5 Amazing At-Home Wax Strips of 2024 (That Actually Work!)

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Before you dive in… If you want to find out exactly how to prep your skin to achieve amazing results with at-home wax strips, check out my beginner’s guide to waxing at home.

The first time I used wax strips at home, my lady bits ended up with a haircut as Bruce Willis had circa 1995.

I’m sure you can imagine how frustrating this was for me, considering I was really aiming for the current day bald Bruce Willis look.

Instead, I ended up with a terrifying take on the mullet: bald in the front and a dramatically receding hairline in the back (stay with me- I promise this story has a happy ending).

Needless to say, the only one to die-hard after that was my sex life (yeah… I came up with that while I was busy not having sex).

So what’s the moral of the story?

Waxing strips can be your worst enemy or your best friend, depending on how well you can use them.

If I had had more options at the time of this whole debacle, I probably would have ended up going to a salon with my head hung low and my tail between my legs, apologizing in advance to the aesthetician and asking very nicely if she could please restore V-town to its former glory.

However, when this all went down, I was living a good hour’s drive away from the nearest waxing salon and my options were limited to whatever hair removal products I could find in the nearest convenience store which happened to be yet another box of at-home waxing strips.

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So I persevered, and am I ever glad that I did.

After a few more attempts and a bit of digging through advice on some very sketchy forums (which I can only conclude belonged to some bizarre faction of the dark web) I finally have my technique down to a T.

Here’s the best news:

If you learn the technique and know which brands make the best waxing strips, you’ll be able to give yourself salon quality waxing at home for a tiny fraction of the cost.

Why waxing strips are actually awesome

At-home wax strips get a bad rep, but now I know that it’s because most people don’t know how do wax strips work, and what are the hacks to make your waxing experience a breeze.

In reality, wax strips are not hard to use, they do remove all your hair, and they are extremely clean and convenient unlike hot waxing kits which can tend to get a little messy unless you’re a seasoned pro.

They’re also cheap- WAY cheaper than forking out for a salon job, and in the long run they’re also much cheaper than other methods of hair removal (like depilatory creams, since the results only last a couple of days at which point you’ll need to use even more product).

But the best thing about wax strips?

If you know how to use them properly, you’ll be able to achieve salon-worthy results that last up to 4 weeks. BOOM *mic drop*.

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What to look for when choosing the best wax strips

Thankfully, this part isn’t hard.

Although there are a lot of different brands out there, it’s pretty easy to tell which strips are going to do the job well, and which are going to suck.

Personally, there’s one thing I have learned that made all the difference:

Even though I don’t have particularly sensitive skin, I always look for one of the following:

  • Sensitive skin wax strips
  • Hypoallergenic wax strips
  • Strips that have been clinically tested (not on animals)
  • Strips that contain mostly (or totally) natural ingredients

Why? In my experience, the normal wax strips always make my skin itch and break out over the course of the next couple of days post-wax.

I tried all different kinds of antihistamines, post-wax cooling gels, and natural remedies that I could find, but no matter what I used the same problem would always come back.

That is until I started to buy wax strips designed for more sensitive skin.

They can sometimes be a bit more expensive, but they are so worth it.

The formulas are developed to include soothing micro elements and natural oils to moisturize your skin and stop it from becoming inflamed.

Also, I always make sure the wax strip packet that I choose comes with some post-wax wipes or oil.

These are the best for soothing and smoothing your skin after all the hair has been removed.

So now you know my secrets to success, let’s get to the good stuff:

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5 Best Wax Strips That Actually Work

Comparison Chart

Moom Express Pre Waxed Strips For Legs & Body, 20 Strips Packages
31q4Wv8ePTL. SL500
Nad’s Facial Wax Strips, Fragrance free, 24 Count (Pack of 2)
41mOWQGfFBL. SL500
GiGi Hair Removal Strips for the Body – Pre-Waxed with GiGi All-Purpose Honee Formula, 12 Strips
Legs & Body Wax Strips, Parissa Hair Removal Waxing Strips for Legs, Body, Bikini, Arms, Underarms with After care Azulene Oil, 20 Strips
41ULwgRid9L. SL500
Nad’s Body Wax Strips Hair Removal For Women At Home plus 4 Calming Oil Wipes, 24 Count

1. Moom Express Pre Waxed Strips For Legs & Body

  • All natural
  • Lots of wax per strip
  • Post wax oil

Moom made their claim to fame with their awesome organic hair removal sugar waxes and hard wax kits, which I am a huge fan of. So when I saw that the same company was starting to produce pre-made wax strips, I bought as many as I could afford!

The pack comes with 20 strips (10 doubles), which is enough to basically wax both arms and legs (or legs and bikini, or arms and underarms, you get it).

The first thing I noticed when I peeled the strips apart was that the amount of wax on the strip seemed ever so slightly more generous than other brands I’d used in the past.

The effect? I was able to reuse each wax strip four times before it ran out of juice. Pretty impressive, right?

The thing I love most about the Moom wax strips is that the ingredients are totally natural- no harsh chemicals and nothing that makes my skin break out.

It also comes with a little bottle of post-wax oil, which makes your skin feel so lovely and smooth.


  • All natural
  • Suitable for use on sensitive skin
  • Generous amount of wax per strip
  • Generous pack size
  • Comes with really nice post-wax oil


  • It’s a little pricier than other brands (so worth it though)

2. Nad’s Hypoallergenic Facial Wax Strips

31q4Wv8ePTL. SL500

  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Reduces allergic reactions
  • Grabs coarse and fine hairs

When it comes to hair remover and hair removal waxing strips, Nad’s are some of the best around. 

