Best Facial Hair Removal Cream: Top 5 Picks

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Before you dive in… For all you need to know about getting the most out of using hair removal cream, check out my beginner’s guide to finding (and using) the best hair removal cream.

If you’ve ever had so much as an inexplicable blister, bruise, or bump and have taken your symptoms to Doctor Google and ended up with a terminal diagnosis, you’ll already be painfully aware of the wisdom behind the new-age adage, “don’t Google your symptoms”.

Well, same goes for facial hair removal cream.

One quick perusal through Reddit and you’ll be ready to throw the Veet in the bin and permit your girlstache to keep on invading your upper lip like the fascist little ferret that it is.

I have to say, reading about how one woman gave herself a permanent reverse widows peak (LOL) after a hair removal cream mishap, and how another man ended up with his jiblets in a tub of strawberry ice cream thanks to a dodgy chemical burn didn’t reassure me all that much.

It did, however, entertain me to no end (am I evil?)

And who am I to follow the advice of those more experienced than myself?

I decided to take the plunge into a pool of facial hair removers, and go on a quest to discover the best facial hair removal cream out there.

After trying and testing quite literally a pool’s worth of the stuff, I’m pleased to share with you the 5 best hair removal creams for the face that are on the market today.

On top of that, I’m also going to dish out some expert tips on how to use facial hair removal products so that you end up with glorious, extra smooth, whisker free kissers (or, yano… wherever).

First on today’s menu:

**ck you facial hair; you are not my friend

Let’s be real:

Facial hair is something that a lot of us women have to deal with (despite the fact that we blatantly pretend that we are idyllic hairfree cherub goddesses and “no we do not have moustaches thank you very much”).

But the fact of the matter is:

Facial hair is something many of us have to deal with in some capacity, and if you’re someone like me and your dark haired ancestors have cursed you with a smattering of whiskers, it’s something you want to get to grips with with at pretty much any cost.

Options & best facial hair removal for women (and why I choose facial hair removal cream)

Speaking of cost:

Hair removal can end up being expensive business- especially if you get into the realms of lasering and electrolysis.

But over time, even waxing can end up being super costly- not to mention ouchy- and the day I put a razor to my face is the day that pigs freeze over and hell flies.

Or something like that.

When I was a teenager, bleaching was the go-to option- although looking back, the cute little peach fuzz that I was so concerned about at the time seems laughable compared to what I have to deal with now (seriously, FML).

Nowadays, a bleaching session would just end up turning my thick, straggly whiskers blond (which I honestly think would make me resemble a stray cat more than a fantastical goddess).

Fall 2013 Happy Christmas GIF source

This is where face hair removal cream comes into the mix.

Hair removal cream: the good, the bad, and the hairy

Like most things in life, you get the good with the bad when it comes to hair removal cream.

In short, hair removal cream is awesome because:

  • It’s pain-free (when used correctly)
  • It can be used all over the body (more on that in a minute)
  • It’s relatively cheap
  • It can easily be used at home
  • It’s fairly easy to use
  • It greatly reduces issues like stubble, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs

That said, it has its drawbacks:

  • It smells like actual death
  • It’s very chemically
  • Improper use can result in discomfort (ranging from an unpleasant tingle to blisters and chemical burns)

However, used correctly, hair removal cream can answer a lot of the issues raised by alternative methods of hair removal.

Here’s the lowdown:

best facial hair removal cream

What’s the fuzz about facial hair removal cream?

In simple terms:

Hair removal cream contains strong chemicals that break down the proteins in your hair so that it becomes weakened and can be wiped away with a washcloth or plastic spatula.

Most hair removal creams are designed for use on the body, but such cream would wreak havoc on your delicate facial skin.

If you’re in the game of getting rid of your facial hair, you’re absolutely going to want to look for a product that’s specifically designed for the job.

Normal hair removal cream is way too strong for facial skin (you’d likely end up with a rash or a chemical burn).

In a nutshell: facial hair removal cream is designed to be strong enough to dissolve the proteins in your pesky facial hairs, but gentle enough not to damage your delicate facial skin.

Top tips for using hair remover for face


  • Remove any makeup, dirt, and oil before applying the cream
  • Read the instructions carefully before use
  • Do a patch test 24 hours before you apply the full whack


  • Never exceed the recommended time
  • Remove the cream with a warm, damp washcloth (don’t rub hard, gentle circular motions will be enough)


  • Don’t wash your face with really hot water for the rest of the day
  • Don’t apply any product or make up to the affected area for several hours
  • Keep a tube of hydrocortisone cream handy in case you experience any discomfort or irritation

5 best facial hair removal creams that money can buy

Comparison Chart

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Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo Fine to Medium Hair 1 Kit
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Sally Hansen Hair Remover Kit, 1 Count
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Avon SSS Fresh and Smooth Facial Hair Removal Cream 1 Ounce – Sensitive Skin
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Surgi-cream Hair Remover Extra Gentle Formula For Face, 1-Ounce Tubes (Pack of 3)
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VEET 3-in-1 Face Cream Hair Remover Kit, Normal Formula With Aloe Vera & Vitamin E 1 ea

1. Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo

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  • Super effective
  • For both fine and coarse hairs
  • Protective balm included

One of the biggest fears I had before I started trialling all of these facial hair removers was that even the ones specifically designed for sensitive skin would be too much for my facial skin to handle.

