Oster Fast Feed vs Andis Master

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If you are looking for a beard trimmer or hair clipper, you have probably been recommended Oster Fast Feed and Andis Master as the top machines on the market. Don’t worry if you are struggling to choose between them; this article should make their similarities and differences easier to understand. Enjoy! 

Specs Comparison table

The following table is comparing the Oster Fast Feed and the Andis Master. 

SpecificationsOster Fast Feed Andis Master 
Weight1 pound1.25 pounds
Dimensions6 x 3 x 10.5 inches2 x 1.75 x 6 inches
Accessories IncludedYes Yes
Material Plastic Metal 
Suitable For Professional Use?YesYes
Adjustability From #000 to #001From #000 to #001

Body & Design

When it comes to sleekness and style, the Andis Master is an outstanding clipper. Its frame is made out of aluminum which is durable and looks stylish. 

Another thing I liked about the Andis Master’s body and design is the weight it has to it. It is roughly six inches long and weighs almost a pound and a half, which helps you keep your grip sturdy and allows you to control it better. 

With that being said, although the Oster Fast Feed model is made out of plastic, it is damage-resistant and durable. It also looks very classic and professional, so if you want to purchase a new clipper for your barber’s shop, the Oster Fast Feed is simply stunning. 

This brings me on to my next design concerts. Scratches can make a new, high-end trimmer look very old and worse for wear. If the style is important to you and you are using your clipper for work purposes, you should consider a design that doesn’t scratch easily. 

Aluminum scratches easier than plastic, and the scratches stay more prominent on metal than other materials. Although the Andis Master clipper feels and looks professional, the scratches could let it down over time. 


Andis Master

If you have very thick or coarse hair, the hair clipper’s motor abilities are going to be a very important feature for you. A powerful motor will prevent your clipper from dragging and pulling thick hair, making for a more comfortable hair styling experience. 

The Andis Master clipper has an incredibly powerful motor. On average, it operates at 14,000 cutting strokes per minute which is incredible. This type of motor power is ideal for cutting through all hair types, whether it is through beard hair, thick bulky hair, or straight hair. 

Now let’s take a look at the Oster clipper’s motor. It features a pivot motor, so although this is far stronger than most clipper motors on the market, it isn’t quite as strong as the Andis Master’s motor. 

Using the Oster trimmer for bulk cutting isn’t ideal as its motor is not designed for cutting through masses of hair at a time. Bulk cutting using the Oster will leave you with a very rough and uneven haircut that will need to be re-cut to get the perfect shape and finish. 


Having adjustable blades is vital for anyone looking to use their clippers to create faded hairstyles and trimming beards. The Oster Fast Feed blades are adjustable and tested against very harsh conditions to ensure that they stand the test of time. Only once Oster is satisfied that the blades are durable and resistant enough, then they are put on the market. 

The Andis Master clipper can be adjusted from 000 to 1, and it features a side lever that can be adjusted to suit the cutting level that you desire. These are particularly brilliant fading clippers and beard shaping trimmers. 


Is there anything worse than a noisy hair clipper? Noisy clippers can be very distracting and cause you or your client serious discomfort. Think about it, going to the barbers is a quick pamper for any man, and the experience needs to be as smooth and as satisfying as possible to ensure the client comes back to you. 

Oster Fast Feed clippers are far less noisy than the Andis Master clippers. This could be because the Oster Fast Feed body and construction are made mainly out of plastic rather than metal. 

Some people won’t even notice the difference between a noisy or a quiet clipper as they are so consumed with the hair cutting process itself. If you are sensitive to noises or feel like your clients won’t like it if you use a noisy clipper on them, you should think about noise level before making your purchase. 


All electrical appliances overheat to some degree. Overheating will become a problem if you want to use the clipper for haircuts that take a long time. If your clippers overheat regularly, then they could break or stop working after just a few uses, or worse, cause a fire. 

This is why determining what your hair clippers are going to be used for before choosing the one for you is crucial. The Andis Master clippers have a strong motor. A strong motor requires a lot of energy to run, so the Andis Master clippers get extremely hot if used for long haircuts. 

