15 Best Tweezers for Every Purpose & Budget

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What do tweezers, toilet paper, and that guy I used to copy lecture notes off of on Wednesdays all have in common?

Unless I really need them, I’m probably not thinking about them.


Maybe, but also true. The problem is, at least 2 of the things on that list definitely merit thinking about in advance.

Today, I’m here to help you pick your perfect pair of tweezers. In my eyes, these 15 little guys have got to be some of the best tweezers in the world!

Why all the Fuss?

The thing about tweezers – they’re probably the most underrated thing in my makeup bag; or at least they were before I learned my lesson the hard way.

I never paid any attention to which tweezers I bought (which was usually quite a frequent occasion since I’m prone to misplacing the handy little buggers…), I never bothered to “maintain” them – heck, I didn’t even know you were supposed to maintain them.

Here’s the other thing about tweezers: investing in a good pair will pay for itself.


Oh, so many more reasons than you can even begin to imagine. While I may not like to admit it, I don’t just wake up with silky smooth legs and perfectly preened eyebrows.

Nor have I been graced with the fine, wispy hairlessness that come with Asian genes (thanks for the crazy dark body hair, Greek Grandma).

But look, if you’re here too, then neither do you. We all have to deal with unwanted hair, and the most essential piece of kit for tackling those “stray soldiers” as I like to call them, is a pair of badass tweezers.

best tweezers

How to Make Sure Your Pluck Packs a Punch

If you’re anything like me, you’ll find that once you’ve invested in said pair you’re going to wonder how you ever got this far into life without them.

Honestly, it’ll start as a thought to get a bit more on top of your eyebrow routine, and soon you’ll be using them for everything, from putting on fake eyelashes, to removing splinters and digging out ingrown hairs.

A quality pair of tweezers are the best investment you never even knew about.

eyebrow on fleek from using best tweezer

How to do Eyebrows with Tweezers

We’ve all gone a little pluck-happy at some point, taken off “a few” too many hairs, and ended up looking like Christina Aguilera circa ‘Stripped’.

So what, I hear you say. Hair grows back! Ehhh, well that’s the thing…

If you’ve gone way overboard for way too long, some of those hair follicles will be too damaged to produce hair in a normal growth cycle. It took me a couple of years of virtually no plucking to get back to my natural eyebrow shape.

The key is knowing which hairs are stray hairs. If your eyebrow is a highway, the strays are the hitchhikers- catch my drift?

Step two is knowing how to measure out where your eyebrows should begin, arch, and end.

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Plucking Facial Hair with Tweezers

Like I said, I’m rocking 25% Greek genes, so thick dark hairs have been part of my daily life since I was a kid.

I can tell you right now, those clandestine hair-culling sessions would have gone a heck of alot smoother (yup, intended, and I’ll do it again!) if I had already snagged myself a pair of quality tweezers.

Speaking of which, I wonder which tweezers Aphrodite used…

Anyway, I digress. The point here is that facial hairs are by their nature, thick and dark and coarse and usually quite difficult to pull out.

So, in order to tackle them, you need a pair of tweezers that are precise, and have a good grip.

There’s nothing more frustrating than grabbing onto a hair with your tweezers only to have it slip right out again (I’ll let you in on a little secret: professional tweezers don’t do this!).

Here’s some tips from the experts when plucking those pesky facial hairs:

  • The obvious part: make sure you’re using good quality tweezers
  • Tie back your hair so that it’s out of the way
  • Wash your face: this will remove excess dirt and oil which will make plucking the smaller hairs somewhat easier, and it will also help to prevent post-pluck breakouts.
  • Stand in good lighting, preferably natural light, near a window.
  • Start with the darker, more obvious hairs first. If that doesn’t do the trick, move onto the finer hairs too.
  • Afterwards, soothe your skin with some aloe vera, witch hazel, or any natural product that has anti-inflammatory properties (*no perfumes or alcohol!*).
pretty brows from using best tweezer

Digging out Ingrown Hair with Tweezers

I’m going to start this section by suggesting you be very careful when typing anything into YouTube about removing ingrown hairs.