That’s why I love this product from Olay so much; they’ve developed this prep balm (included) which protects your skin from the harsh chemicals of the hair removal cream. You just need to apply the balm to your skin a few minutes before the cream.

The other major bonus of this product is that it comes in two versions: fine to medium, and medium to coarse. This ensures that no matter what kind of facial hair you’re dealing with, you’ll have the exact right removal cream tailored for your needs.

I can safely say this is one of the best facial hair removers for women out there today.


  • Super effective at removing all kinds of facial hairs
  • Protective balm included
  • Specific product for both fine and coarse hairs


  • Slightly more expensive than some other brands

2. Sally Hansen Face Hair Remover Kit

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  • Very gentle
  • Cost effective
  • Moisturizing cream included

This duo kit has been a favorite among the hairy tribe for quite some time now, and considering its cost effectiveness and generally great results, it’s easy to see why.

This Sally Hansen facial hair removal kit comes with two products: the hair removal cream itself and a moisturizing lotion. In my experience, the cream is really good at removing fine hairs but somewhat less effective on coarse hairs.

That said, it’s surprisingly gentle. I didn’t have any reaction afterwards other than about 10 minutes of pinkness (which is totally normal). Overall, I’d say this is a great choice for those with thin facial hair, but perhaps less so for those with super thick ones.


  • Very gentle
  • Effective at removing all fine hairs
  • Cost effective
  • Moisturizing cream included


  • Not the best at removing extra thick hairs

3. Avon SSS Fresh and Smooth Facial Hair Removal Cream

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  • Designed for sensitive skin
  • Enriched with aloe vera
  • Fragrance free

For those of you with extra sensitive skin, this product from Avon is the way to go. It’s designed specifically for people like you, with the goal of removing all of your unwanted facial hair while making sure your skin doesn’t suffer.

This Avon face hair removal cream doesn’t have any added fragrance (which is a big bonus, as fragrance additives are often the main culprit when it comes to aggravating sensitive skin). It’s also infused with calming, anti inflammatory aloe vera.


  • Designed specifically for use on sensitive skin
  • Enriched with aloe vera
  • Free from fragrance additives


  • Even though it’s fragrance free, it still smells pretty strong (this is pretty much unavoidable though considering the nature of the chemicals used)

4. Surgi-cream Hair Remover Extra Gentle Formula For Face

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  • Easy to use
  • Fast acting
  • Designed for sensitive skin

Surgi-cream is one of the most popular brands in the U.S. when it comes to facial hair removal for women, and this extra gentle formula is a winner for tons of people.

This one is also designed specifically for use on sensitive skin, and in my experience it was fairly gentle overall. I applied the cream for 4 minutes (which is below the recommended limit) and when I washed it off I was happy to see all of my wispy sideburn hairs come off with it.

Overall, this is a good cream to start off with. The instructions are clear, it works fast, and it’s a reliable brand. Personally, I only had good experiences with this product, but if I had to put my finger on a downside it would be that the plastic spatula that came with it wasn’t that effective at removing the product/hairs. I much prefer a damp cool washcloth.


  • Easy to use
  • Fast acting
  • Designed for sensitive skin


  • Plastic spatula isn’t that effective (better to use a washcloth)

5. Veet 3-in-1 Face Cream Hair Remover Kit

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  • Improved smell
  • Effective
  • Reliable, well-known brand

During the process of testing out all of these different products, I got pretty sick of the smell of hair removal cream. Some of the products that I tried (such as the Nair facial hair remover) nearly made the list, but were pipped to the post by this one from Veet- which I love because there’s literally no bad after smell once you’ve washed it off.

(On a side note: Nair for face hair removal cream is actually a great product as well! But smell-wise, it didn’t cut the top 5.)

Though it may not be suitable for sensitive skin, the added fragrance element in this Veet facial hair removal cream is a godsend. Infused with aloe vera and vitamin E, it actually leaves your skin feeling like you’ve had a facial- and on top of that, it took away all of my hairs (even the coarse ones).


  • Improved smell
  • Effective at removing both fine and coarse hairs
  • Reliable, well-known brand


  • Possibly unsuitable for very sensitive skin

And the winner is…

When it comes to the world of depilatory creams for the face, what works for one person may not work for another.

If you’ve got super sensitive skin, I definitely recommend checking out the Surgi-cream or Sally Hansen hair removal cream for the face. If you hate the smell of hair removal cream, then the Veet product is probably the one for you.

If you’re undecided, however, and you want to ensure that the cream you get is absolutely going to work, I’d be quick to recommend taking the plunge with the Olay duo. 

Considering it comes in two different varieties- one for fine hairs and one for coarse hairs- you can be sure that the product you get is the right one for your needs. It certainly worked a treat on me.

Happy hair removal!

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Choosing the Best Facial Hair Removal Cream

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