7 Reasons Why I Don’t Recommend Home Electrolysis

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Home electrolysis might seem like a convenient solution to permanent hair removal. The only problem is:

Many overlook the lesser-known downsides to carrying out the procedure at home.

In efforts to avoid any undesired results in your hair removal journey, I’ll be uncovering my top seven reasons to reconsider home electrolysis and the preferred alternative when it comes to permanent hair removal (spoiler alert: it’s home laser hair removal. Cheaper and easier!)

But firsts things first: what exactly is electrolysis?

Electrolysis is a form of permanent hair removal, carried out through inserting a fine needle or probe into the hair follicle where a short current of electricity is released directly to the root. This process effectively renders the follicle incapable of regrowth as the root is destroyed completely. The dead hair is then removed with a tweezer.


It is important to remember that there are minor details that need to be considered for the effectiveness of the procedure, such as the life cycle of the hair. Hair needs to be targeted during the period known as the anagen phase. When this is done correctly, the hair should not ever grow back – or at least not grown back for a long time.

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While this may sound technical and complex, like most hair removal techniques, electrolysis has too developed to become a self-administered procedure that can be carried out in the comfort of your home. However, just because a procedure can be done at home, doesn’t mean it should be and I’m about to let you know why.

Here are some of the drawbacks to consider when it comes to home electrolysis.

1. Ridiculously Time Consuming

If you take into consideration exactly how the procedure is done, you will understand that this is in fact a hair-by-hair technique. Each hair needs to be treated individually, and if you happen to be a rather hairy person/treating an especially hairy area, this process can prove to be extremely time-consuming. As in, you’ll feel like you’ve been doing it…


2. Expensive

This procedure is not only time-consuming but also draining on the pockets. The cost of electrolysis is something to consider before getting started. This is a procedure that requires multiple sessions to cover the concerned area, and as a result electrolysis costs can add up.

There are a number of hidden costs associated with home electrolysis – or quite possibly medical bills that could pop up along the way should you gain first-hand experience with any of the other drawbacks I’ll be mentioning later on.

Reasons Why I Dont Recommend Home Electrolysis

Plus: cheaper at-home electrolysis machines can become defective, and constantly replacing these is not exactly cost-effective.

You should also consider the amount of time you spend on your sessions personally; value your time accordingly.

3. Invasive and Painful

The treatment is inherently painful given its invasive nature. The procedure is exactly as described above, only in this case you will be pricking yourself with a fine probing needle, instead of being pricked. This might be a tricky one for those with a low pain threshold.

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4. Requires Skill

Remember what I said about having to poke yourself with a fine probing needle? Well turns out it’s actually not that simple. The person handling the electric hair removal procedure, in this case – you, needs to be skilled in carrying out the treatment effectively.

Undergoing electrolysis at the mercy of unskilled hands (even if they are your own) can lead to a string of undesired outcomes – like nasty infections as a result of unsanitary equipment, or worse – electrocution.


5. Might Result in Scarring

It may not come as quite the shock as electrocution does, but permanent skin damage is still something that can occur. This is especially the case with a lack of know-how when it comes to carrying out the procedure.

Permanent skin damage such as scarring is not only physically painful but can also take an emotional toll on you, especially if these scars are clearly visible, like on your face for example.


6. Can be Tricky to do Alone

As with many hair removal treatments, home electrolysis hair removal can be a tough one to do alone. The major reason why this is a red flag for me is because when performing electrolysis on yourself, especially in hard to reach areas, the consideration must be made that a higher risk of error exists.

As the previously mentioned disadvantages note, a lack of accuracy in this regards is far more than just a miss-prick of the needle. There are very serious complications at risk.


7. Far Less Effective

Home electrolysis machines are essentially mimics of the professional equipment. This often means that they can be less effective that those found at beauty salons and operated by trained professionals. An example of this is the lower voltage found on at-home electrolysis machines.

The resulting consequence of this is a lesser effectiveness with regards to the current of electricity that is released and thus, a lesser level of effectiveness in terms of destroying the hair.


Clearly there is more to electrolysis hair removal that one would initially expect. The drawbacks outweigh the benefits. I for one, would advise against home electrolysis, especially with so many simpler and safer options on the market.

So what do I recommend instead? When it comes to permanent DIY hair removal, in my opinion there is no better option than IPL machines – you guessed it, I’m talking about home laser hair removal products.

Electrolysis VS Laser Hair Removal

Now after going through a comprehensive list of side effects and warnings when it comes to home electrolysis, it’s important for me to put your mind at ease and let you know that home laser hair removal is completely safe.

Opting for home laser hair removal can save you a whole lot of money in the long run and it may also lead to permanent hair removal.

At-home laser hair removal is done with a handheld device through which pulsed light is release to break down hair at the follicle. Once the hair has been treated enough times, it will be too damaged to regrow.

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Choosing the right laser hair removal device for you couldn’t be simpler, as the market for laser hair removal and home-based laser hair removal has grown substantially. This growth has led to technological advancements that cater to darker skin tones and very light hair – there are now models to cater to everyone!

Thoughts? Comments? Crazy hair removal stories? Share with us in the comment section below!

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The Ugly Truth About Home Electrolysis

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