There’s a lot of gross video footage out there on the world wide interwebs.

If you suffer from ingrown hairs quite often then you’ve probably tried just about everything to remove and prevent them.

Not only do they look less than ideal, but they can also end up being quite painful too.

An ingrown hair is one that has been cut or broken below the surface, and has sort of somehow lost its way down there instead of exiting through the surface of your skin.

This can result in either a superficial ingrown hair (one that is growing in a curl just below the surface of the skin) or a deep ingrown hair.

Your body starts to treat the ingrown hair like a foreign object, which is why the area will often look swollen and red; if the body is trying to reject the hair it’s pretty much safe to say you can go ahead and give it a helping hand.

Just be careful, ingrown hair tweezing can be a very aggressive form of removal, but with the right tools you’ll have it done in no time.

  • Make sure your tweezers are clean and sterilized before you go anywhere near the area. The last thing you want is a bacterial infection.
  • Have a shower, or use a warm compress on the affected area first to calm down the irritation and make your skin more receptive to plucking.
  • I find that using a pair of pointed tweezers is best for ingrown hair removal because they’re precise (precision is paramount here so that you minimize the aggressive “digging”), and the small head means you can always see what your doing.

How to Sharpen Tweezers

This is such a simple step, I don’t know why I overlooked this for so long (and then complained about my tweezers not grabbing my hair properly…). All you need to keep your tweezers in check is a nail file.

This trick can also be done with a DIY ‘sharpener’ made out of sandpaper, but the long and short of it is an emory board will do the job just fine, and is way simpler.

What to Look for In Tweezers

Eyebrow Tweezers

When it comes down to finding the best tweezers for eyebrows, it will vastly depend on your own individual needs.

Regardless, you’ll most likely want to pick between pointed tweezers, straight tweezers, or slant tweezers (or rounded tweezers if you’re worried about poking yourself).

Pointed tweezers are best for picking up small, fine hairs that require high amounts of precision plucking. Like I mentioned when we talked about ingrown hair removal, the pointed tip and small head mean that you can always see exactly what you’re doing, and remove just the hairs you are after.

Straight tweezers are best for picking up more than one hair at once because of their flat surface area. This is useful if you are trying to pluck a large area or remove a tonne of hairs at once, but personally I find them a bit too clunky for my eyebrows.

Slanted tweezers are my favorite because they’re so versatile. Flip them over and you have yourself a pointed edge for precision plucking, or you can use the flat side to grab several hairs at a time. Keep them sharp, and they’ll be your go-to piece of kit.

best tweezer for eyebrow shaping

Tweezers for Chin Hair

Chin hair tends to be coarse and thick, so the best tweezers for stubborn chin hair will have a good grip and a high quality head (preferably made from stainless steel). When looking for the best tweezers for facial hair, it’s also important to look for a pair that is comfortable to hold and easy to manoeuvre around close to your skin.

Tweezers for Pubic Hair

The same goes for plucking pubic hair as chin hair; you’ll want tweezers that are durable, have a good grip, and can easily move around close to the surface of your skin. Tweezing pubic hair does carry its own risks though, so you should make sure that you know your options before you go all gung-ho with the tweezers on your nether regions.

Professional Tweezers

What makes a pair of tweezers ‘professional’? There is one resounding message coming from all eyebrow artists and hair gurus around the globe.

The material that your tweezers are made of are extremely important. Professionals use stainless steel tweezers because they are long-lasting, durable, and have a strong grip. A professional pair of tweezers will have been designed so that the grip from your fingers is transferred and distributed down to the head of the tweezers to give you maximum power and maneuverability.

Before we start with the nominations, I want to point out one thing regarding which brands I chose to include, and particularly which brand I chose to omit.

Some of the tweezers you will see reviews for below are produced by small, lesser known brands, and have so far received far less publicity than their competitors.

Despite the lack of publicity, rest assured these are awesome products that deserve every bit of praise I’m about to give them.