They’re one of the bigger brand names out there, and having used their hair removal cream with great success in the past, I decided to give their facial wax strips a whirl.

As you can see by the name, these strips are hypoallergenic, meaning they’ve been designed to work well on skin that is prone to allergic reactions and irritation.

I know earlier I said I didn’t have particularly sensitive skin, but that’s not 100% true- the skin on my face always flares up when I wax (even when I pluck my eyebrows!).

Using these strips from Nad’s is such a breeze though, especially considering how difficult eyebrow waxing can be. I hardly even felt a sting when I ripped it off (I said hardly…).

They’re so easy to use, and they even do a great job of latching on to those tiny fine hairs- as well as the gnarly coarse ones.

The best thing is though, these are much more than just eyebrows waxing strips, you can use them anywhere on your face and they’ll do an awesome job.

In fact, I’ll bet these babies are also great to use on the bikini line too. Next time I buy them I’m going to stock up double, one to use as eyebrow wax strips and one for fanny. Sweet.


  • Suitable for use on sensitive skin
  • Proven to reduce allergic reactions
  • Easy to use
  • Good at grabbing coarse and fine hairs


  • Small strip size isn’t efficient to use on large areas like legs or arms

3. Gigi Hair Removal Strips for The Body

41mOWQGfFBL. SL500

  • High quality brand
  • Big pack size
  • Strips are not plastic

Gigi’s ain’t your run of the mill hair removal tape. No siree Bob!

If you’ve followed any of my other posts about waxing and hot wax kits, you’ll know I am pretty much obsessed with Gigi’s products.

Everything this brand produces is on point, so much so that everyone I’ve ever known who uses their stuff says they don’t bother trying other brands anymore.

So, naturally, I was pretty pumped to try out their pre-made waxing strips. Now, the first thing I noticed when I ordered this pack is that there’s 24 wax strips inside, which is a bit more generous than other brands. 

It also comes with a small bottle of their special post-wax treatment oil, which I know from their hot wax kits already (it’s awesome).

What I like most about these strips is that they’re made from fabric as opposed to plastic, which not only feels nicer in your hand when you’re using them, but it’s also a step in the right direction if you, like me, are trying to reduce the amount of single-use plastic that you consume on a day-to-day basis.


  • High quality brand
  • Big pack size
  • Comes with soothing post-wax treatment oil
  • Strips are not made from plastic


  • I just wish the bottle of treatment oil was bigger… it runs out so fast but it’s so good.

4. Parissa Wax Strips & Azulene Aftercare oil

  • Best wax strips for large areas
  • Also suitable for smaller areas
  • Best for all body waxing

A good friend of mine recommended Parissa wax strips to me after she managed to give herself the most sublime Brazilian wax using these very strips. 

I’m all about Brazilians, baby- and at the time I was still on the hunt for the best bikini wax strips, so I was excited to give these a try.

Actually, they’re designed as leg waxing strips, they’re longer and wider than most other brand’s normal waxing strips are. I used three-quarters of the pack to wax my lower legs, and the remainder to do my bikini line. 

Winning combo!

All I needed to do was cut the strips to size with a pair of scissors for my bikini area and boom– DIY bikini waxing strips.

The strips worked pretty well overall; I was able to remove 95% of hair, the first time. 

The only thing that was less than perfect was the fact that the strips lose their stickiness after 1-2 times, so you can’t reuse them as much as some other brands.

However, the large strip size more than makes up for this in terms of value. 

Overall, I think these are the best body wax strips because the large size is awesome for legs and arms, but they can easily be cut to use on smaller areas.


  • Best wax strips for large areas
  • Also suitable for use on smaller areas
  • Effective at removing hair first time


  • Can’t be reused many times

5. Nad’s Body Wax Strips

41ULwgRid9L. SL500

  • Big bumper size pack
  • Best value for money
  • Made from natural beeswax

I think it says a lot if the same brand makes it into my top 5 more than once, and this is definitely true for Nad’s! Their body wax strips do just as fine a job as their facial wax sistas.

Even though these little guys are made for “normal skin”, I’ve found they’re gentle enough to live up to my high waxing strip standards.

I’ve used them multiple times on my legs, underarms, and bikini line and I’ve never had any bad reactions from them.

The only thing I’ll say is that I sometimes need to go over the same spot a couple of times with these strips, which is the only time I’ve ever experienced irritation. 

But I’ve learned a couple of sneaky hacks to get around this, like applying baby powder to the area first so my skin doesn’t stick to the wax as much, and dabbing on a little diluted tea tree oil after if it’s irritated.

The best thing about these strips though is the price tag. For guys and gals on a budget, Nad’s body wax strips can’t be beat.


  • Value for money
  • Big bumper size pack
  • Made from natural beeswax
  • Can be used all over the body


  • You may need to wax the same area more than once to fully remove hairs

Which Wax Strips are the Best of them All?

Using wax at home is one of the quickest, cleanest, cheapest, and most convenient hair removal methods there is. 

Yes, there’s a little bit of a trick to it which takes a couple of attempts to get down, but once you have it you’ll never look back!

Kit yourself out with the right set of wax strips and you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor.

All of the products I’ve reviewed above have worked extremely well for me, but as you can see, some products are better for certain parts of the body and not for others.

Pick wisely according to your own needs.

Happy hair removal!

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