The Oster Fast Feed, on the other hand, doesn’t overheat at all. Oster Fast Feed is often the hair clipper of choice amongst barbers and hairdressers due to its sturdy performance over long periods of time. 

Top Tip: Barbers usually have two clippers to hand, one that is used for bulk cutting thick hair and for fades, and another for doing the rest of the haircut with. If you are looking for clippers for your barbershop, you might even want to consider purchasing both the Oster Fast Feed and the Andis Master if you are concerned about overheating and performance. 


Oster Fast Feed

31QISbAADrL. SL500

ir?t=ctm0b 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B001JJBC9YThe Oster Fast Feed is a very affordable clipper that is accessible to the average user, whereas the Andis Master is more expensive and might be out of many people’s price range.

If you are looking for a trimmer for personal home use, then the price difference is very distinct. You probably won’t need the extra power that the Andis master provides, so the additional dollars on the higher price tag isn’t justified. 


When you buy the Oster Fast Feed, you will not only get a wonderful clipper, but you will receive four guards as well as a blending comb. The clipper also comes with a blade guard, oil, and a cleaning brush, so you will be able to keep up with maintenance. 

Andis, on the other hand, is a little bit more stingy with their accessories. You won’t usually get any Andis guards with your purchase, and you will be lucky to get a small tube of blade oil with it. 

So, you do get a lot more accessories with the Oster Fast Feed, but I feel like the Oster accessories are not very good quality. The guards break easily, and it won’t be long before the guards snap or chip, especially if you need to travel with the clippers. 

If accessories are a big deal for you, investing a few more dollars in purchasing the Andis Master magnetic guards and additional accessories is worth it to have something more long-lasting. 


Maintaining both the Oster Fast Feed and the Andis Master Clipper is super easy. You should make sure that the clippers are lubricated well and clean. This video shows what you should do to maintain the Oster Fast Feed clipper.

You should always sterilize your clippers between uses, especially if you are using them for professional use. This video by Andis contains very useful general clipper maintenance tips for you to follow. 

Best Alternative Clippers Choice

Comparison Chart

510ktzl8JnL. SL500
Limural Hair Clippers for Men Professional – Cordless Barber Clippers for Hair Cutting & Grooming, Rechargeable Beard Trimmer with Large LED Display & Silver Metal Casing
SURKER Mens Hair Clippers Cord Cordless Hair Trimmer Professional Haircut Kit for Men Rechargeable LED Display
51OeeoG2QIL. SL500
Wahl Self Cut Compact Corded Clipper Personal Haircutting Kit with Adjustable Taper Lever, and 12 Hair Clipper Guards for Clipping, Trimming & Personal Grooming – Model 79467

What if you don’t think that the Andis Master or the Oster Fast Feed is the right clipper for you? Don’t worry; there are plenty of other clippers on the market that you can use that might fit the bill. Here are some of my top ticks. 

Limural Hair Clippers for Men

510ktzl8JnL. SL500

This grooming kit is great for cutting hair and beards. The set is professional, sturdy, and filled with haircutting essentials. You can use the clipper with the cord or have it cordless depending on convenience and ease of use. 

SURKER Men’s Hair Clippers


These wireless clippers have a high-capacity battery, and they look and feel very professional. These are my favorite clipper alternatives for people looking for a professional clipper. 

You can adjust the haircut length really easily using the adjustment lever. Adjust the length to your desired length between 0.8mm to 2.0mm. 

This clipper comes with six high-quality plastic guards, a cleaning brush, a blade guard, and a plastic guard. The icing on the cake is its LED display that looks super professional! 

Wahl Self-Cut Compact 

51OeeoG2QIL. SL500

Wahl is a very dominant hair clipper brand. If you are looking for something for home use, this set is a brilliant option for you. This 12 piece set consists of two combs, scissors, a brush, multiple guards, and more. 

It is a corded model, so make sure you have access to a safe plug socket where you wish to cut your hair. The model is made out of stainless steel and weighs just two pounds, making it perfect for traveling with! 

