All You Need To Know About Nose Hair Removal

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I know can’t the only one out there who has ever noticed a few hairs slyly sticking out of your nose in a photo.

It’s almost the same feeling that you get when you realize there’s spinach in your teeth, and nobody told you – and you’ve been grinning all night. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

Noticing more hair in places you didn’t expect (please see: nose, ears, back, shoulders…) is almost like puberty round two – as if the first time wasn’t traumatizing enough!

Luckily, there are a lot of decent options out there for nose hair removal if you’re feeling a little more hirsute than you would like. By the way, have you checked out my ultimate hair removal for men post?

So, now you’ve decided that you want to get rid of these rebellious follicles once and for all. Great!

There are a bunch of different techniques that will suit you if you’ve got a few strays just poking out, or if your nose tufts are already starting to rival those of your great grandpa’s.

How to Get Rid of Nose Hair: The Do’s 



This nose hair removal technique is probably best if you have just a couple rebellious hairs sticking out – but be aware that plucking can be pretty eye-watering (some argue even more so than waxing, but more on that later…)

When it comes to plucking nose hairs, using a precise pair of slanted tweezers (these ones from Tweezerman are a solid choice) is going to make a huge difference.

A high-quality pair of tweezers will grip the hair properly and remove it at the root, instead of just breaking it off, leaving you wincing and watery-eyed, but still not hair free.

Tweezers also make it super simple to pluck only the hairs that you actually want to – using the waxing method is a little ‘spray and pray’ in comparison since it removes all hairs gripped by the wax, even if they weren’t visible from outside of your nose.


Nose waxing is a pretty good choice if you want to remove a handful of hairs in one fell swoop (per nostril, that is. Or you could yank both at the same time!)

There is quite literally a plethora of nose wax kits out there to choose from – some are dip style where you heat the wax and dip a specially designed nose tip into the warmed wax before sticking it in your nose.

Others are shaped like tiny, waxy lollipops that you pop in the microwave whole before it goes into your nostril.

IMO, one of the best things about nose hair waxing specifically is that it gives you a little more time between grooming sessions – so you only have to think about it every couple of weeks, rather than checking in the mirror every couple of days.

I do have a warning for you, though – while it’s tempting to cut off the guards on the waxing tips and shove it as far up your nose as possible, the guards are there for a reason.

Namely, to protect the more sensitive parts of your nose further into the nasal cavity. Damaging your nose too deep into your actual nostrils can leave you open to chronic runny noses and congestion.


trimming nose hair

There are a couple ways that you can trim your nose hairs – with a tiny pair of specialized eyebrow and nose hair scissors, or an electric trimmer.

Just make sure that whatever you choose is specialized for such a small area – your scissors should have small, blunted ends so you don’t accidentally stab yourself in the nose with them.

Here’s how to trim nose hair – when it comes to trimming with scissors, I use what I call the ‘pig nose technique’.

Basically, push the end of your nose back to give yourself a – you guessed it – pig nose. It’s the perfect angle for manually clipping back your offending nose hairs.

Electric nose hair clippers, on the other hand, are basically plug and play – insert a battery or plug in your trimmer of choice, and then go ahead and stick that baby in your nostril.

A lot of electric trimmers work well for ear hair, so if you find your ears have a little more plumage than you’d like, you can get a little more bang for your buck with an electric trimmer.

nose hair removal

How to Get Rid of Nose Hair: The Don’ts

Depilatory Creams

Is there anything else to say other than that this is a terrible idea?! Your nose is way too sensitive to deal with depilatory creams – plus, the thought of having it literally in my nose is the stuff of nightmares.


While this is a tempting solution for permanent removal, it’s extremely tricky. You’re asking for a laser to be used on such a small and hard to maneuver surface area, plus multiple treatments could be necessary.

The Bottom Line

“Yes, but what is the best way to get rid of nose hair?” you ask. The thing is, depending on your situation, any of these could be the best for you. How to remove nose hair in the “best” way entirely depends on what you prefer.

You can’t stand the feeling of yanking hair from the root? Trim your nose hairs.

You can’t stand trimming every few days? Wax your nose hairs.

You’re a (relatively) lucky duck that has just one unruly nose hair? Get a pair of tweezers.

Just, for the love of all things holy, don’t put depilatory cream in your nose – you will regret it!