from infrared energy as well as damaging UV rays. It also has five intensity settings. Generally, you should start with the lowest and work your way up over time. The lower settings can also be used for more sensitive areas.

It has a generous 3cm by 3cm window (one of the largest on the market) so it can treat larger areas in less time. This is great for back or chest hair removing. The two caps included make it equally effective on smaller areas where precision is required. It also operates at 65 000 flashes and the long pulse length makes it highly effective at getting to the root of the hair to permanently prevent regrowth. The 65 000 flashes should last a considerable amount of time and replacements can be purchased when it is exhausted. It is ideal for use on the chest, stomach, back, legs, arms, the groin area and underarms. If you want to know how to remove chest hair permanently, this is a great option.

You can expect professional quality hair removal in the comfort of your own home at a fraction of the cost. The LumaRx was designed by one of the leading dermatologists and most users see up to 94% reduction in treated areas after only four treatments. It is recommended that you perform 3 treatments in the fist month and thereafter, every 2 weeks. After that, you will need to periodically touch up certain areas if you notice regrowth. For a system for body hair removal for men, it is highly effective.

As it is a corded device, you will not have to stop halfway through to recharge which can be very frustrating with certain machines. It also comes with a 90-day money back guarantee for added peace of mind.

Pain is relative and you will experience a slight sting, especially on the higher settings. It is, however, far less painful than waxing and does not leave nasty looking bumps on the skin. Shaving the area you wish to treat will also help minimize the pain. Another benefit is that the results are extremely long lasting so once your initial treatments are over, you will only have to do the odd minor touch up every few months. Over time, the pain will become more bearable so hang in there. The LumaRx is a good choice for hair removal for men’s privates.



  • checkLarge window for faster treatment
  • checkSafety filter
  • check5 settings



  • Occasional touch-ups needed
  • Not for facial hair
  • Not for darker skin tones

2. MLAY M3 Home IPL Hair Removal System

  • checkSafety sensor 
  • checkUnique window design
  • check5 intensity settings

The Mlay M3 features a 120 000 shot hair removal head for fast, convenient and effective treatment of unwanted body hair. It is suitable for men and women. It is not appropriate for dark or deeply tanned skin and is less effective on very light or gray hair. It features a safety sensor to ensure it is safe and effective for your skin tone. Goggles are recommended during treatment.

The window has a unique design, making it more effective as you glide it over the areas you wish to treat.

The M3 gives you an option of 5 intensity settings, depending on the area and hair type you are treating. After 4 to 5 treatments, you will start to notice a long term reduction in hair growth. A full treatment of 7 to 9 treatments is recommended for best results with an occasional touch-up every so often when you notice some regrowth. It is a very economical way of eliminating body hair.

The unit comes with a 30-day money back guarantee as well as a one year warranty for complete peace of mind.

The M3 comes with an instruction guide as well as safety goggles. All the necessary power cables are included.



  • checkSafety sensor
  • checkUnique window for effective use
  • check5 intensity settings



  • Not practical for male facial hair
  • ​Not effective on dark/tanned skin
  • ​Less effective on light or gray hair

3. Remington iLIGHT Ultra Face and Body Hair Removal System

  • checkWell priced 
  • check3 replacement globes
  • check2-year warranty

Remington has been in the hair removal business for many years and like many of their counterparts, they have kept up with the latest trends in male grooming and developed their own range of laser hair removal systems. Their iLight is a well reviewed and top selling machine that is perfectly suitable for men. Designed with the assistance of dermatologists, this FDA approved laser hair system is easy to use and highly effective. The technology that they have used is of the same standard as used in specialist hair removal salons. Numerous user reviews rate it as one of the less painful systems that have tried. Remington claims that most men will notice a whopping 94% reduction after a mere 3 treatments.

One of the main advantages of this unit is the large effective window. This is particularly useful for treating large areas such as the back although you might need your significant other to assist with this as it is not the easiest area to get to. The larger surface will certainly speed the process up which is a big plus.