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Meanwhile, many of the products on Amazon that carry large numbers of reviews are actually not all they’re cracked up to be.Take Tweezerman, for example. They used to pretty much set the benchmark for the whole industry, but nowadays the cheaper production processes have led to a big drop in quality. The purpose of this monster review is to sift through all of the products, and find the best of the best in today’s market. With all this in mind, let’s move onto our top 15 nominations for best tweezers for every purpose: 

15 Best Tweezers Countdown

Comparison Chart

31aVAW OHGL. SL500
Tweezers – Slanted Eyebrow Tweezers – Stainless Steel Tweezers Precision – Bonus eBook Guide to Fabulous Eyebrows (Slant Tip, Matte Black)
21+DG UMJJL. SL160
Satin Edge SE-2020 Needle Nose Tweezer
319tRLuPvaL. SL500
Fine Point Tweezers for Women and Men – Splinter, Ticks, Facial or Chin Hair, Brow and Ingrown Hair Removal – Sharp, Needle Nose, Stainless Steel, Surgical Tweezers Precision Pluckers Majestic Bombay
31XP 4On65L. SL500
Got Glamour Micro Slant Hair & Eyebrow Tweezer, Stainless Steel, Made in USA
11oFRZyvcJL. SL500
Anastasia Beverly Hills Precision Tweezers 1 piece
TopInox Straight Tweezers by Niegeloh
31GC0aFBB6L. SL500
Tweezers for Eyebrows | Red | Precision Slant Tip Tweezer | For Eyebrow Shaping | Hair Removal and Ingrown Hair Treatment | Surgical Grade Stainless Steel | For Men and Women | By Tweezees
41yqu49BBRL. SL500
Revlon – The Spotlight LED Slanted Tweezers (colors will vary)
51gHnHNXpOL. AC SL500
Benefit Cosmetics Grooming Tweezers and Brush Taming Eyebrows Tool
21JTGcJ3OaS. SL500
Rubis Classic Tweezer, 1k102
41aAJdM4pHL. SL500
Tweezty Tweezer Set for Travel – Mini Slant Tweezers and Precision Tweezers – Tweezers for Eyebrows and Tweezers for Ingrown Hair – Pink Tweezers Kit with Travel Case
31UuR5v5FXL. SL500
Rubis Surgical Steel Evolution Elegance Slant/Point Tweezer
41oaisLq8DL. SL500
beaute Tsuru Professional Scissor Handle Tweezers

1. Best Tweezer for Eyebrows: Classic Necessity Mini Slant Tip, Matte Black

31aVAW OHGL. SL500

  • Great value
  • Specifically designed for brows
  • Pulls out even the finest hairs

It may be number one on the list, but by no means is this nomination and easy one to pick. Not so long ago, Tweezerman ruled the roost and pretty much set the gold standard for eyebrow shaping tools; since they started outsourcing to India the quality has dropped majorly though. There was a big gap in the market and a hella’ lotta’ companies clamouring to fill it. While I have had wonderful experiences trying out other products like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Precision Tweezers, it’s Classic Necessity that take my vote for the win today with their stainless steel slant tip model.

Price is playing a factor here, I’ll happily admit. I am absolutely willing to fork out for quality where it is necessary, but why would you when there’s bargain buys that perform just as well? The Classic Necessity tweezers are ergonomically designed (i.e. super comfy to hold, no hand cramps) and slanted at the perfect angle to tweeze brows. The mini sized tip is awesome because it means you can always see exactly what you’re doing, too.

These tweezers pull out all of the little blonde hairs from the root; I had no problems with hairs breaking.Big plus: they come inside this super swish black case- very pro looking. Classic Necessity definitely gets my vote for best eyebrow tweezers!


  • Great value
  • Pulls out even the finest little hairs
  • Awesome packaging and carry case
  • Specifically designed for brows
  • Stainless steel makes these very durable


  • Very sharp, be careful of poking yourself

2. Best Needle Nose Tweezer: Satin Edge SE2020

21+DG UMJJL. SL500

  • Extremely sharp
  • Very precise
  • Versatile

If you’ve got tiny work to do, you need the Satin Edge Needle Nose Tweezers. There are a tonne of needle nose tweezers on the market, but these are by far and above the most professional, precise, and goddamn pointy pair on the market.

