A Deep Dive into the mē Chic by mē my elōs

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mē Chic by mē my elōs

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The mē Chic hair removal device by mē my elōs is an IPL (intermittent pulsed light) therapy device for permanent hair removal. When perusing the internet for hair removal devices that are not epilators, many light-based devices are marketed as a laser hair removal device.

This is untrue, as almost all devices you will find (with the exception of a device by Tria) are pulsed light devices that use a xenon bulb to produce frequencies of light that are absorbed by the melanin in your hair, heat up the hair, and stun the matrix cells in the hair follicle that produce the hair.

IPL devices are an effective means of somewhat permanent hair removal. We say somewhat because it is never permanent, but can be long-lasting.

Hair goes cyclically through three growth phases (anagen, catagen, and telogen) and the IPL device targets the first phase, the anagen phase, by stunting the matrix cells of the follicle. Hairs in the other two phases are untouched, which is why you need to use IPL devices with repeated treatments over a series of weeks to get good results.

Generally, IPL devices are best for people with medium skin pigmentation, as the devices have contrast-detection problems with people who have pale skin and fair hair or very dark skin and dark hair. The IPL devices simply cannot tell the difference between a person’s hair and their skin in those extreme examples.

However, a variant of IPL by ēlos employs an interesting trick to extend the usability range of IPL devices by adding in radiofrequency contact plates around the treatment window. These plates apply a galvanic charge to the skin, which can affect the matrix cells on its own, and causes temporary erection of the hair shaft so that the IPL part of the device can “see” it, flash, and cause heating in the hair shaft and matrix cells.

What this addition does is allow the mē Chic to treat all skin types and hair colors (except grey). The only exception is that it cannot treat Fitzpatrick scale VI skin types (very dark pigmentation) in the facial area.

Who’s It For?

The mē Chic is a great choice for people who want to permanently remove hair from small, delicate areas. The small treatment window is ideal for small areas and tight spaces, such as the jawline, armpits, and bikini line.

It can be used on larger body areas if you are willing to be patient, as treatment is rather slow. There are other devices by mē my elōs that are intended to cover larger skin areas more efficiently.

How to operate it

  • Before use, clean the flash window with a soft tissue or a wipe (non-alcohol, like a baby wipe). This will ensure that the window is free of dust and hair.
  • Connect the power cord to the rear of the device and plug it into the wall.
  • At the rear of the device, press the power button to turn on the mē Chic. After a few moments, the three indicator lights will flash awaiting a power selection.
  • Choose the lowest power level the gives you acceptable results [power level 1, 2, or 3 (highest)].
  • The device is now ready and will only operate after it is held to the skin.

How to use it
Before using the mē Chic for the first time, it is recommended that you perform a skin sensitivity test. This entails testing a small area of the skin with hair to ensure you have no adverse reactions to the device.

Follow the basic treatment instructions (listed below) and test a small, sensitive area of your skin with a single flash at the lowest power setting. Wait for 30 minutes and see whether you have any noticeable skin reactions.

Increase the power setting if you wish and test again. If there is no rash or redness, you are safe to use the device at that power setting.

Epilate or shave the area you intend to treat, ensuring that hairs in the area are less than 5 mm in length.

Clean the skin the area you will treat and thoroughly pat it dry with a towel.

Power on the mē Chic and select your desired energy level. This should be from the results of your skin sensitivity test as the best setting for your skin.

If you do not select a power level, the device is not active, despite the blinking lights.

Place the device on the skin making complete contact and hold. Ensure that the radiofrequency contacts are touching the skin.

After a moment, the device will emit a flash and you will hear a pop (like an old-fashioned flashbulb). You may experience a burning smell, but that is just the burning of the hair and not a failure with the device.

Do not hold the mē Chic over an area and allow it to flash multiple times. An excess of heat will be produced that can cause burns or skin damage (in this case, less is more).

After every single flash, move the mē Chic to an adjacent skin area, covering the area you need to treat in a stamping motion. Avoid overlapping the flash areas to reduce the chance of skin irritation.

If you have thick hair, you can re-cover the treated area up to four times. Try to change to orientation of your stamping motions to provide better area coverage.

Treatment times vary from person to person, but the average times are as follows for different body areas: armpits, 1 minute; bikini line, 2 minutes; forearms, 3 minutes; lower leg, 10 minutes; jawline, 2 minutes; abdomen (men), 5 minutes; chest (men), 6 minutes; back, 12 minutes.

After treatment, you will continue to see hairs on your skin. Typical treatment regimens are 7 weeks at once per week, with monthly repeat treatments for maintenance.

When treating the face, be certain to plant the device evenly on the skin and either wear tanning goggles or close your eyes briefly during treatment to protect your eyes. Do not use the mē Chic above the cheek line (at the line of your nostrils).

Do not use the device if you have Fitzpatrick scale type VI skin pigmentation or very tanned skin. The mē Chic will not be able to differentiate between your skin and hair and may cause burns.

What We Like About mē Chic by mē my elōs

We have seen a large number of positive reviews of the product as well as video reviews and testimonials. Most users report 75-95% hair reduction after just six weeks of use.

There were no reported complications with operating the mē Chic and the device only flashes when fully applied to the skin. The small window and narrowed face we found to be really great in tight spots, like underarms and just outside of the groin area.

The mē Chic is also extremely easy to use and although it does not seem like it is doing much during its flashy-flashy bit, over just a few weeks there are obvious differences in the amount of body hair in treated areas. It just works great for almost all skin and hair types.

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What We Don’t Like About mē Chic by mē my elōs

There is some discomfort associated with using the device. Some users complain that the flashes are too bright (don’t look at it, then!) and temporarily blinded them.

This is easily fixed by wearing tanning goggles, sunglasses, or just by closing your eyes for a moment. Also, users comment that the physical sensation of using the device takes some getting used to.

Several have likened it to being thumped hard by a thick rubber band during each flash. In addition, there is a burning hair smell during use (that is expected).


  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Auto-firing flash
  • Uses elōs technology for better treatment


  • Need to wear dark glasses or close your eyes while using
  • The physical sensation during treatment

What’s Included?

  • The mē Chic device
  • Power cord
  • User guide
  • (a set of tanning goggles would be a nice touch, but they are not included)

Overview Of Features

The mē Chic by mē my elōs is a small, compact and durable IPL device with a bulb cartridge rated for 120,000 pulses. That is enough to keep you hair-free for several years.

The operation is simple and there are only two buttons: an on-off button and a power level button. There are three, star-shaped indicator lights and three power levels. The faceplate has two radiofrequency bars that apply a galvanic charge to the skin, raising the hair shaft and making it easier for the device to treat the hair.

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Review Summary

We believe that the mē Chic is a really great little hair removal device. Its operation is simple, with 120,000 flashes is has some legs, and the small face area lets you get into tight places.

Add in the elōs technology with the pair of galvanic plates and you have an effective combination that can treat all types of skin tone and hair color.

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