As with most of these products, it is more effective on darker hair and it is not recommended for use on or around tattoos. It has a built-in sensor to ensure the skin tone and color is suitable for treatment.

It is effective on all body hair with the exception of the face (in men only). It is not advisable to use on the neck, face or head. You can expect to see a noticeable reduction in body hair after only a few treatments. It is also cost effective as it will give you around 1500 flashes and comes with 3 replacement globes. Another big plus is that the unit comes with a 2-year warranty so you will really get your money’s worth. Many user reviews stated that they received similar results to professional clinics yet were able to do it at their convenience in the comfort of their own home.

It is a well priced, cost effective product that is well liked by many satisfied customers.



  • checkWell priced
  • checkLarge window and fast flash rate makes treatment much faster
  • checkComes with 3 replacement globes
  • checkAffordable cartridge replacement
  • check2-year warranty



  • Not suitable for neck, face or head
  • Not for darker skin tones
  • Less effective on light or gray hair

4. DEESS hair removal system iLight 3 plus

  • check20 years lifespan 
  • checkCompact design
  • checkLarge window

The Deess systems claim to fame is their clinical tests that showed results of 70% reduction after third treatment and a noticeable reduction in regrowth after the 5 treatments. Following 9 to 10 treatments, they claim a 90% reduction in unwanted body hair so all that is needed is the occasional quick touch-up. Deess say that the 350 000 flashes should provide a lifespan of 20 years, including touch-ups.

Deess boast over 17 years experience in fine-tuning and perfecting their hair removal products. They have conducted extensive, ongoing clinical tests of their products and they are sold in more than 120 countries. They are used by professionals, dermatologists and plastic surgeons. The 3.1cm² window makes the treatment fast. The UV filter will protect the surrounding area from potentially harmful rays.

It comes with safety goggles, a charging cable and usage instructions. It is a compact design making it easy to get to those tricky areas and small enough to carry with you if you are going away.



  • check20 years lifespan
  • checkLarge window for faster treatments
  • checkCompact design



  • Not suitable for male facial hair
  • Not for dark brown and black skin tones
  • Not for white, grey, red and blond hair

5. Sensica SensiLight Mini100 Permanent Hair Removal Device

  • checkCompact and easy to use 
  • checkReasonably priced
  • checkTry before you buy option

The Sensica comes with 100 000 flashes so will likely last a very long time with no extra expenses for replacement cartridges. It is highly rated by users and is a very popular body hair removal system. It is clinically proven and FDA approved for use on men and women.

The intuitive sensors and double-safety mechanism mean that it will adapt and adjust according to your skin tone and condition as you use it.

It is an affordable, cost-effective and highly efficient unit that received a lot of positive feedback from satisfied customers. As with most of these devices, it is more effective on darker hair but with repeated use, will produce results on lighter hair.

Sensica offers a 60-day try before you buy option where you pay a nominal fee and when you are satisfied with the product, you can pay the balance over three installments. You still get a 60-day refund option if you are not happy with the device.



  • checkLong lasting, no need to spend extra on replacement cartridges
  • checkReasonably priced, with try before you buy option
  • checkIntuitive sensors for additional protection
  • checkCompact and easy to use



  • Not for facial hair
  • Not for darker skin tones
  • White, grey or blond hair shows a minimal response

Best of the Best

Based on the comparison of all the great products out there, the LumaRx full body IPL device came out tops. One of the main features is the large window which makes the process much faster. Feedback from users backed up this choice as the comments were overwhelmingly positive. The additional safety features and adjustable settings also made it stand out as our top pick for male laser hair removal devices.

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Final thoughts

So that sums up our research into the best hair removal products for men. Male hair removal is never going to be easy but these products will make it fast, effective and mostly painless. Men hair removal is growing in popularity so why suffer with hot wax and painful razor burn when there are safe, quality products? Male laser hair removal is the answer.

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