The tweezers narrow down into the sharpest point you can imagine. These are great for a whole load of tiny tasks (hair plucking being but one) blackhead removal, digging out splinters or ingrown hairs, feeding your Venus Flytrap… However, the small surface area makes them unsuitable for situations where you need to get a strong grip on a hair (it would struggle with a stubborn chin hair, I’d imagine), or when you need to pluck several hairs at a time. These babies are all about precision.


  • Extremely sharp
  • Very precise
  • Versatile
  • Value for money


  • Not suitable if you require a strong grip

3. Best Ingrown Hair Tweezer: Majestic Bombay Surgical Tweezers

319tRLuPvaL. SL500

  • Strong grip
  • Very pointy, precise head
  • Awesome bright yellow color

If you struggle with ingrown hairs you’ll already know how important it is to have the right tools on hand to deal with them. And no, poking around in there with a safety pin is not acceptable!

You need something that has a super accurate pointy head on it, one that can easily break the skin if necessary, and hook under the troublesome hair.

I first started to use these Majestic Bombay tweezers after receiving a recommendation from a guy friend who gets chronic ingrown hairs on his neck.

He told me that he had finally found tweezers that were accurate enough to pick out the hair even inside a swollen area, and strong enough to pull it out in one try.

Obviously, I had to see this for myself to believe it- and I can safely say I’ve never needed to look for another pair of tweezers for ingrown hairs since.

The head is made from stainless steel, which is a must when dealing with ingrown hairs. Not only is it durable, but it will stand disinfection from alcohol without tarnishing.

I absolutely love the bright yellow color too- easy to pick out amongst the mess of my makeup bag.


  • Strong grip
  • Very pointy, precise head
  • Stainless steel head
  • Awesome bright yellow color


  • The point is almost to fine to grab the smallest of hairs, so I wouldn’t recommend it for plucking eyebrows etc.

4. Best Tweezer for Chin Hair: Got Glamour Micro Slant Tweezer

31XP 4On65L. SL500

  • Good strong grip
  • Ultimate accuracy
  • Even pressure distribution

Stubborn chin hairs require tweezers that have bionic grip and easy maneuverability, so that you can get in close to the surface of your skin and grab onto the pesky strays.

These bad boys from Got Glamour meet all of our expectations and more when it comes to facial hair plucking performance.

The jaws line up perfectly, which means that your hairs won’t end up slipping through the tweezers.

It also means your fingers don’t need to work to grip as hard because the good design allows power to be perfectly distributed along the length of the tweezers.

The best part about this product in my opinion is the “micro” aspect; the reduced size of the head means that you have the benefit of being able to see precisely what you are doing at all times, without having to sacrifice much surface area.


  • Good strong grip
  • Reduced head size for ultimate accuracy
  • Even pressure distribution
  • Allows you to get in close to the skin
  • Stainless steel


  • You’ll need to wait for the hairs to grow a couple of mm above the surface of your skin before you can pluck it out, which may not be ideal for some people

5. Best Slanted Tip Tweezer: Anastasia Beverly Hills

11oFRZyvcJL. SL500

  • Strong grip on coarse hairs
  • Precise pulling on fine hairs
  • Super versatile slanted shape

I mentioned these tweezers from Anastasia up above in the eyebrows section; they were close contenders for much more than just this one nomination.

Don’t be mislead by the cuteness of these; these tweezers are heavy duty gear, capable of tackling any hair related troubles you may have.

What I love most about these tweezers is how diverse their use is.

The grip is strong enough to grab onto thick chin hairs and yank them out first try, which is so important when you’re dealing with facial hair because pulling at the same follicle multiple times can cause redness and irritation.

At the same time, despite the sharpness of the head and the strength of the grasp, I never encountered an issue with slicing the hairs instead of pulling them- not even the really fine blonde ones.

These aren’t the cheapest pair of pluckers on the market by any means, but consider it an investment piece.