Final Verdict

Both the Andis Master and the Oster Fast Feed are brilliant clippers, and having to choose one to be the winner is very hard. For me, the winner has to be the Oster Fast Feed clippers. The Fast Feed is powerful, versatile, and very popular amongst professionals, which is why I feel like it has the edge over the Andis Master. 

The Andis Master is better suited for short haircuts that require lots of power, but let’s face it, most of us will be using the clippers for at least 45 minutes at a time. If you need clippers for cutting your own hair, the Andis Master might overheat and feel heavy after more than 10 minutes. 

Regardless of what you chose, both of the clippers are very high-quality and should see you through years of use. I hope you are happy with your purchase! 


Hopefully, you found the review above helpful and informative. Don’t worry if you still have a few questions that need answering because the following frequently asked questions section will clear that up for you. 

Which is better, Andis or Oster?

Oster has a very large professional fan base and is considered by most barbers to be the best brand on the market. Andis and Oster are brilliant beard trimmer manufacturers, but Oster is better than the rest if you ask barbers. 

Can Andis guards fit Oster Fast Feed?

The double purple magnetic Andis guards will fit the Oster Fast Feed clippers brilliantly. This means that you can mix and match between the two brand accessories.

Is Oster better than Wahl?

The Wahl clippers are brilliant for fading, with a great performance. Wahl is more versatile than Oster, as it can be used on beards, for your hair, and for doing final finishes. 

Which Oster clippers are the best?

The Oster Classic 76, Oster Octane, and Oster Fast Feed are the best Oster clippers. 

What is the Difference Between Andis Master and Fade Master

The biggest difference between the Andis Master and the Fade Master is that the adjustment settings. The Fade Master can be adjusted to quarter and half lengths, while the Andis Master is only adjustable to the mm. 

What is Better, Andis or Wahl?

Both clippers are incredible, but the biggest difference between them lies in the accessories. Andis has great clipper accessories that are durable and easy to use, which beats the Wahl accessories. 

What is the Best Andis Clipper on the market?

The Andis Master Cordless is the best Andis clipper. It is very convenient, it looks great, and it is perfect for home or professional use. 

What Professional Clippers do Groomers Use?

Professional groomers use Andis and Oster clippers the most. In fact, all of the clippers in the top five clippers used by groomers are either Andis or Oster.

Can I Use My Hair Clippers On My Beard?

Yes! You should be able to use your head trimmers to shape and trim your beard too. Make sure that you fit the clipper with the right adjustable guard for the hair type you will be using it on to get the best cut. 

Most clipper sets come with a comb and scissors too, which will come in handy for cutting and shaping your hair and beard. Think about how thick your hair is and its texture before buying a clipper set to ensure the one you are considering is appropriate. 

What Should I Do When My Clippers Start to Pull My Hair?

There is nothing worse than when clippers that pull and tug at your hair. Clipper oil is your new best friend when it comes to cutting and shaping your hair. Oiling the clipper blades with two or three drops of oil should prevent your hair from getting stuck between the blades. 

If you have tried oiling the blades and that doesn’t seem to be working for you, you might need new clippers with a more powerful motor. People with very thick hair tend to have issues with clippers not being powerful enough to cope with the thickness and texture of their hair. 

How Often Should I Oil My Blades?

Clipper blades should be oiled once every month, but this does depend on how frequently you use the clippers. If you know how to tell when your clippers need oiling, it is best practice to oil as and when you need to. 

Can Clipper Blades Get Dull?

Yes, they can! Clipper blades may become dull over time, especially if they are being used frequently. Just like scissors and knives become dull over time, so do clipper blades. 

You can sharpen them at home if you want to make your clipper feel as good as new. Practice makes perfect when sharpening clippers, so make sure you use an easy-to-follow guide when doing this, and look out for YouTube videos that demonstrate how you can do this safely. 

I hope you found this Oster Fast Feed vs. Andis Master article helpful and that you feel confident in your purchase choice. Both Andis and Oster have a huge fan base and are industry leaders in the field. 

I would love to know which one you chose and whether you opted for it for home or professional use. Any tips and trucks are more than welcome, so share them in our comments section so that the rest of the readers can learn from you too.