Once you buy these you’ll never need another pair.


  • 100% stainless steel
  • Strong grip on coarse hairs
  • Precise pulling on fine hairs (and no slicing!)
  • Slanted shape is super versatile


  • A bit on the pricey side

6. Best Round Tip Tweezer: Rubis Switzerland Safety Tip Tweezer

  • No nasty pokes
  • Strong grip
  • Safe to use in delicate places

Round tip tweezers are the least commonly sought after because their shape is unsuitable for a lot of common “tweezery” tasks.

However, they do serve a specific purpose: it’s a lot harder to give yourself a bad poke with a round tip tweezer.

If you’ve got bad hand-eye coordination, if you’re not very confident with sharp and pointy things, or if you’re planning to pluck away somewhere that you DEFINITELY don’t want to stab (your eye, perhaps…) then the round tippers might be for you.  

What I’ve found though, is that it’s surprisingly difficult to find a round tip tweezer that has a solid grip on it.

I guess this is because of the shape; the jaws must line up absolutely seamlessly otherwise hairs will just slip through.

That’s where Rubis stepped in with their pair of round tip safety tweezers; finally I found a product that doesn’t sacrifice pull power for safety.

They’re great for pulling out multiple hairs at once, so they’re ideal for something like nose hair removal.


  • Safety tip means no nasty pokes
  • Still has strong grip
  • Good for people who are not confident with sharp, pointy tweezers
  • Safe to use in delicate places/on children if necessary


  • Not the cheapest tweezers around
  • Not accurate, so unsuitable for precision plucking

7. Best Square Tip Tweezer: Topinox Straight Tips by Niegeloh

  • Less likely to poke your skin
  • Grabs large clumps of hair
  • Good, German quality

Square tip tweezers are a dying breed, it has to be said. Sort of like the round tip tweezer, in that it does have its uses, but overall levels of accuracy and functionality are inferior to a slant tip.

Square tips can be beneficial if you’re worried about poking yourself; they’re forte however is being able to pull out larger clumps of hair all in one go. If you are prioritizing getting a job lot done quick, then square tips might be handy.

Handcrafted in Germany, these tweezers are the best of the square tip bunch in my opinion.

They’re crafted well; they feel substantial in your hand as opposed to the sort of cheap “plasticy” feeling you can get with some other brands.

They did the job removing some fine hairs I had on my upper lip, but overall I found them to be less useful than a slanted tip model which does just the same when you change the angle a little bit.


  • Less likely to poke yourself
  • Good at grabbing large clumps of hair in one tug
  • German quality


  • Not very accurate
  • The medium-high price tag isn’t worth the lack of versatility in my opinion

8. Best Pointed Slant Tweezer: Tweezees Precision Slant Tweezers

31GC0aFBB6L. SL500

  • Small, precise head
  • Stainless steel
  • High quality

By far and away my favourite style of tweezer; pointed slant tweezers are so underrated.

You have on one hand the versatility of a slanted tweezer: you can easily grab hairs on any part of the face thanks to the user-friendly angle, you can use the flat angle to grab large bunches of hairs at once and you have the added benefit of a pointed head for those ultra-precise tasks.

If you ask me, pointed slant tweezers offer the best of both worlds.

This model from Tweezees are my favourite. They’re super sharp, and thanks to the high quality stainless steel (crafted in Japan) I’ve never had to re-sharpen them.

Easily the best tweezers for face I’ve ever had; even the most tiny hairs don’t stand a chance since I bought these!

I’d recommend them to any stray hair fanatic out there.


  • So versatile
  • Stainless steel
  • High quality
  • Small, precise head so you can always see what you’re doing
  • Can also grab large clumps of hair at once with flat edge


  • Sharp, pointy tip may be unsuitable for certain people

9. Best Curved Tweezer: ReNext

  • Super accurate
  • Extremely versatile
  • Heavy duty tweezers

These tweezers are unlike most of the models reviewed above, in that their forte is not plucking hairs.

Nope, curved tweezers shine when it comes to picking up and placing down small items that would be too finicky for your fingers.

This model has become a staple in my cosmetics bag ever since my friend told me how to use them to apply fake eyelashes.

Let me start by saying I love fake eyelashes, but I never wear them really because every time I try to put them on myself they end up somewhere near my eyebrow.

These tweezers were a total game changer for me! I use them to apply clusters of fake lashes and it works perfectly; I can always see exactly where I am placing the lashes and I get them on perfectly every time.

My friend uses them for individual lashes too, and she swears by these tweezers to do so.

They’ll also work with strip lashes, small gems for nail art, removing blackheads (make sure to sterilize first), and even for removing tiny fine hairs.

They’re sharp, sturdy, and super high quality; such a handy thing to have around the house!


  • Good quality, heavy duty tweezers
  • Extremely versatile use
  • Super accurate when it comes to picking up and placing down small objects
  • Great value for money


  • Not suitable for hardcore hair tweezing

10. Best Tweezer with a Light: Revlon Spotlight LED

41yqu49BBRL. SL500

  • Helps you see and remove even the smallest, finest hairs
  • Great value for money

My biggest eyebrow related problem is that when I do my brows in the bathroom I can pluck away like mad until I’m certain I’ve got all the strays, then as soon as I jump in the car and look in the visor mirror I see that I’ve missed a tonne.

It’s a lighting problem, for sure- but sometimes even when I’m in perfect natural light I feel like my tweezers let me down.

These tweezers from Revlon do just the trick; think of it as holding a teeny spotlight straight up onto your brows.

Personally, I have my qualms with Revlon tweezers (the pairs I’ve tested were functional overall, but often had problems with alignment) but thanks to the light factor on this particular model, I’m all for it.

The only thing I’ll say against them is that the it’s powered by not one but three little cell batteries inside which are quite expensive (4-5 USD each) to replace when they run out of juice.

 Overall, I love the concept and in terms of value for money I haven’t found anything better yet.

Hopefully this model is going to continue to develop into something a little more sustainable long term.


  • Helps you see and remove even the smallest, finest, blonde hairs
  • Great value for money


  • Light is battery powered and costly to replace

11. Best Tweezer with a Brush: Benefit Cosmetics Grooming Tweezer

51gHnHNXpOL. AC SL500

  • Helps keep your tweezing pattern in check
  • Ultimate brow pal!

I’ve been a huge fan of Benefit ever since I was a teenager. I saved up for what felt like ages to buy a pot of Hoola bronzer, and the rest is history – as they say.

So you can imagine how pumped I was when I heard that benefit were going to be launching their own brow specific line of products.

This tweezer brush set is just one of the awesome products released in the line; it might seem rudimentary but it is such a handy combo to have on hand.

I mean, practically every eyebrow pencil has a brush on the other end, so why not a pair of tweezers?

It’s the ultimate brow pal for me because I have sort of curly eyebrow hairs that grow in all different directions.

So brushing and combing after I remove a couple of hairs is practically essential, unless I want to end up a little less Cara Delevigne and a little more Pamela Anderson.


  • Helps keep your tweezing pattern in check
  • Excellent choice for people like me who find it difficult to coordinate 2 objects at the same time. Oh the woes of it all…


  • I found the movement of the arms a tiny bit inflexible

12. Best Stainless Steel Tweezer: Rubis Slanted Tip Tweezer

21JTGcJ3OaS. SL500

  • Strong grip
  • Can pull out every hair
  • Stainless steel so won’t tarnish

It’s not the first time the Swiss artisans at Rubis have made it into our nominations list and *spoiler alert* it won’t be the last, either.

If it’s a heavy duty, stainless steel, all round excellent pair of tweezers you’re looking for- then this one from Rubis will probably be the only pair you ever need.

These tweezers pull out every hair, every time. It’s always a little bit scary to peer into the magnifying mirror, especially if I’ve let things go a little bit Frida Kahlo recently…

but I have to say, armed with a set of Rubis tweezers it’s much less of a stressy experience.

Yes, I know these tweezers aren’t exactly a bargain but believe me when I say you get what you pay for: efficient, effective, strong grip, extremely durable.

And, if you don’t drop the pointy end on the bathroom tiles then they will probably last you a lifetime.


  • Strong grip
  • Extremely durable, long-lasting product
  • Can pull out every hair – coarse or fine – no slicing
  • Stainless steel so won’t tarnish
  • Professional looking steel finish


  • …..think of it as an investment piece.

13. Best Mini Tweezer: Tweezty Mini Slant Tweezers

41aAJdM4pHL. SL500

  • Good grip
  • Easy to handle
  • Perfect to keep in your purse

​I’ll be the first to admit I was a little hesitant to buy a pair of mini tweezers; it just seemed sort of redundant.

However, once I got my hands on this set from Tweezty I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were not only comfortable to use, but also did a brilliant job of removing hair.

I assumed that such a small pair of tweezers would be difficult to handle, but these weren’t like that at all.

They had a great grip, and managed very well even on the fine hairs (no slipping- yay!).

I also tried the mini tweezers from Tweezerman, but found they were far too sharp and ended up slicing the hairs instead of pulling them; the Tweezty’s definitely win over here.

I have quite small hands, as far as hands go – I’m not sure how a larger handed person would fare with these.

I will say that they are the best for carrying around in your purse (because you never know, you know?).


  • Good grip
  • Perfect tweezer to keep in your purse


  • May be hard to use for a large handed person

14. Best Professional Tweezer: Rubis Surgical Steel Evolution Elegance

31UuR5v5FXL. SL500

  • Pointed for precision plucking
  • Surgical steel, extra durable
  • Rubis offer free sharpenings

​If you want professional level tweezers, it has got to be a pair of pointed slants like this model from Rubis.

Crafted in Switzerland from high quality surgical steel, these tweezers are a hair plucking powerhouse.

They are the best tweezers for chin hairs (yes, even the really stubborn one!) and yet still fine enough to pick up little fair eyebrow hairs.

They’ll pull hairs out from the root, they won’t slice despite their sharpness.

If it’s precision plucking you need to do (or maybe splinter removal, or anything that requires a clear line of vision) just turn them around and make use of the super fine pointed end.

If you need to pluck a larger area, just angle the tweezers so that you can make use of the flat edge.

Diverse, functional, and in true Rubis style- promises to last a lifetime.


  • Pointed tweezers for precision plucking
  • Flat edge to pull large clumps of hair at once
  • Surgical steel will not tarnish and is extremely durable
  • Rubis offer free sharpenings


  • Hefty price tag (it’s worth it though)

15. Best Scissor Tweezers: beaute Tsuru

41oaisLq8DL. SL500

  • Enhanced grip power
  • Good on coarse hair
  • Square tip ideal for larger areas

Scissor tweezers are great if your fingers struggle with traditional tweezers, maybe because of arthritis, or just a lack of dexterity in your digits.

Some people also claim they have an increased grip power when using scissor tweezers (personally I don’t care to use them because I find it difficult to see what I’m doing).

Crafted from stainless steel, this pair from beaute Tsuru have a square tip which make them great for plucking larger amounts of hair in a shorter amount of time.

While they aren’t the most precise tweezer out there, they certainly have their uses. In my experience, they tend to work better for coarse hair.


  • Stable
  • Enhanced grip power
  • Good on coarse hair
  • Square tip ideal for larger areas


  • Not very accurate
  • A little clunky

The Winner

So what is the best tweezer to buy?

It’s got to be the Rubis Slanted Tip Tweezer that takes my vote this time, for a couple of reasons.

In my humble opinion, it’s the best all rounder of all the tweezers I’ve laboriously tried and tested. It gives a professional performance, pulls out every hair- coarse or fine- and thanks to the slanted tip it’s also extremely versatile.

In my eyes, these have got to be some of the best tweezers in the world – but all the others in this review are not far behind:

Like with everything however, your own winning pair of tweezers will depend solely on your own requirements- once you measure up what your needs are, it should become obvious which set is for you!

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